Truth Imagined

Truth Imagined

Blind as a child, Eric Hoffer--one of America's most important thinkers--regained his sight at the age of fifteen and became a voracious reader.

Author: Eric Hoffer

Publisher: Hopewell Publications Llc

ISBN: 1933435011

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 118

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Blind as a child, Eric Hoffer--one of Americas most important thinkers and the author of The True Beleiver--regained his sight at the age of fifteen and became a voracious reader. At eighteen, fate would take his remaining family, sending him on the road with three hundred dollars and into the life of a Depression Era migrant worker, but his appetite for knowledge-history, science, mankind-remained and formed the basis for his insights on human nature. Filled with timeless aphorisms and entertaining stories, Truth Imagined tracks Hoffers years on the road, which served as the breeding ground for his most fertile thoughts.
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Light and truth triumphant or G Keith s imagined Magick of Quakerism confirmed utterly confounded and confronted by his own and divers authors testimonies collected in an appendix etc

Light and truth triumphant  or  G  Keith s imagined Magick of Quakerism confirmed  utterly confounded and confronted by his own and divers     authors testimonies collected in an appendix  etc

0 to know it by the Effects and Fruits ; but it is necessary to know it before the
Effects be produ . ced , for before a Man be Sanctified , it is neceffary that he
know , and can discern , the True Spirit from.che False , and that be bave a right
Faith in ...

Author: George Whitehead


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The SAGE Dictionary of Cultural Studies

The SAGE Dictionary of Cultural Studies

IMAGINED COMMUNITY This does not mean that we are unable to distinguish
between ideas in terms of their specific consequences for social groups judged
against our values (that is, what we regard as a good or bad outcome). Truth ...

Author: Chris Barker

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761973419

Category: Social Science

Page: 211

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Contains over 200 entries on key concepts and theorists of cultural studies.
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The Imagined Island

The Imagined Island

The sheer mass of the evidence made this interpretation appear unassailable, a ''
wholly natural fact''; thus was constructed a ''truth by assertion.''Ω But what made
it all coherent was the ''pulp'' of interpretations surrounding this ''truth,'' for ...

Author: Pedro L. San Miguel

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807876992

Category: History

Page: 208

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In a landmark study of history, power, and identity in the Caribbean, Pedro L. San Miguel examines the historiography of Hispaniola, the West Indian island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He argues that the national identities of (and often the tense relations between) citizens of these two nations are the result of imaginary contrasts between the two nations drawn by historians, intellectuals, and writers. Covering five centuries and key intellectual figures from each country, San Miguel bridges literature, history, and ethnography to locate the origins of racial, ethnic, and national identity on the island. He finds that Haiti was often portrayed by Dominicans as "the other--first as a utopian slave society, then as a barbaric state and enemy to the Dominican Republic. Although most of the Dominican population is mulatto and black, Dominican citizens tended to emphasize their Spanish (white) roots, essentially silencing the political voice of the Dominican majority, San Miguel argues. This pioneering work in Caribbean and Latin American historiography, originally published in Puerto Rico in 1997, is now available in English for the first time.
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Imagined Selves

Imagined Selves

Imagined Corners, Mrs Ritchie, Selected Non-Fiction Willa Muir Kirsty Allen. this
than you imagine.' She walked ... truth of this. I must get at the t-truth. Can't you
see, Elise, I must get at the truth. She may have followed him. I know all about her

Author: Willa Muir

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781847675910

Category: Fiction

Page: 720

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This volume gathers together some of the real and the imagined lives of Willa Muir, one of the finest and fiercest intellectuals of her generation. Her writing is rich with paradox although obsessively Scottish in subject and style, she resented Scotland; although a trenchant champion of feminism, she voluntarily sacrificed her identity to that of the poets wife; and although she was a committed reformer, she never aligned herself with any political or ideological movement. These passionate dichotomies are intertwined in her writing, giving a particular power to her fiction and non-fiction alike. This collection is the first publication to offer a sense of the diversity of Willa Muirs oeuvre. It makes possible the re-evaluation of her work and assures her of a deserved place in the Scottish literary canon.
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Whitehead s Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics

Whitehead   s Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics

“We are,” he says, “feeling the actual world with the conscious imputation of
imagined predicates, be they true or false. ... to truth, we see that in imagination
the subject's attitude towards the imagined data is usually one of indifference to

Author: W. Mays

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401010856

Category: Philosophy

Page: 152

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Categories: Philosophy

Economics in Spirit and Truth

Economics in Spirit and Truth

14 Economists and bankers calculate the value of assets or liabilities by
evaluating anticipated flows of income, anticipated returns; promises of
expansion in an imagined better future. Managers also make asset allocation
decisions ...

Author: N. Wariboko

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137475503

Category: Philosophy

Page: 225

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Wariboko offers a critical-philosophical perspective on the logics and dynamics of finance capital in the twenty-first century in order to craft a model of the care of the soul that will enable citizens to not only better negotiate their economic existences and moral evaluations within it, but also resist its negative impact on social life.
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Imagined Civilizations

Imagined Civilizations

You could say that Truth (in any precise philosophical sense) is not a product of
science, or that it is not a unique product. Or you could say that the historian is not
properly concerned with Truth but with credibility, with whatever it is that counts ...

Author: Roger Hart

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421407128

Category: Mathematics

Page: 384

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Accounts of the seventeenth-century Jesuit Mission to China have often celebrated it as the great encounter of two civilizations. The Jesuits portrayed themselves as wise men from the West who used mathematics and science in service of their mission. Chinese literati-official Xu Guangqi (1562–1633), who collaborated with the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci (1552–1610) to translate Euclid’s Elements into Chinese, reportedly recognized the superiority of Western mathematics and science and converted to Christianity. Most narratives relegate Xu and the Chinese to subsidiary roles as the Jesuits' translators, followers, and converts. Imagined Civilizations tells the story from the Chinese point of view. Using Chinese primary sources, Roger Hart focuses in particular on Xu, who was in a position of considerable power over Ricci. The result is a perspective startlingly different from that found in previous studies. Hart analyzes Chinese mathematical treatises of the period, revealing that Xu and his collaborators could not have believed their declaration of the superiority of Western mathematics. Imagined Civilizations explains how Xu’s West served as a crucial resource. While the Jesuits claimed Xu as a convert, he presented the Jesuits as men from afar who had traveled from the West to China to serve the emperor.
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Imagined Love

Imagined Love

Not that she didn't want to. It was just difficult to speak when every thought of
Damien and how she'd betrayed him made her dissolve into tears. And the truth
of why she had given in to Alonzo only made Jade feel more upset and disgusted

Author: Diamond Drake

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475939639

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

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Willa Caldwell jumps in and out of her volatile and sometimes violent marriage seemingly unaware of the affects her actions have on daughter Jade. Lonely and insecure, Jade often falls prey to those eager to take advantage of her desperate need for love and acceptance. And both she and Willa endure heartache at the hands of those who claim to love them most. As a young adult Jade decides to leave her hometown of Gary, IN, as well as the pain of her past to start anew in sunny California. Sadly, things dont go as hoped and shes left wondering if shell ever experience real love or if it will always be . . . Imagined Love. Diamonds debut novel will leave you thirsty for more. Wanda B. Campbell, best selling author of Illusions This book is one you will fall in love with . . . Dot Magazine I truly enjoyed reading Imagined Love! Turning Pages Book Club Five stars! OOSA Book Club
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Tribute to the Memory of Rev John Townsend Coit

Tribute to the Memory of Rev  John Townsend Coit

reason , the one conceiving of the saving power , as an emanation of divine
wisdom , and having been taught that logic was the law of reason and the touch -
stone of truth , imagined that the Greek dialectics were the form of all divine ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924031481447

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Truth and Speech Acts

Truth and Speech Acts

After all, it seems that nothing less would suffice to guarantee the quality of that
which is transferred: transactional quality control seems to require that the
information to be transmitted meets the standard of truth. We can certainly
imagine ...

Author: Dirk Greimann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135197520

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 416

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Whereas the relationship between truth and propositional content has already been intensively investigated, there are only very few studies devoted to the task of illuminating the relationship between truth and illocutionary acts. This book fills that gap. This innovative collection addresses such themes as: the relation between the concept of truth and the success conditions of assertions and kindred speech acts the linguistic devices of expressing the truth of a proposition the relation between predication and truth.
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Does Truth Matter

Does Truth Matter

Imagine a society in which the legitimacy of the government is held to rest, at
least indirectly, upon the consent of those it ... Individuals in our imagined society
enjoy freedoms of thought, expression, assembly, petition, and religion, all within

Author: Ronald Tinnevelt

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402088490

Category: Philosophy

Page: 194

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The claim once made by philosophers of unique knowledge of the essence of humanity and society has fallen into disrepute. Neither Platonic forms, divine revelation nor metaphysical truth can serve as the ground for legitimating social and political norms. On the political level many seem to agree that democracy doesn’t need foundations. Nor are its citizens expected to discuss the worth of their comprehensive conceptions of the good life. According to Rawls, for example, we have to accept that “politics in a democratic society can never be guided by what we see as the whole truth (...)”. (1993: 243) And yet we still call upon truth when we participate in defining the basic structure our society and argue why our opinions, beliefs and preferences need to be taken seriously. We do not think that our views need to be taken into account by others because they are our views, but because we think they are true. If in a democratic society citizens have to deal with the challenge of affirming their claims as true, we need to analyse the precise relationship between truth and democracy. Does truth matter to democracy and if so, what is the place of truth in democratic politics? How can citizens affirm the truth of their claims and accept - at the same time - that their truth is just one amongst many? Our book centers on the role of the public sphere in these pressing questions. It tries to give a comprehensive answer to these questions from the perspective of the main approaches of contemporary democratic theory: deliberative democracy, political pragmatism and liberalism. A confrontation of these approaches, will result in a more encompassing philosophical understanding of our plural democracy, which – in this era of globalization – is more complex than ever before. Because a good understanding of the function, meaning and shortcomings of the public sphere is essential to answering these questions, a good deal of the book addresses these issues. Historically, after all, the idea that citizens have to engage each other in discussion in order to determine the structure and goals of society, is connected to the rational ideal of a public sphere where conflicting views can be expressed, formed, and transformed. But hasn’t the collective decision making in which everyone participates on an equal footing turned out to be a deceptive ideal or a simple illusion? Not every individual in society has equal access to the podium. Furthermore, power, being an inevitable feature of the public sphere, seems to permanently endanger its democratic value. Moreover, the existence of this sphere depends on a specific ethos and particular public spaces where citizens are called upon to present themselves as citizens, as people taking responsibility for their society. It is not clear whether this ethos and these spaces exist at all, and if so, if they preserved their ascribed capacity for constituting ‘democratic’ truth? By answering these questions we expect to deepen our understanding of the relation between truth and democracy.
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Perhaps it was the proximity of the strongly psychic Light, but when their gazes
met suddenly Truth imagined she could hear Michael's unspoken thoughts: If you
will notleave for yourself, won't you leave for her? Take her faraway, keep her ...

Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429987110

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Thorne Blackburn claimed to have magickal powers, to be able to tap into ancient wisdom. Others claimed he was a fake, cheating his many followers out of their money and destroying their free well. The truth may never be known . . . one dark, climactic night thirty years ago, Blackburn's most powerful ritual went horribly awry, leaving his flock shattered and one woman dead. Blackburn himself vanished. Now the scattered remains of Blackburn's followers have rallied around a new leader, the charismatic Justin Pilgrim. Hearing this, Thorne Blackburn's daughter, Truth, returns to the site of her mother's death and father's disappearance. Truth has many unanswered questions. Where are her long-lost half-siblings? Was her mother's death accident or murder? Is Pilgrim a charlatan, or are his claimed powers real? If he completes Thorn's ritual, will someone else die? The answers will lead Truth to deeply powerful truth of her own, one that will change her life forever. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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Learning Communities and Imagined Social Capital

Learning Communities and Imagined Social Capital

This chapter follows such threads and how they are woven with others within
symbolic and imagined networks. It privileges the imagined over the factual,
recognizing the truth of Bachelard's dictum that 'we are never real historians, but
always ...

Author: Jocey Quinn

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441139061

Category: Education

Page: 176

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This volume critically explores themes of belonging, learning and community, drawing on a range of research studies conducted with adult learners in formal and informal contexts and employing interdisciplinary theory from education, feminist theory, cultural studies and human geography. Dominant but simplistic and regulatory ideas and practices of learning community in higher education and lifelong learning are critiqued. Instead, Jocey Quinn argues that learners gain most benefit from creating their own symbolic communities and networks, which help to produce imagined social capital. A rich variety of empirical data is used to explore and demonstrate how such imagined social capital works.
Categories: Education

The Truth About You

The Truth About You

Ifyou imagine: It is going to be a black day today; business is going to be very
poor; that it is raining; no customers will ... so real, vivid, and intense, that due to
his faith and belief he convinced himself of the truth ofwhat he heard subjectively.

Author: Dr. Joseph Murphy

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465329141

Category: Self-Help

Page: 215

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BOOKS BY DR. JOSEPH MURPHY The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe The Cosmic Power Within You Great Bible Truths for Human Problems The Healing Power of Love How to Attract Money How to Pray with a Deck of Cards How to Use the Power of Prayer How to Use Your Healing Power Infinite Power for Richer Living Living Without Strain Love is Freedom Magic of Faith Mental Poisons and Their Antidotes The Miracle of Mind Dynamics Miracle Power for Infinite Riches Peace Within Yourself The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Pray Your Way Through It Prayer is the Answer Psychic Perception: The Meaning of Extrasensory Power Quiet Moments with God Secrets of the I Ching Songs of God Special Meditations for Health, Wealth, Love, and Expression Stay Young Forever Supreme Mastery of Fear Telepsychics: The Magic Power of Perfect Living Why Did This Happen to Me? Within You is the Power Write Your Name in the Book of Life Your Infinite Power to be Rich
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The Art of Shakespeare s Sonnets

The Art of Shakespeare   s Sonnets

sonnet in the two lacerating implied statements of the silent simple truth: she is
unjust, I am old. We notice, when the “simple truth” is written out in this way, that
the two imagined utterances are not parallel: the more natural thing for the lady to

Author: Helen Vendler

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674088603

Category: Poetry

Page: 692

View: 356

Helen Vendler, widely regarded as our most accomplished interpreter of poetry, here serves as an incomparable guide to some of the best-loved poems in the English language. In detailed commentaries on Shakespeare's 154 sonnets, Vendler reveals previously unperceived imaginative and stylistic features of the poems, pointing out not only new levels of import in particular lines, but also the ways in which the four parts of each sonnet work together to enact emotion and create dynamic effect.
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EPISTEMIC POSSIBILITY To conceive a proposition, in Putnam's sense, is to
imagine acquiring evidence that justifies ... For if the belief is imagined as true,
then whether it is imagined as justified or not, my evidence for p's possibility
would ...

Author: Stephen Yablo

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191556122

Category: Philosophy

Page: 336

View: 750

Thoughts is a collection of twelve essays by Stephen Yablo which together constitute a modern-day examination of Cartesian themes in the metaphysics of mind. Yablo offers penetrating discussions of such topics as the relation between the mental and the physical, mental causation, the possibility of disembodied existence, the relation between conceivability and possibility, varieties of necessity, and issues in the theory of content arising out of the foregoing. The collection represents almost all of Yablo's work on these topics, and features one previously unpublished piece.
Categories: Philosophy

Love Imagined

Love Imagined

Love Imagined is an important book because we, as Mixed-Race people (and the
people who love us!) need to hear these ... literary space to tell our stories, Sherry
Quan Lee shares her truth with fierce courage and strength in Love Imagined.

Author: Sherry Quan Lee

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

ISBN: 9781615992331

Category: Social Science

Page: 134

View: 488

ÿLove Imaginedÿis an American woman?s unique struggle for identity. "Joining the long history of women of color fighting to claim literary space to tell our stories, Sherry Quan Lee shares her truth with fierce courage and strength in Love Imagined. ... Quan Lee crafts a riveting tale of Minnesota life set within the backdrop of racial segregation, the Cold War, the sexual revolution while navigating it all through the lens of her multi-layered identities. A true demonstration of the power of an intersectional perspective." --Kandace Creel Falc¢n, Ph.D., Director of Women?s and Gender Studies, Minnesota State University, Moorhead "Love Imagined: this fascinating, delightful, important book. This imagining love, this longing for love. This poverty of No Love, this persistent racism, sexism, classism, ageism. The pain these evils cause the soul...This is an important document of a mixed-race contemporary woman, a memoir about her family lineages back to slavery, back to China, back to early Minneapolis, and about the struggle of finding herself in all of these." --Sharon Doubiago, author ofÿMy Father?s Love "When I read Sherry?s story [Love Imagined], I recognized feelings and meanings that mirrored mine. I felt a sense of release, an exhale, and I knew I could be understood by her in a way that some of my family and friends are unable to grasp, through no fault of their own. It?s the Mixed experience. Sherry Lee?s voice, her story, will no doubt touch and heal many who read it." --Lola Osunkoya, MA Founder of Neither/Both LLC, Mixed-Race Community Building and Counseling Learn more at From Modern History Press BIO002000 Biography & Autobiography: Cultural Heritage SOC028000 Social Science: Women's Studies - General SOC043000 Social Science: Ethnic Studies - Asian American Studies
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The Prince

The Prince

And many have imagined republics and principalities that have never been seen
or known to exist in truth; for it is so far from how one lives to how one should live
that he who lets go of what is done for what should be done learns his ruin ...

Author: Niccolò Machiavelli

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226500500

Category: Political Science

Page: 184

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The most famous book on politics ever written, The Prince remains as lively and shocking today as when it was written almost five hundred years ago. Initially denounced as a collection of sinister maxims and a recommendation of tyranny, it has more recently been defended as the first scientific treatment of politics as it is practiced rather than as it ought to be practiced. Harvey C. Mansfield's brilliant translation of this classic work, along with the new materials added for this edition, make it the definitive version of The Prince, indispensable to scholars, students, and those interested in the dark art of politics. This revised edition of Mansfield's acclaimed translation features an updated bibliography, a substantial glossary, an analytic introduction, a chronology of Machiavelli's life, and a map of Italy in Machiavelli's time. "Of the other available [translations], that of Harvey C. Mansfield makes the necessary compromises between exactness and readability, as well as providing an excellent introduction and notes."—Clifford Orwin, The Wall Street Journal "Mansfield's work . . . is worth acquiring as the best combination of accuracy and readability."—Choice "There is good reason to assert that Machiavelli has met his match in Mansfield. . . . [He] is ready to read Machiavelli as he demands to be read—plainly and boldly, but also cautiously."—John Gueguen, The Sixteenth Century Journal
Categories: Political Science

Jesus s Truth

Jesus s Truth

The parable of the sower is so vivid that hearers can imagine that story as theirs.
The parable of the vineyard laborers also reflects the very reality of an economic
life in the community. The parable of the leaven is also realistic in ways that ...

Author: Yung Suk Kim

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532643972

Category: Religion

Page: 124

View: 171

Parables of Jesus are stories about everyday life, ranging from a person’s worldview to economic justice in society. This book examines most parables of Jesus from a critical literary perspective. Twenty-three narrative parables in the Synoptic Gospels are rearranged by their source: Markan parables, Q parables, Matthean unique parables, Lukan unique parables. Each parable invites readers to reengage Jesus’s stories in the contemporary world.
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