The Sight of Death

The Sight of Death

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Author: T. J. Clark

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300117264

Category: Art

Page: 260

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Why do we keep returning to certain pictures? What is it we are looking for? How does our understanding of an image change over time? This investigates the nature of visual complexity, the capacity of certain images to sustain repeated attention, and how pictures respond and resist their viewers' wishes.
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One Night of Terror

One Night of Terror

Can you Handle the Sight of your Death?Bob Schneider is a young man at his early 40 who never believed life had meaning withoutalcohol and smokes.

Author: Harmony Howard


ISBN: 1710127236


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Can you Handle the Sight of your Death?Bob Schneider is a young man at his early 40 who never believed life had meaning withoutalcohol and smokes. His temperament madehim lose his family, with his wife in unconscious from months Bob was left to his miserable life.An argument at work had put him on the roadwe would undoubtedly beg to back from.He had abused and caused God with total disdain, claiming nothing existed but himself alone;fierce to the bones he almost pounces onDaniel, a workmate.He had never realized he had started a journey that will change his life forever. Bob went home that faithful evening to his regular Pub, drunkto his full; though totally conscious as his steps into his rickety old dark house on a rainy Saturday night.The scariest sights of his life faced him as he saw even the most nerve-cracking scenery as he begs to get back to his real life, first the gory structure of his dead grandparentscovered in the pool of blood; then he could find himself fall right through his apartment's marbled flood, down to ghost streets where he saw the grossest creatures he couldn't fathom how it all happened.As thunders rumbled, he could feel life gradually go out of him as he sees his skin torn by worms before his very eyes. Everything looks more scary. It was one night he was never going to forget

The Death of the Righteous Precious in the Sight of God

The Death of the Righteous Precious in the Sight of God

thoughts of God , my brethren , are not our thoughts , nor his ways , our ways .
The Lord seeth not as man feeth . Man looketh on the outward appearance , but
the ...

Author: William Laurence Brown


ISBN: OXFORD:N11717108


Page: 31

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Death and Dying

Death and Dying

The opening reading by Seymour Fisher takes a psychological approach to the
way that children make sense of death through ... Her observations revealed that
the sight of death, even when temporally close to residents who were themselves

Author: Sarah Earle

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd

ISBN: 9781847875105

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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This book draws together a range of both classic and newly commissioned pieces on the multidisciplinary study of death and dying. Organized into five parts, the book begins with a general exploration of the meaning of death, before moving on to consider caring at the end-of-life. Further readings explore the moral and ethical dilemmas in the context of death and dying. The fourth part of the book examines the issue of grief and ritual after death. The final part considers some of the issues that arise when researching the field of death and dying.
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Unburied Memories The Politics of Bodies of Sacred Defense Martyrs in Iran

Unburied Memories  The Politics of Bodies of Sacred Defense Martyrs in Iran

Perhaps they also felt that “in the infinity of that vision” people could forget “their
children, property, the work in the fields” and with death in sight the “world and its
affairs” would disappear for them [idem].18 It was perhaps against this possibility

Author: Pedram Khosronejad

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135711672

Category: Social Science

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Today, almost a generation has passed since the Iran–Iraq war and the memory of it is set to diminish with each passing generation. The following questions emerge. Can we say that the gradual disappearance of war’s memory means that, increasingly, Iranians will see the Iran–Iraq war solely as an historical event? How can we defend or reject this idea? Today, with which elements and values should we look at the Iran–Iraq war memorials and ceremonies? To what extent will war museums and materials culture be influenced by these new values? In the period during and immediately after the Iran–Iraq war (1980-88), national bereavement and commemoration of martyrs was neither apparent in common state policy nor a social need. Even at the turn of the 21st century, anyone walking through Iranian cities, many of which had been the main scene of the bloody massacre and direct targets of the Iraqi Republican Guard, will have found traces of the terrible, almost unimaginable, human losses. However, today’s Iranians can see modern war memorials and monuments in many parts of the urban and rural landscape. Yet, at the same time, the changing landscape has separated Iranians from such remnants of the violence. It can be argued that many people, in their wish to look forward to a more hopeful future, do not wish to be reminded of this period in Iranian history. This book was originally published as a special issue of Visual Anthropology.
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The Death of the Lord s Saints Precious in the Lord s Sight A Tract Second Edition

The Death of the Lord s Saints  Precious in the Lord s Sight  A Tract     Second Edition

The death of the Lord's saints therefore , is precious in the LORD'S * sight , from
their personal union with CHRIST , and from their interest in CHRIST . And in no
one point of doctrine is the Holy Ghost more particular than in this oneness of ...

Author: Robert HAWKER (D.D.)


ISBN: BL:A0020177340


Page: 12

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Aqibat Life After Death

Aqibat  Life After Death

Death is the great examination to which one goes prepared, another unprepared;
one with confidence, another with fear. However much anyone may pretend to be
spiritual or virtuous in life, at the sight of death he is tested and all pretense ...

Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781613105313



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A Philological Essay Or Reflections on the Death of Free thinkers By Monsieur D of the Royal Academy of Sciences in France and Author of the Poet Rusticantis Literatum Otium Translated from the French by Mr B

A Philological Essay  Or  Reflections on the Death of Free thinkers      By Monsieur D  of the Royal Academy of Sciences in France  and Author of the Poet   Rusticantis Literatum Otium  Translated from the French by Mr  B

... Approaches of DEATH : For in my opinion , those are the only Moments in
which a Man cannot put on a borrow'd Countenance . We disguise our felves in
the Course of our Lives , but the Mask falls off at the Sight of DEATH , and Man
then ...

Author: Deslandes (M., André François)


ISBN: OXFORD:N11722077


Page: 128

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Death in Sicily

Death in Sicily

The First Three Novels in the Inspector Montalbano Series--The Shape of Water;
The Terra-Cotta Dog; The Snack Thief Andrea Camilleri. in terror—not at the sight
of death but because they recognized him. “I feel like I'm taking a sauna,” said ...

Author: Andrea Camilleri

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101664834

Category: Fiction

Page: 704

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Collected in one volume—the first three books in the bestselling Inspector Montalbano mystery series American readers were first introduced to Sicily’s inimitable Inspector Salvo Montalbano more than ten years ago. Since then, the detective—and his characteristic mix of humor, cynicism, compassion, and love of good food—has won the affection of crime fiction aficionados and Italophiles alike. With Andrea Camilleri’s last two mysteries appearing on the New York Times bestseller list, it’s clear that interest in the series is at an all time high. Now, Death in Sicily features the Inspector’s first three adventures in one handy volume, offering new readers just the enticement they need to get started.
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Death Wore White

Death Wore White

The sight of death. For Shaw the shock was no less profound for being the
second time he'd faced it in a few hours. If anything the sudden sense of living in
a slow‐motion world was even more pronounced. He felt his fingertips tingle as
the ...

Author: Jim Kelly

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141909011

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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At 5.15 p.m. Harvey Ellis was trapped - stranded in a line of eight cars by a blizzard on a Norfolk coast road. At 8.15 p.m. Harvey Ellis was dead - viciously stabbed at the wheel of his truck. And his killer has achieved the impossible: striking without being seen, and without leaving a single footprint in the snow . . . For DI Peter Shaw and DS George Valentine it's only the start of an infuriating investigation. The crime scene is melting, the murderer has vanished, the witnesses are dropping like flies. And the body count is on the rise . . .
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The Religions of Canadians

The Religions of Canadians

The exact dates of his birth and death are uncertain and are still debated by
scholars, but tradition holds that he was born ... spiritual journey beyond the
seclusion of the palace walls: the sight of sickness, the sight of old age, the sight
of death, ...

Author: Jamie S Scott

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442605183

Category: Social Science

Page: 480

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The Religions of Canadians is a book about religions and the making of Canada. Drawing on the expert knowledge and personal insights of scholars in history, the social sciences, and the phenomenology of religion, separate chapters introduce the beliefs and practices of nine religious traditions, some mainstream, some less familiar. The opening chapter explores how Aboriginal Canadian traditions continue to thrive after centuries of oppression. Subsequent chapters follow in the footsteps of Catholic and Protestant Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Baha'is as they have made their way to Canada, and reveal how different immigrant communities have adapted their rich religious heritages to a new life in a new land. Each chapter is divided into five sections: an introduction; a succinct overview of the tradition; its passage to and transformation in Canada; a close study of contemporary Canadian communities; and an afterword suggesting possibilities for future research. Chapters conclude with a list of important terms and dates, related websites, a concise bibliography of further readings, and key questions for reflection. The Religions of Canadians is a timely and unique contribution to the field, introducing readers to the religions of the world while simultaneously building an overall picture of the development of Canada's multicultural, pluralist society.
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Conversation With Saint Benedict

Conversation With Saint Benedict

A glance at this series of admonitions makes it obvious that the real worry is not
physical but spiritual death. ... In contrast to this, we have to admit that our own
society is decidedly squeamish about the sight of death and the corpses of the ...

Author: Terrence G. Kardong

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814634202

Category: Religion

Page: 156

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The Rule of Saint Benedict meets contemporary culture-the connection points and the sticking points between the two are the focus of Conversation with Saint Benedict. Renowned Benedictine scholar Terrence Kardong considers various aspects of modern culture that he considers worrisome and the light that Benedict's Rule might shed on them for Christians today. He also takes up specific aspects of the Rule itself that he finds difficult to deal with. This book, then, offers a rich interplay that does not shrink from recognizing both strengths and weaknesses in our culture as well as in Benedict's own ideas. Among the many topics that Kardong tackles are: laughter and tears security work economics monastic garb cell phones zeal hierarchy channel surfing Terrence G. Kardong, OSB, has been a monk of Assumption Abbey in Richardton, North Dakota, since 1956. Since 1982, he has served as editor of the American Benedictine Review. His many books include Pillars of Community: Four Rules of Pre-Benedictine Monastic Life and Day by Day with Saint Benedict. He has also produced highly regarded translations and commentaries on the Rule of Saint Benedict and St. Gregory the Great's Life of Saint Benedict.
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Death Where Is Your Sting

Death  Where Is Your Sting

This is what David the psalmist was saying in Ps 116:15 Precious in the sight of
the LORD is the death of his saints. That's exactly what Jesus was trying to tell
Peter! He's telling Peter what kind of death glorifies God. It's when you stretch
forth ...

Author: Philip D. Derber

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468909975

Category: Religion


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The Blood of Faithful Martyrs Precious in the Sight of Christ A Discourse Delivered in the High Church of Paisley on the Evening of Friday the 24th October 1834

The Blood of Faithful Martyrs Precious in the Sight of Christ  A Discourse Delivered in the High Church of Paisley  on the Evening of Friday  the 24th October  1834

Our text also implies that the death of the suffering saints is precious in the sight
of Christ . “ Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints . " We know
this to be a general truth , and it must admit of a special application to the martyrs

Author: Andrew Symington (D. D.)


ISBN: BL:A0019724960


Page: 48

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The Face on the Screen

The Face on the Screen

The face counts for nothing in film unless it includes the death's head beneath. ...
As Susan Buck-Morss and others convincingly argue, we have become immune
to the sight of death – the endless CNN-style repetition of faces of the dead and ...

Author: Therese Davis

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781841500843

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 122

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There was a time in screen culture when the facial close-up was a spectacular and mysterious image… The constant bombardment of the super-enlarged, computer-enhanced faces of advertising, the endless 'talking heads' of television and the ever-changing array of film stars' faces have reduced the face to a banal image, while the dream of early film theorists that the 'giant severed heads' of the screen could reveal 'the soul of man' to the masses is long since dead. And yet the end of this dream opens up the possibility for a different view of the face on the screen. The aim of the book is to seize this opportunity to rethink the facial close-up in terms other than subjectivity and identity by shifting the focus to questions of death and recognition. In doing so, the book proposes a dialectical reversal or about-face. It suggests that we focus our attention on the places in contemporary media where the face becomes unrecognisable, for it is here that the facial close-up expresses the powers of death. Using Walter Benjamin's theory of the dialectical image as a critical tool, the book provides detailed studies of a wide range of media spectacles of faces becoming unrecognisable. It shows how the mode of recognition enabled by these faces is a shock experience that can open our eyes to the underside of the mask of self - the unrecognisable mortal face of self we spend our lives trying not to see. Turning on itself, so to speak, the face exposes the fragile relationship between social recognition and facial recognizability in the images-cultures of contemporary media.
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Comfort for Christians

Comfort for Christians

Precious Death "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" (psalm
116:15). This is one of the many comforting and blessed statements in Holy
Scripture concerning that great event from which the flesh so much shrinks.

Author: Arthur W. Pink

Publisher: Sovereign Grace Publishers,

ISBN: 9781589603707

Category: Religion

Page: 84

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The work unto which the servant of Christ is called is many sided. Not only is he to preach the Gospel to the unsaved, to feed God's people with knowledge and understanding (Jer. 3:15), and to take up the stumbling stone out of their way (Isa. 57:14), but he is also charged to "cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression" (Isa. 58:1 and cf. 1 Tim. 4:2). While another important part of his commission is stated in, "Comfort ye, My people, said your God" (Isa. 40:1). What an honorable title, "My people!" What an assuring relationship: "your God!" What a pleasant task: "comfort ye My people!" A threefold reason may be suggested for the duplicating of the charge. First, because sometimes the souls of believers refuse to be comforted (Psa. 77:2), and the consolation needs to be repeated. Second, to press this duty the more emphatically upon the preacher's heart, that he need not be sparing in administering cheer. Third, to assure us how heartily desirous God himself is that His people should be of good cheer (Phil. 4:4). God has a "people," the objects of His special favor: a company whom He has taken into such intimate relationship unto Himself that He calls them "My people." Often they are disconsolate: because of their natural corruption's, the temptations of Satan, the cruel treatment of the world, the low state of Christ's cause upon earth. The "God of all comfort" (2 Cor. 1:3) is very tender of them, and it is His revealed will that His servants should bind up the brokenhearted and pour the balm of Gilead into their wounds. What cause have we to exclaim "Who is a God like unto Thee!" (Micah 7:18), who has provided for the comfort of those who were rebels against His government and transgressors of His Law. The contents of this little volume have appeared from time to time in our monthly magazine during the last thirty years. They were, previously, sermons which we preached long ago in the U.S.A. and Australia. Here and there is an expression (especially where Prophecy is touched upon) that we would not use today; but since the Lord was pleased to bless them in their original form to not a few of His distressed people, we have not revised them. May it please Him to speak peace by them to afflicted souls today, and the glory shall be His alone. Pink (1890-1953) was a Baptist Preacher in England, Australia, and the United States. He is most famous for his book The Sovereignty of God. After its advent, he, assisted by his editor Mr. I. Herendeen, launched his yearly publication, Studies in the Scriptures in 1921. These continued until his death, totaling altogether 33 volumes of 288 pp. each. Most of Pink's books are taken from these yearly volumes (written monthly in 24 page format).
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The Fearsome Touch of Death

The Fearsome Touch of Death

Man feared death, thought Falred, and some of this fear of death took hold on the
dead so that they, too, were feared. And the sight of the dead engendered grisly
thoughts, gave rise to dim fears of hereditary memory, lurking back in the dark ...

Author: Robert E Howard

Publisher: eStar Books

ISBN: 9781612108162

Category: Fiction


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Old Adam Farrel lay dead in the house wherein he had lived alone for the last twenty years. A silent, churlish recluse, in his life he had known no friends, and only two men had watched his passing… little did they know the Fearsome Touch of Death has not left the house…
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Select works tr by H Cole

Select works  tr  by H  Cole

but he exaggerates and augments all things to the greatest degree : he terrifies
the godly with the sight of death : he paints it forth as being horrible, terrible, cruel
, eternal, and having no end : and he exaggerates, at the same time, the wrath ...

Author: Martin Luther


ISBN: OXFORD:600010759



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