The People as Enemy

The People as Enemy

John Spritzler holds a Doctor of Science degree from the Harvard School of Public Health, where he is employed as a Research Scientist.

Author: John Spritzler

Publisher: Black Rose Books Limited

ISBN: 1551642166

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There is the official view of World War II—the one we have all been taught—then, there is the one presented here: very different, and very disturbing. This alternative view argues that the aims of the national leaders were not democracy and self-determination, but were, as wars generally are, opportunities to suppress class rebellion. Furthermore, Spritzler maintains, the myths of World War II are the same myths that are being used today in the "war against terrorism" by government and corporate leaders to control people and pursue ends that have nothing to do with protecting us from terrorism. John Spritzler holds a Doctor of Science degree from the Harvard School of Public Health, where he is employed as a Research Scientist.
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The Jews Nationalism and the Universalist Ideal

The Jews  Nationalism  and the Universalist Ideal

... Dreamers of the Ghetto, page 521 2006 Phone Directory Caledon, page 165
The Tao Te Ching, translated by John C.H. Wu, Chapter 51, page 74 Taylor,
Dave, The Bison and the Great Plains, page 29 Spritzler, John, The People as
Enemy, ...

Author: J. DAVID

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440109317

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The worst difficulties from which we suffer do not come from without. They come from within. They do not come from the cottages of the wage-earners. They come from a peculiar type of brainy people always found in our country, who, if they add something to its culture, take much from its strength. Our difficulties come from the mood of unwarrantable self-abasement into which we have been cast by a powerful section of our own intellectuals. They come from the acceptance of defeatist doctrines by a large proportion of our politicians. But what have they to offer but a vague internationalism, a squalid materialism, and the promise of impossible Utopias? Winston Churchill, `England’, 24 April 1933, Royal Society of St George, London.
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An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People

And you, Mr. Aslaksen—I suppose you will be answerable for the Householders'
Association? ... But the "People's Messenger" is in rather a shaky condition; it
doesn't go really well; and I should be very unwilling to suspend the paper now, ...

Author: Henrik Ibsen

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 9781775416067

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Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen wrote An Enemy of the People in 1882 as a response to the public outrage over his play Ghosts. Part comedy, part serious drama, the play looks at Dr. Thomas Stockmann's struggle to uphold the truth in the face of intolerance and willful ignorance, as his entire community turns against him. Branded an "Enemy of the People," Dr. Stockmann can only take solace in the idea that "the strongest man in the world is the man who stands most alone."
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An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People

Peter Stockmann reminds Dr . Stockmann about the terms of Morten Kiil ' s will in
which he bequeathed his children part of his wealth . He warns ... Dr . Stockmann
refers to those who called him An Enemy of the People as mongrels . To him ...


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An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People

Arthur Miller's adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic drama is a classic in itself, a penetrating exploration of what happens when the truth comes up against the will of the majority.

Author: Arthur Miller

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241198872

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When Dr Stockmann discovers that the water in the small Norwegian town in which he is the resident physician has been contaminated, he does what any responsible citizen would do: reports it to the authorities. But Stockmann's good deed has the potential to ruin the town's reputation as a popular spa destination, and instead of being hailed as a hero, Stockmann is labelled an enemy of the people. Arthur Miller's adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic drama is a classic in itself, a penetrating exploration of what happens when the truth comes up against the will of the majority.
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The Web of Violence

The Web of Violence

In each movement, according to Mao's formula, 95 percent of the people must be
united in hunting down the 5 percent of hidden enemies. But before each
campaign, the enemy of the people is both unknown and unpredictable; those
who ...

Author: Jennifer E. Turpin

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252065611

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"An excellent representation of the interdisciplinary thrust of peace studies." -- Paul Joseph, Tufts University Violence is a topic of concern everywhere--in the media, in churches, in the halls of governments. In every land and in every culture violence is considered by most to be taboo, a last resort. Yet under certain conditions, from the level of the family to the level of nations, violence is used as a mechanism of social control. Various rationalizations thus emerge to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate violence. The Web of Violence explores the interrelationship among personal, collective, national, and global levels of violence. This unique collection brings together a number of internationally known contributors to address the genesis and manifestations of violence in the search for a remedy for this confounding social problem. As the global community becomes more intimate, we must better understand the nature of violence. The Web of Violence supports this aim by examining the dangerous human phenomenon from many perspectives, at different levels, and using multiple methodologies. CONTRIBUTORS: Robert Jay Lifton, Christopher G. Ellison, John P. Bartkowski, Yuan-Horng Chu, Philip Smith, Robert Elias, Birgit Brock-Utne, Riane Eisler, Johan Galtung
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Social Conflicts and Collective Identities

Social Conflicts and Collective Identities

Positing that people looked alike and thought alike paved the way for treating
them as "all alike," with one short step remaining ... For them, the enemy alien
problem was about identifying people-categories who presented a potential
threat to ...

Author: Michael W. Hovey

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742500519

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Despite the ubiquity of conflict, gaps remain in our knowledge of what influences its escalation and resolution. How collective identity formation impacts social conflicts is taken up in this text, ranging from church and community disputes, to international trade disputes and wars.
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The Law of Armed Conflict

The Law of Armed Conflict

.Your objective is to capture the population's intentions, and the more you treat all
the people as your enemy, the more all the ... [I]fyou operate so that your
measures during conflict are treating all these people as enemies. . . you are
acting on ...

Author: Gary D. Solis

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139487115

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The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War introduces law students and undergraduates to the law of war in an age of terrorism. What law of armed conflict/international humanitarian law applies to particular armed conflicts? Does that law apply to terrorists as well? What is the status of participants in an armed conflict? What constitutes a war crime? What is a lawful target and how are targeting decisions made? What are rules of engagement? What weapons are lawful and unlawful, and why? This text takes the reader through these essential questions of the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law to an awareness of finer points of battlefield law. The U.S.-weighted text incorporates lessons from many nations and includes hundreds of cases from jurisdictions worldwide.
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Ibsen A Dissenting View

Ibsen  A Dissenting View

An Enemy of the People The hostile reception of Ghosts was not necessarily a
sign of its having hit the mark . For many years , it is true , none of the bigger
Scandinavian theatres would touch it . In Germany the police refused to allow
public ...

Author: Ronald Gray

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 0521298350

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An Enemy of the People The Wild Duck Rosmersholm

An Enemy of the People   The Wild Duck   Rosmersholm

INTRODUCTION It was Georg Brandes who suggested that much of An Enemy of
the People (1882), The Wild Duck (1884), and Rosmersholm (1886) might be
traced to a point of common origin: the hurt, the distress and disgust Ibsen felt at ...

Author: Henrik Ibsen

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0192839438

Category: Art

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Written in the aftermath of hostile criticism of Ghosts, Ibsen's three plays all deal with the moral courage needed to tell the truth. They are peopled not by symbolic figures and abstract concepts, but by complex individuals pitted against, or part of, a society that Ibsen felt was morallyabhorrent and claustrophobically provincial.
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