The Patient in Room Nine Says He s God

The Patient in Room Nine Says He s God

A young Jewish doctor prays to a coma patient's Blessed Mother on Christmas Eve, only to have the woman suddenly awakened; there is the voice that tells a too-busy ER doctor to stop a patient walking out, discovering an embolus that would ...

Author: Louis Profeta

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846943546

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

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A young Jewish doctor prays to a coma patient's Blessed Mother on Christmas Eve, only to have the woman suddenly awakened; there is the voice that tells a too-busy ER doctor to stop a patient walking out, discovering an embolus that would have killed him. The late-night passing of a beloved aunt summons a childhood bully who shows up minutes later, after twenty-five years, to be forgiven and to heal a broken doctor. This ER doctor finds God's opposite in: a battered child's bruises covered over by make-up, a dying patient whose son finally shows up at the end to reclaim the man's high-top sneakers, the rich or celebrity patients loaded with prescription drugs from doctor friends who end up addicted. But, his real outrage is directed at our cavalier treatment of the elderly, If you put a G-tube in your 80-year-old mother with Alzheimer's because she's no longer eating, you will probably have a fast track to hell.
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Trauma Recovery Sessions With Dr Matt

Trauma Recovery   Sessions With Dr  Matt

Paperback: 978-1-78535-055-9 ebook: 978-1-78535-056-6 Middle Age Beauty
Soulful Secrets from a Former Face Model ... Paperback: 978-1-84694-198-6 The
Patient in Room Nine Says He's God Louis Profeta A roller coaster ride of joy, ...

Author: Matt E. Jaremko

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781785358890

Category: Self-Help

Page: 512

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Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt conveys hope and resilience for trauma victims. Written by a psychologist with 35 years of clinical experience, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Between compellingly-written scenes of group, individual and family therapy, the cognitive-behavioral science of PTSD and its treatment is explained. The book movingly describes the collaboration between therapist and clients as they strive to get unstuck from trauma-ravaged lives. Reluctant trauma victims who have avoided treatment or who are having trouble processing life’s catastrophes will find in these pages a “fly-on-the-wall” perspective of how therapy can help. Useful information about overcoming obstacles in treatment is provided while fears about facing trauma are allayed, motivating the reluctant victim to finally seek treatment. The book will also greatly inform motivated patients by providing a thorough, scientifically-sound understanding of PTSD’s nature and treatment. This book should be in every trauma therapist’s office and placed in the hand of each of their PTSD patients.
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Wicked Indianapolis

Wicked Indianapolis

Price, Nelson A. Indiana Legends: Famous Hoosiers from Johnny Appleseed to
David Letterman. Indianapolis, IN: Emmis Books, 1997. Profeta, Louis M. The
Patient in Room Nine Says He's God. Winchester, UK: O Books, 2010. Quayle,

Author: Andrew E. Stoner

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781614233398

Category: History

Page: 160

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These are not the aspects of Indianapolis history you'll see flaunted in visitors' brochures. These are the abhorrent, the grim, the can't-look-away misdeeds and miscreants of this city's past, when bicycle messenger boys peddled through the night to link prostitutes with johns and when the bigoted masses tightened their grip on the city behind mayor and Klansman John Duvall. From the unseemly to the deviant to the disastrous, Hoosier Andrew E. Stoner brings you lives as out of control as the worst wreck at the Indy 500 with a history as regrettable as it is riveting.
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Insights on James 1 2 Peter

Insights on James  1   2 Peter

Peter actually claims that God's “delay” of judgment makes room for His mercy! In
3:9, Peter refers to God's patient plan. God is not negligent about His promises.
He is deliberately holding back the events of the end times in order to give as ...

Author: Charles R. Swindoll

Publisher: Tyndale House

ISBN: 9781496400673

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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This newly revised and expanded edition of Insights on James, 1 & 2 Peter, part of the 15-volume Swindoll’s Living Insights New Testament Commentary series, draws on Gold Medallion Award–winner Chuck Swindoll’s 50 years of experience with studying and preaching God’s Word. The series combines Chuck’s deep insight, signature easygoing style, and humor to bring a warmth and practical accessibility not often found in commentaries. Each volume combines verse-by-verse commentary, charts, maps, photos, key terms, and background articles with practical application. The newly updated volumes now include parallel presentations of the NLT and NASB before each section. This series is a must-have for pastors, teachers, and anyone else who is seeking a deeply practical resource for exploring God’s Word.
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The Attributes of God Volume 1

The Attributes of God Volume 1

He suffered with the agony of God, for everything that God does, He does with all
that He is. When God suffered ... He's gone into the prayer room, so we'll pardon
him. He's going to ... First John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and
just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Justice is

Author: A. W. Tozer

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9781600662799

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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The most important question For A. W. Tozer, no question is more important than, "What is God like?" The desire to know God consumed his entire life and ministry. That's why those who read him come to know God more intimately. Originally preached as sermons at Southside Alliance Church in Chicago, this first volume of The Attributes of God examines ten attributes of God. It also includes a study guide for an in-depth look at each attribute: Infinite Immense Good Just Merciful Gracious Omnipresent Immanent Holy Perfect Steeped in Scripture and filled with the Spirit, Tozer preached with striking clarity and power. The sense of his sermons comes through on every page, bringing the Word of God to bear upon you. "If a sermon can be compared to light, then A.W. Tozer released a laser beam from the pulpit, a beam that penetrated the heart." — Warren Wiersbe, former pastor of The Moody Church
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Room 9

Room 9

“Doesn't this asshole know he's supposed to go through the press office? What
did you say?” I placed a crimson bow on the first gift, set it aside, and started
cutting another piece of paper. It said, “Noel, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and

Author: Soledad Santiago

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: 0385421230

Category: Fiction

Page: 271

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Marie Terranova, a single mother working as the mayor's administrative assistant, finds herself in a dangerous trap when the deputy mayor's alleged suicide uncovers political corruption in the Big Apple
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The Radical Cross

The Radical Cross

God, went onto the tree and died there in infinite agony, in a plethora of suffering,
this great God suffered more than they suffer in ... Goddoesn't say, “Well, we'll
excuse this fellow. He's made his decision,and we'll forgive him.He's gone intothe
prayer room, sowe'll pardon him. ... First John 1:9 says,“If we confessour sins,
heis faithful andjust to forgive us our sins, andto cleanse usfromall

Author: A. W. Tozer

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9781600662829

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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"The way of the cross is still the pain-wracked path to spiritual power and fruitfulness. So do not seek to hide from it. Do not accept an easy way. Do not allow yourself to be patted to sleep in a comfortable church, void of power and barren of fruit. Do not paint the cross nor deck it with flowers. Take it for what it is, as it is, and you fill find the rugged way to death and life. Let it slay you utterly." - A. W. Tozer, from "Coddled or Crucified?" in The Radical Cross In this collection of short essays, Tozer considers with piercing conviction the offense and power of the cross. May you venture unguarded into this book, that you might be utterly changed.
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Stories from the Flannery O Connor Award

Stories from the Flannery O Connor Award

I reached our living room, my soup on a tray, in time to see him pivot on a
cigarette and start up the walkway to Lee's. ... She said, “He used a cat-o'-nine-
tails to chase the money changers out of the temple.” “He's God almighty,” some
guy said.

Author: Nancy Zafris

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820345352

Category: Fiction


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Stories selected from winning volumes published in the past fifteen years, from Frank Soos’s Unified Field Theory (1998) to Hugh Sheehy’s The Invisibles (2012).
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The Best of Joe R Lansdale

The Best of Joe R  Lansdale

He burns a coffee table and a chair, and when he's through, feels bad for it. He
knows ... In it God comes to him, all scaly and blowing fire. He tells ... No one is in
the room. Godzilla ... He calls in to work sick. ... He gets a call from the plant
manager that night. The manager's seen the paper. He tells Godzilla he's fired.
NINE: ...

Author: Joe R Lansdale

Publisher: Tachyon Publications

ISBN: 9781616960056

Category: Fiction

Page: 369

View: 973

Godzilla’s in a twelve-step program. A soul-sucking Mummy stalks Elvis and John F. Kennedy. Joe Bob Briggs has a moral dilemma: If your girlfriend turns zombie on you, what do you do? And that’s the tame stuff. In this red-hot collection from world-champion Mojo storyteller Joe R. Lansdale, you’ll find his best, most outrageous stories. The high priest of Texan weirdness does it all: horror, mystery, satire, suspense, and even Westerns. Prepare to be offended, shocked, and cackling like a crazed redneck. Featuring five Bram Stoker Award–winning stories, this career retrospective contains some of Lansdale’s rarer work, his nonfiction forays into drive-in theaters and B-movies, and the novella Bubba Ho-Tep, later made into a cult-classic major motion picture. Come on in—the weirdness is fine.
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There S No Room for Doubt

There   S No Room for Doubt

I was saved and baptized at the age of 9 in a Baptist church. I was called of God
at the age of 11 to do a work for Him but didn't heed the call, to my deepest
sorrow and regrets. ... God said that He never repents of His calling. I am an ...
He's kept me from death several times that I know of and I'm sure there were
more times.

Author: Hilda Marie Barton

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426964022

Category: Religion

Page: 200

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Fear is the rejection of faith. Fear brings worry. Worry robs the body of rest. Worry has no place in the life of a Christian. Fear and worry are doubt manifested in our lives, doubt that does not exist where there is faith. In Theres No Room for Doubt: The Just Shall Live by Faith, author and ordained minister Hilda Marie Barton shows us the path to conquering fear and worrythe path to faith in Jesus Christ. Through His Word in the Bible, Jesus Christ gives us the roadmap to finding our way out of our problems, away from grief and misery and toward feeling whole and renewed. Each chapter of Theres No Room for Doubt focuses on a pivotal theme in the Bible and discusses relating passages to help readers understand these themes. Bartons insights are accessible and wise, and she does not hesitate to be truthful, even if that truth is painful. There are as many problems in the world as there are people to have them, but there is one solution for every problem: stand in faith. When we walk with God and feel His strength and love, there is truly no room for doubt. He has it all under control and will sustain usand that is something to believe.
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The Plays of Shakespeare in Nine Volumes

The Plays of Shakespeare  in Nine Volumes

Say , he be taken , rack'd , and tortured ; I know , no pain , they can inflict upon
him , Will make him say - I mor'd him to those arms . ... A room in the palace . ... Ay
, my good lord , he's dead . Suf . ... God forbid any malice should prevail , That
faultless may condemn a nobleman ! ... He doth revive again ; -Madam , be
patient .

Author: William Shakespeare


ISBN: OXFORD:N12054432

Category: Miniature books


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God Is Not A Christian

God Is Not A Christian

Have you ever thought about just how low God's standards are, because anyone,
everyone can enter heaven, and especially the ... Which of you would say, “No,
we know the archbishop; he's going to be preaching the gospel there”? ... They
didn't even have enough clout to get a room in the inn. ... The point of the story is
that God is prepared to leave ninety~nine perfectly well behaved sheep, to say.

Author: Desmond Tutu

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409005506

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 901

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is no stranger to controversy. From racism and social injustice, to the threat of AIDS, the continuing crisis in the Middle East and the importance today of 'ubuntu' (the concept of shared humanity), the Archbishop expresses his views powerfully and honestly, showing how faith and politics are inextricably linked. A forceful opponent of apartheid and later a compelling leader of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 and has remained a leading campaigner for human rights ever since. In 2009, he was awarded the highest civilian award in the United States, the Presidential Medal, by Barack Obama. This collection brings together some of the Archbishop's key speeches, sermons, lectures and exchanges from the past three decades, charting the trajectory of his extraordinary career and showing why he remains one of the world's best-loved and most outspoken religious figures. Edited by John Allen, a journalist and former aide of the Archbishop, God is Not a Christian reveals Archbishop Desmond Tutu in his own words.
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Get in Trouble

Get in Trouble

Something Stupid Because It's Fun. There are other people on the boat with
Harper. Thank God, Fleur says. He's here. ... Rinses it. Rinses his mouth. Okay.
He's okay. Harper is in their room, sitting on the little bed. They're okay, he says.
... I asked what exactly David did, and they started talking about the lesson of 9/

Author: Kelly Link

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780804179713

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 636

FINALIST FOR THE PULITZER PRIZE • NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A bewitching story collection from a writer hailed as “the most darkly playful voice in American fiction” (Michael Chabon) and “a national treasure” (Neil Gaiman). NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY BookPage • BuzzFeed • Chicago Tribune • Kirkus Reviews • NPR • San Francisco Chronicle • Slate • Time • Toronto Star • The Washington Post She has been hailed by Michael Chabon as “the most darkly playful voice in American fiction” and by Neil Gaiman as “a national treasure.” Now Kelly Link’s eagerly awaited new collection—her first for adult readers in a decade—proves indelibly that this bewitchingly original writer is among the finest we have. Link has won an ardent following for her ability, with each new short story, to take readers deeply into an unforgettable, brilliantly constructed fictional universe. The nine exquisite examples in this collection show her in full command of her formidable powers. In “The Summer People,” a young girl in rural North Carolina serves as uneasy caretaker to the mysterious, never-quite-glimpsed visitors who inhabit the cottage behind her house. In “I Can See Right Through You,” a middle-aged movie star makes a disturbing trip to the Florida swamp where his former on- and off-screen love interest is shooting a ghost-hunting reality show. In “The New Boyfriend,” a suburban slumber party takes an unusual turn, and a teenage friendship is tested, when the spoiled birthday girl opens her big present: a life-size animated doll. Hurricanes, astronauts, evil twins, bootleggers, Ouija boards, iguanas, The Wizard of Oz, superheroes, the Pyramids . . . These are just some of the talismans of an imagination as capacious and as full of wonder as that of any writer today. But as fantastical as these stories can be, they are always grounded by sly humor and an innate generosity of feeling for the frailty—and the hidden strengths—of human beings. In Get in Trouble, this one-of-a-kind talent expands the boundaries of what short fiction can do. Praise for Get in Trouble “Ridiculously brilliant . . . These stories make you laugh while staring into the void.”—The Boston Globe “When it comes to literary magic, Link is the real deal: clever, surprising, affecting, fluid and funny.”—San Francisco Chronicle
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Spiritual songs or Songs of praise with Penitential cries to almighty God upon several occasions Together with the Song of songs with an addition of a sacred poem on Dives and Lazarus

Spiritual songs  or  Songs of praise with Penitential cries to almighty God upon several occasions  Together with the Song of songs  with an addition of a sacred poem on Dives and Lazarus

God's gone , he's gone , and what an Hell is this , To be depriv'd of everlasting
bliss ! ... Which nothing but a God can satisfy ; And tho ' his appetite be here
deluded By various objects in God's room obtruded , Yet 9 Yet when at death all
these ...

Author: John Mason


ISBN: OXFORD:555000863



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The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

... room in the perfect house in Nine Mile Falls. He's already tan, and has his
sunglasses on his head. His black hair is slicked back, as if he's permanently just
gotten out of the pool. “I see you two made it okay,” he says, and I swear to God, ...

Author: Deb Caletti

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439164129

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 320

View: 540

Eighteen-year-old waitress Indigo Skye’s life is upended when a mysterious man leaves her a multi-million-dollar tip in this funny and moving novel by Printz Honor medal winner and National Book Award finalist Deb Caletti. I suddenly see where I’m standing, and that’s at the edge of change—really, really big change. Eighteen-year-old Indigo Skye feels like she has it all—a waitress job she loves, an adorable refrigerator-delivery-guy boyfriend, and a home life that’s slightly overwhelming but rich in love. Until a mysterious man at the restaurant leaves her a 2.5 million-dollar tip, and her life as she knew it is transformed. At first it’s amazing: a hot new car, enormous flat-screen TV, and presents for everyone she cares about. She laughs off the warnings that money changes people, that they come to rely on what they have instead of who they are. Because it won’t happen…not to her. Or will it? What do you do when you can buy anything your heart desires—but what your heart desires can’t be bought? This is the story of a girl who gets rich, gets lost, and ultimately finds her way back—if not to where she started, then to where she can start again.
Categories: Young Adult Fiction

Road Trip

Road Trip

“Choice of zombie-killers everywhere,” Mr. Parker said. “Let's go Shan. ... Few of
the doors still had numbers and Mr. Parker had to count down from fourteen to
find room number nine. ... Oh God, Shan thought, he's really going to do it.

Author: J. Tanner

Publisher: RTH Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 34

View: 684

In exchange for a burger and a chocolate shake, Shan’s elderly neighbor, Mr. Parker, lures him away from a day of video games with talk of seeing zombies on television and going to kill them. As they get further from home, Shan becomes more and more concerned that Mr. Parker has gone from amusingly eccentric to crazy... Road Trip is an 8500 word (roughly 34 book pages) humorous, character-driven (in more ways than one!) story with a dash of horror and a side of nostagia for classic cars.
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Gods and Kings

Gods and Kings

I say God bless him. At least he's not cloning.” Now THAT McQueen HAD Money,
he could afford a better studio: he found one on Rivington Street, in Shoreditch,
with two big rooms—one for sewing, the other for administration—tucked under ...

Author: Dana Thomas

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101617953

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

View: 302

More than two decades ago, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen arrived on the fashions scene when the business was in an artistic and economic rut. Both wanted to revolutionize fashion in a way no one had in decades. They shook the establishment out of its bourgeois, minimalist stupor with daring, sexy designs. They turned out landmark collections in mesmerizing, theatrical shows that retailers and critics still gush about and designers continue to reference. Their approach to fashion was wildly different—Galliano began as an illustrator, McQueen as a Savile Row tailor. Galliano led the way with his sensual bias-cut gowns and his voluptuous hourglass tailoring, which he presented in romantic storybook-like settings. McQueen, though nearly ten years younger than Galliano, was a brilliant technician and a visionary artist who brought a new reality to fashion, as well as an otherworldly beauty. For his first official collection at the tender age of twenty-three, McQueen did what few in fashion ever achieve: he invented a new silhouette, the Bumster. They had similar backgrounds: sensitive, shy gay men raised in tough London neighborhoods, their love of fashion nurtured by their doting mothers. Both struggled to get their businesses off the ground, despite early critical success. But by 1997, each had landed a job as creative director for couture houses owned by French tycoon Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH. Galliano’s and McQueen’s work for Dior and Givenchy and beyond not only influenced fashion; their distinct styles were also reflected across the media landscape. With their help, luxury fashion evolved from a clutch of small, family-owned businesses into a $280 billion-a-year global corporate industry. Executives pushed the designers to meet increasingly rapid deadlines. For both Galliano and McQueen, the pace was unsustainable. In 2010, McQueen took his own life three weeks before his womens' wear show. The same week that Galliano was fired, Forbes named Arnault the fourth richest man in the world. Two months later, Kate Middleton wore a McQueen wedding gown, instantly making the house the world’s most famous fashion brand, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened a wildly successful McQueen retrospective, cosponsored by the corporate owners of the McQueen brand. The corporations had won and the artists had lost. In her groundbreaking work Gods and Kings, acclaimed journalist Dana Thomas tells the true story of McQueen and Galliano. In so doing, she reveals the revolution in high fashion in the last two decades—and the price it demanded of the very ones who saved it.
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9. One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan
also came with them. The Lord said to Satan, “Where have you come from? ...
shop and seal a deal. e large home had beautiful rooms, lovely decorating,
spacious grounds, and a swimming pool. ... When God asks him where he's
come from, he says that he's been roaming throughout the earth and going back
and forth in it.

Author: Melissa Howell

Publisher: Review and Herald Pub Assoc

ISBN: 9780828025478

Category: Christian teenagers

Page: 377

View: 771

If youve ever wanted to connect with God for real, this is the book for you. With a blend of side-splitting humor and Bible truth, Melissa and Greg Howell take you on a tour through the rough-and-tumble world of the Bible, stopping just long enough for you to hear God speak to you.Fusion will introduce you to Bible characters whose stories you may never have read. Youll also learn facts thatll blow you away, such as this one: Ancient rabbis prohibited people under 30 from reading Song of Solomon? What would life be like with God? This is the year to find out.
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Hair trigger 9 10 a story workshop anthology

Hair trigger 9   10   a story workshop anthology

My best sexual experience (looks around the room nervously) has been with my
wife of many, many years, Hera, of course. Otherwise ... P: Do you think you're
being a little too self-righteous in saying that? Z: Hades, no. I'm a god. I can say
anything I want. P: That ... Overall, I'd say he's doing the best of all the gods.
People ...

Author: Columbia College (Chicago, Ill.). Writing Dept


ISBN: 0932026168

Category: College prose, American

Page: 212

View: 605

Categories: College prose, American

God Is Waiting for You

God Is Waiting for You

That is what God wants to reveal to you, that He is not just a means of financial
gain, but that He is a Deliverer of His Word. ... Whether it's in your bedroom,
bathroom, or your laundry room. ... Read Matthew 6:9 about The Lord's Prayer
when Jesus was teaching His Disciples how to pray; a guide for praying. ... Say a
prayer of thanks and acknowledgment of the fact that He is the True and Living
God Almighty, jehovah, The Ruler of All. Now, I know all of 291 GoD Is WAITING
FOR You.

Author: Tannia M. Winston

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449753863

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 458

View: 923

God is waiting for you is an encounter with your destiny on the path to God, an illuminating, exciting, spiritually rejuvenating walk with God as you face real-life experiences that reveal to you who you really are. Breath-taking steps that allows you to grow in God and mature as you journey on the path to accept your assignment from Him; facing the corrupt teaching and misleading of false prophets who are denying Jesus Christ the Messiah. They have laid the damaging foundations of doubt and destruction for many lost souls. God Is Waiting for You is not only revealing to you how to walk on this path and take on your new assignment from God, but teaching every Christian that they must learn to take the authority to throw Gods Weight around! CALLING ALL CARS! Dear Children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. (1 John 2:18)
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