Voices from the Sky

Voices from the Sky

Author: Arthur C. Clarke

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575121831

Page: 240

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First published in 1965, this brilliant, prescient book is divided into three sections: The first concerns space travel and other aspects of the new space age: how our concept of time must be modified when we travel long distances, the space seas of tomorrow, uses of the moon, how lower gravity will affect the sports of space colonists and other fascinating ideas. The second part is about communications satellites, a field in which the author has already played the role of true prophet. The third section ranges widely over the side implications of the space age - scientific meddling, the lunatic fringe and the moral obligations of scientists.
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Voices of Earth and Sky

Vision Search of the Native Americans

Voices of Earth and Sky

Author: Vinson Brown

Publisher: Naturegraph Pub

ISBN: 9780879610609

Page: 176

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-- The Vision Life of the Native Americans by Vinson Brown. The purpose of the vision search is not only to find a vision, but to find in it help for yourself to lead a better life. Several chapters tell of past great Sacred Beings, chiefs, and medicine men; others tell how they prepared for the vision search, the preliminary ceremonies for purification, the quest, and how visions were interpreted.
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Empty Sky: RAF Voices from the Fall of France & Battle of Britain

Empty Sky: RAF Voices from the Fall of France & Battle of Britain

Author: Colin Higgs,Bruce Vigar

Publisher: Air World

ISBN: 9781526747716

Page: N.A

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One moment the sky would be full of aircraft wheeling and positioning for the best shot at the enemy; a sky full of danger and menace. The next instant there would just be a clear blue empty sky with the sun shining down on a calm and beautiful landscape. Such was the phenomenon experienced by pilots who fought in the key battles of France and Britain in the Summer of 1940. These air battles were certainly the most important ever fought in defence of the country and have deserved the millions of words that have been written about them. However, as the number of surviving veterans dwindles to single figures, interviews with some of 'The Few' who actually fought the battle are of increasing importance and rarity. This book tells the story of nineteen men and women who were there. Through a series of filmed interviews their stories were preserved, allowing them to tell the part they played in the nation's defence in their own words. It is the transcriptions of these interviews that form the basis of this unique collection of accounts. The nineteen stories are riveting and insightful, yet full of modesty and humour. The veterans talk about not being very good or just being followers of the aces - but underneath it all is a great pride that day after day they flew sortie after sortie against an enemy who had never been beaten until that moment. They talk of aerial battles perhaps three or four times each day; of the aircraft that carried them into battle without faltering; of the social life in their precious moments of quiet and peace; but most of all they talk about comradeship, friends and colleagues. Some friendships lasted barely a few days while others continued for decades. Three of the interviewees epitomise the men from fifteen other countries who joined the RAF to fight. Others represent the thousands of ground crew, WAAFs, ATA, drivers, plotters, radar operators, airfield defenders, controllers, aircraft builders, cooks and associated personnel without whom the Royal Air Force would have been unable to maintain the fight against Germany.
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Voices for the Future

Essays on Major Science Fiction Writers

Voices for the Future

Author: Thomas D. Clareson

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 9780879721206

Page: 294

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Essays discuss the fiction of Jack Williamson, Olaf Stapledon, Clifford D. Simak, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Theodore Sturgeon, and others
Categories: Literary Criticism

Voices from the Borderland

Re-Imagining Cross-Cultural Urban Theology in the Twenty-First Century

Voices from the Borderland

Author: Chris Shannahan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134940823

Page: 256

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Urban theology affirms the importance of context - notably the place of the city - in theological reflection. However, it has often been confined to particular contexts or theological camps and thus failed to engage with the fluidity of contemporary urban societies. 'Voices from the Borderland' presents an overview of urban theology, arguing that the twenty-first century demands a dialogical model of theology that enacts progressive change. The volume draws on studies of the multicultural and multi-faith British urban experience and situates these within the wider international context. The works of influential theologians in the field are examined and the dialogue between theology, globalisation, post-colonialism, postmodernism and "post-religious" urban culture critically explored. The volume is unique in bringing together urban liberation theology, urban black theology, reformist urban theology, globalisation urban theology, and post-religious urban theology.
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Water and Sky

Voices from the Riverside

Water and Sky

Author: Neil Sentance,Jonathan Gibbs

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781908213235

Page: 80

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Celebrates the English countryside of Lincolnshire with a rare combination of lyricism and muddy realism. With illustrations and black & white plates.
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Voices from the Heart of God’s Inspired Word

Voices from the Heart of God’s Inspired Word

Author: Allan Martling

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498274005

Page: 122

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These 150 meditations are paraphrases of our common human experience and therefore a way of uniting our divisive world. We find three voices providing food for our journey. The Mortal voice speaks of loss, rejection, honesty, faithfulness, integrity, discovery, joy, and God's continuing presence in it all. The Mediator voice is at times teacher, then mentor, and often narrator. In a very inspiring way, the voice of God is a feminine voice, Mother (El Shaddai, the Hebrew breasted God; womb of our being). Take one meditation a day, in a quiet place, if possible. Chew and savor as nourishment for your mind and soul.
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Voices From the Street

Voices From the Street

Author: Philip K. Dick

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 1429920602

Page: 304

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Stuart Hadley is a young radio electronics salesman in early 1950s Oakland, California. He has what many would consider the ideal life; a nice house, a pretty wife, a decent job with prospects for advancement, but he still feels unfulfilled; something is missing from his life. Hadley is an angry young man—an artist, a dreamer, a screw-up. He tries to fill his void first with drinking, and sex, and then with religious fanaticism, but nothing seems to be working, and it is driving him crazy. He reacts to the love of his wife and the kindness of his employer with anxiety and fear. One of the earliest books that Dick ever wrote, and the only novel that has never been published, Voices from the Street is the story of Hadley's descent into depression and madness, and out the other side. Most known in his lifetime as a science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick is growing in reputation as an American writer whose powerful vision is an ironic reflection of the present. This novel completes the publication of his canon. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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Voices from the Forest

Celebrating Nature and Culture in Xhosaland

Voices from the Forest

Author: Tony Dold,Michelle Cocks

Publisher: Jacana Media

ISBN: 1431402990

Page: 229

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"... book which explores the journey of celebrating the link between people and nature, the book reveals how plants, animals and landscapes are profoundly reflected in Xhosa language, stories, poetry, religious rituals, healing practices and everyday customs that define Xhosa culture. Over the years cultural and spiritual meaning of nature in South Africa has been poorly recorded and often misunderstood. The current trade of medicinal plants is often destructive and unsustainable with an estimated 27 million South Africans making use of indigenous medicines. This is a serious detriment as natural resources have been a reliant for underprivileged people who gain food, fuel, medicines, and building materials from wild plants. Therefore the addition of information on edible and medicinal plants is of extreme importance ... Voices from the Forest gives a fresh positive approach to biodiversity conservation in SA by showing that people\2019s values for natural resources can be considered positively as a way forward to continued sustainable use. The book explores the role that nature plays in the cultural and spiritual landscapes of the Xhosa people in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and serves as a pointer to sustainable practices in the future. The underlying aim is ultimately sustaining cultural heritage and conserving biodiversity because in our modernising world cultural diversity is threatened by the loss of natural diversity and finding ways of protecting the region's biodiversity and cultural diversity is of vital importance"--Publisher's website.
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