The Mastermind

Drugs. Empire. Murder. Betrayal.

The Mastermind

Author: Evan Ratliff

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0399590420

Page: 480

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The incredible true story of the decade-long quest to bring down Paul Le Roux—the creator of a frighteningly powerful Internet-enabled cartel who merged the ruthlessness of a drug lord with the technological savvy of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. “A tour de force of shoe-leather reporting—undertaken, amid threats and menacing, at considerable personal risk.”—Los Angeles Times NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times Book Review • NPR • Evening Standard • Kirkus Reviews It all started as an online prescription drug network, supplying hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of painkillers to American customers. It would not stop there. Before long, the business had turned into a sprawling multinational conglomerate engaged in almost every conceivable aspect of criminal mayhem. Yachts carrying $100 million in cocaine. Safe houses in Hong Kong filled with gold bars. Shipments of methamphetamine from North Korea. Weapons deals with Iran. Mercenary armies in Somalia. Teams of hit men in the Philippines. Encryption programs so advanced that the government could not break them. The man behind it all, pulling the strings from a laptop in Manila, was Paul Calder Le Roux—a reclusive programmer turned criminal genius who could only exist in the networked world of the twenty-first century, and the kind of self-made crime boss that American law enforcement had never imagined. For half a decade, DEA agents played a global game of cat-and-mouse with Le Roux as he left terror and chaos in his wake. Each time they came close, he would slip away. It would take relentless investigative work, and a shocking betrayal from within his organization, to catch him. And when he was finally caught, the story turned again, as Le Roux struck a deal to bring down his own organization and the people he had once employed. Award-winning investigative journalist Evan Ratliff spent four years piecing together this intricate puzzle, chasing Le Roux’s empire and his shadowy henchmen around the world, conducting hundreds of interviews and uncovering thousands of documents. The result is a riveting, unprecedented account of a crime boss built by and for the digital age. Praise for The Mastermind “The Mastermind is true crime at its most stark and vivid depiction. Evan Ratliff’s work is well done from beginning to end, paralleling his investigative work with the work of the many federal agents developing the case against LeRoux.”—San Francisco Book Review (five stars) “A wholly engrossing story that joins the worlds of El Chapo and Edward Snowden; both disturbing and memorable.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
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The Mastermind

The Mastermind

Author: David Unger

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 1617754552

Page: 274

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Set in Guatemala and based on a true story, “this intriguing literary thriller will appeal to lovers of international crime fiction” (Booklist). Guillermo Rosensweig is a member of the Guatemalan elite, runs a successful law practice, has a wife and kids—and a string of gorgeous lovers. Then one day he crosses paths with Maryam, a Lebanese beauty with whom he falls desperately in love . . . to the point that when he loses her, he sees no other option than to orchestrate his own death. The Mastermind is based on the bizarre real-life story of Rodrigo Rosenberg, a Guatemalan attorney who, in 2009, planned his own assassination after leaving behind a video accusing Guatemalan president Álvaro Colom of his murder. This is a fascinating depiction of modern-day Guatemala and the corrupt, criminal, and threatening reality that permeates its society. “Engaging . . . Raw and unforgettable.” —Publishers Weekly “This is a compelling story that can easily be read in a single sitting. And, as in any good mystery, when things go wrong, the novel becomes that much more interesting. Even for readers with no interest in Guatemala per se, this is one worth reading for the sheer joy of the writing itself.” —Reviewing the Evidence “A riveting account of one man’s high-stakes journey to self-reckoning.” —Cristina García, author of Dreaming in Cuban
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The Mastermind Quiz Book

The Mastermind Quiz Book

Author: Richard Morgale

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446417220

Page: 576

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Mastermind is the ultimate test of knowledge, memory and nerve. Over four decades hundreds have tested their mettle in the famous black chair, and dared to put their intellect under the glare of the Mastermind spotlight. Now, can you rise to the challenge? The Mastermind Quiz Book poses over 3,500 questions, from fiendishly difficult general knowledge teasers to in-depth tests of specialist subjects. With topics ranging from Classical Mythology to Medical Science, by way of Famous Russians and The Works of Johnny Cash, only the finest minds will triumph. Whether you're playing in groups or simply testing your own brainpower, this collection of questions will challenge the very core of your mental strength - but when the clock runs down and the lights come up, will you emerge as the Mastermind?
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The Mastermind Plot

The Mastermind Plot

Author: Angie Frazier

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0545393159

Page: 240

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A new, exciting Suzanna Snow adventure! Suzanna "Zanna" Snow can hardly believe her luck: She's just arrived in Boston, the city she's wanted to visit for as long as she can remember. Think of all the mysteries waiting to be solved here! Her grandmother and cousin, Will, welcome her warmly, but her famous detective uncle, Bruce Snow, seems anything but pleased. He doesn't want Zanna meddling in his current case involving a string of mysterious warehouse fires along the harbor front. But Zanna can't help herself. Is someone setting the fires? Just when she thinks she's on to something, a strange man starts following her. Is he a threat? Zanna needs to solve the case before she has the chance to find out.
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Dark Sparrow

The Mastermind

Dark Sparrow

Author: Andrew Casey

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532089961

Page: 282

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My name is Dark Sparrow. Now is a good time to listen to my random thoughts. Born and bred living my whole life in Nankin city USA. I somehow inherited my mother’s British accent even though I was a problem child sent to countless therapists. Dominant female Bounty hunter by choice to do what all frightened police cannot, bloody wankers. I admit only to my thoughts that I am an expert vigilante who is not afraid to bring pain to the bad guy. I am in custody awaiting bail on another planet similarly structured to what I have seen on Earth. Could anyone on Earth truly grasp this?
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Tracking the Mastermind

Unofficial Graphic Novel #2 for Fortniters

Tracking the Mastermind

Author: Nathan Meyer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510745238

Page: 160

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The second book in an exciting new series of Fortnite graphic novels Idris, Kiki, Sarah, and Cody are known as The Stonewood Survivors. After launching a comm-satellite to serve as a beacon for others lost on the Island, they’re hailed as heroes. But heroes’ work never ends. Core to their mission of survival is uncovering information about the founder of the shadowy corporation, Vindertech. This they know: Dr. Vinderman is the mastermind behind a host of wonder weapons that includes Ray the Robot and, more importantly, humanity’s last hope for survival, the Storm Shields. What they don’t know is whether Dr. Vinderman is working for or against them. To get to the truth, they must paraglide over herds of ravenous Husks and Mist Monsters, land on the roof of Vindertech Research Labs, save the supercomputer servers housed there, and discover Dr. Vinderman’s location. Nothing happens as planned, and soon they are trapped in a deadly game of hide and seek. Hunted by the maniacal sniper known as Teddy Bear, they enter storm-wracked Plankerton where, if they’re not slaughtered by mutant fiends, they just might save the world—assuming they don’t kill each other first!
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Nutty and the Case of the Mastermind Thief

Nutty and the Case of the Mastermind Thief

Author: Dean Hughes

Publisher: Yearling

ISBN: 9780553154146

Page: 120

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When Nutty investigates the disappearance of the school Christmas fund from his locker, he and his friends run into a bunch of thieves as well as a more surprising solution.
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The Mastermind Prayers for Enlightenment

The Mastermind Prayers for Enlightenment

Author: Sophronia Hairston

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781482652000

Page: 62

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The Mastermind Prayers for Enlightenment was written to inspire, uplift and encourage individuals to discover their divine potential no matter what they may be experiencing. I call it "The Medicine Book" without the after affects. It is an easy read and you can start anywhere in the book and use the prayers/messages as an antidotes to life issues. You will find that the prayers/messages will have a profound effect on your life. Be Blessed and Prosper
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