Streets of Afghanistan

Streets of Afghanistan

The work of several Afghan and Western photographers and photojournalists chronicles various aspects of Afghan culture and includes a description for each photo. Original.

Author: Shannon Galpin


ISBN: 1578264677


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The work of several Afghan and Western photographers and photojournalists chronicles various aspects of Afghan culture and includes a description for each photo. Original.

Children of Afghanistan

Children of Afghanistan

Streets. of. Kabul. WaHid. omar. Since 2001 and the fall of the Taliban, Kabul,
Afghanistan, has transformed from a ghost town, perforated by millions of bullets,
into a dusty city con- sumed by construction sites, polluting generators and cars, ...

Author: Jennifer Heath

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292759336

Category: History

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The first comprehensive look at youth living in a country attempting to rebuild itself after three decades of civil conflict, Children of Afghanistan relies on the research and fieldwork of twenty-one experts to cover an incredible range of topics. Focusing on the full scope of childhood, from birth through young adulthood, this edited volume examines a myriad of issues: early childhood socialization in war and peace; education, literacy, vocational training, and apprenticeship; refugee life; mental and physical health, including disabilities and nutrition; children's songs, folktales, and art; sports and play; orphans; life on the streets; child labor and children as family breadwinners; child soldiers and militarization; sexual exploitation; growing up in prison; marriage; family violence; and other issues vital to understanding, empowerment, and transformation. Children of Afghanistan is the first volume that not only attempts to analyze the range of challenges facing Afghan children across class, gender, and region but also offers solutions to the problems they face. With nearly half of the population under the age of fifteen, the future of the country no doubt lies with its children. Those who seek peace for the region must find solutions to the host of crises that have led the United Nations to call Afghanistan "the worst place on earth to be born." The authors of Children of Afghanistan provide child-centered solutions to rebuilding the country's cultural, social, and economic institutions.
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Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan

Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan

A WOMAN'S PLACE In the summer months of 2005, the streets of Afghanistan's
cities were adorned with the enlarged and ubiquitous colored portraits of women
candidates for parliament and the provincial council. In any other country, this ...

Author: Noah Coburn

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231535748

Category: Political Science

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Since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, researchers, policymakers, and the media have failed to consider the long-term implications of the country's post-conflict elections. Based on fieldwork in provinces across the country and interviews with more than seven hundred candidates, officials, community leaders, and voters, this book builds an in-depth portrait of Afghanistan's recent elections as experienced by individuals and communities, while revealing how the elections have in fact actively contributed to instability, undermining the prospects of democracy in Afghanistan. Merging political science with anthropology, Noah Coburn and Anna Larson document how political leaders, commanders, and the new ruling elite have used elections to further their own interests and deprive local communities of access to political opportunities. They retrace presidential, parliamentary, and provincial council elections over the past decade and expose the role of international actors in promoting the polls as one-off events, detached from the broader political landscape. This approach to elections has allowed existing local powerholders to solidify their grip on resources and opportunities, derailing democratization processes and entrenching a deeper disengagement from central government. Western powers, Coburn and Larson argue, need to reevaluate their most basic assumptions about elections, democracy, and international intervention if they hope to prevent similar outcomes in the future.
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Now voicing antiSoviet declarations or political manifestos, they were distributed
in the streets, left in the mosques or pushed ... Thousands of demonstrators
marched through the streets chanting slogans such as 'Russians, Afghanistan is
not ...

Author: Ed Girardet

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415684804

Category: Political Science

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First published in 1985, this is a book written at the height of the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Based on five clandestine trips into Afghanistan with the resistance, the book examines why the Soviets invaded in 1979 and what they were seeking to defend. The author analyses their deliberate policy of migratory genocide through a combination of aerial bombardments, political repression and economic blockades. The book is written by the journalist Ed Girardet, one of the world's leading authorities on the conflict, whose particular strength is his dispassionate reporting style and his firsthand proximity to the conflict. He interviewed many of the leaders of the Afghan resistance, both inside Afghanistan and in the refugee camps and he explains in depth the nature of the Afghan Islamic anti-communist struggle for independence. This is a book in the finest tradition of war reporting on the front line and the reissue is essential reading for all those interested in the history of the conflict in Afghanistan.
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Beauty the Beast Vendetta

Beauty   the Beast  Vendetta

In Afghanistan, his superiors had received orders to wipe out his unit of
experimental super soldiers, and he had used ... buildings of her neighborhood,
as impenetrable to the naked human eye as the streets of Afghanistan on those
terrible, ...

Author: Nancy Holder

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781783292240

Category: Fiction

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During a mysterious blackout, Angelo Demarco, the son of New York City's most powerful family, is kidnapped. NYPD detectives Catherine Chandler and Tess Vargas are on the case when they learn of a second missing person: Cat's father has disappeared from his prison cell. Vincent is desperate to help Cat, but as tensions rise, the couple becomes caught in a trap where the only way out is to confront their pasts and prove their epic love.
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Will I Live Tomorrow

Will I Live Tomorrow

One WomanÕs Mission to Create an Anti-Taliban Film in War-Torn Afghanistan
Sonia Cole. W. e left the airport's nerve-wracking experience, and the nightmare
of driving through the streets began. ere were no tra c lights anywhere, and there

Author: Sonia Cole

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781939529145

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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When Sonia Nassery Cole set out to film The Black Tulip in her homeland of Afghanistan, she knew the odds were against her; she was told time and time again that filming inside a war zone would be impossible. What she didn’t anticipate was how intent the Taliban and its sympathizers were on halting the film’s production—the crew encountered extortion, government corruption, kidnapping attempts, and death threats, even with around-the-clock security. Her cinematographer fled after two days, and many others followed. After 9/11, Cole wrote The Black Tulip, based on a true story of a real Afghan family. The plot was simple: After 2001, when the Taliban was routed, an Afghan family opened The Poet’s Corner—a restaurant with an open microphone for all to read poetry, perform music, and tell their stories. But the Taliban didn’t approve, and the family’s new-found hope proved fleeting as it struggled to maintain the restaurant and its vibrant way of life. Selected as Afghanistan's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2010 Academy Awards, The Black Tulip is a modern portrait of Afghanistan that captures the plight and resilience of its people. Without financial support from a studio or anyone else, Cole self-financed the film by mortgaging her home and selling her belongings. Then, with everything on the line, she left for Kabul to make the impossible possible and set out to gather the right people who would risk their lives and willingly be part of the production. In Will I Live Tomorrow?, Cole gives an intimate look into what went on behind the scenes of making a controversial film in the heart of a war-ravaged country—the looming terror the Taliban creates among Afghans everywhere and the challenges and fear the cast and crew faced every day. Will I Live Tomorrow? is a memoir about one woman’s struggle to make a difference in a violent world.
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On the streets , ordinary Afghans are menaced by patrols of foreign mercenaries
engaged by private security firms , seemingly accountable to no one but those
whom they are paid to protect . Armed robbery and kidnappings abound and
night ...

Author: Chris Johnson

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 1842773771

Category: Political Science

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The West has never understood Afghanistan. It has been portrayed as both an exotic and remote land of turbaned warriors and as a 'failed' state requiring our humanitarian assistance. Politically marginal after the withdrawal of Soviet troops, Afghanistan's strategic importance re-emerged after September 11th 2001, when the 'war on terror' was launched as part of a new generation of international interventions. Drawing on the experience of a decade and a half of living and working in Afghanistan, Chris Johnson and Jolyon Leslie examine what the changes of recent years have meant in terms of Afghans' sense of their own identity and argues that if there is to be a hope of peace and stability, there needs to be a new form of engagement with the country, which respects the rights of Afghans to determine their own political future while recognising the responsibilities that must follow an intervention in someone else's land.
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The Legitimacy of the Holy Bible as a Legal Instrument

The Legitimacy of the Holy Bible as a Legal Instrument

... of Muslims were first published by Danish newspaper Jy Hands- Posten on
September 30, 2005.8 The controversial responses resulted in deaths in the
streets of Afghanistan, street protests in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq,
Kenya, ...

Author: Cherub Angela Nicholls

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781600346514

Category: Religion

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Afghanistan the Perfect Failure

Afghanistan  the Perfect Failure

During mid-morning and late afternoon, the streets of Kabul are usually choked
with heavy traffic. Cars, trucks, motorcycles ... There's no Afghan version of
Allstate or Mutual of Omaha on Chicken Street or any other street in Kabul. The
whole ...

Author: John L. Cook

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479720712

Category: History

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LONG BOOK DESCRIPTION: Unparalleled access to all levels of the Afghan government and coalition forces is the result of John Cooks tenure in Afghanistan. Over the past four and a half years, he has developed an intimate and alarming insight into what has become a hand-wringing quagmire of politically correct, socially and culturally sensitive policies and programs that continue to be implemented, and that can only result in catastrophic failure for the United States, the coalition and the average Afghan. Mr. Cook offers unprecedented insight as he digs deep to rip away at the misguided and destructive policies, including the infamous Rules of Engagement that doom our soldiers for the sake of political correctness and cultural sensitivity. This raw and disturbing account covers the truths regarding the appalling and cruel treatment of women, the squandering of foreign aid by, and corruption of, the Karzai-centric government that includes the betrayal of its own people. He presents eye-opening insight into the tribal structure that has traditionally guided the Afghan mindset and, despite efforts to westernize, will not go away. He details the inexplicable and infuriating policies regarding failures associated with poppy eradication, and it is the poppies that are the fuel for terrorist activities. He further provides explanations for the Talibans continuing control and the problems associated with our well-intentioned but misguided counterinsurgency strategies against the Taliban and al Qaeda - strategies that fail our mission and our soldiers. In this reasoned, forceful and intellectually honest treatise, he also courageously dissects the disturbing role of Islam and forces the reader to come face to face with the reality that Islam, not the Taliban, is the real enemy in Afghanistan. After reading Afghanistan: The Perfect Failure, we can only conclude we must no longer turn a blind eye to what is happening in Afghanistan. Mr. Cooks dissection is powerful and provocative. The American public deserves more than the thin veil of reporting that has been done on the subjects in this expose. Due to his longevity in this war torn country and high- level access, few, if any, have had the opportunity to gain the inside and knowledge afforded John Cook; none have had the courage to publicly reveal the shameful truth.
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The Wars of Afghanistan

The Wars of Afghanistan

Gulabzoi was the top Khalqi in Afghanistan after Sarwari's exile. Stocky ... roar of
Allahu Akbar (God is great) soared through the night air from the throats of an
estimated 400,000 men, women, and children standing on rooftops or in the

Author: Peter Tomsen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781610394123

Category: History

Page: 912

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As Ambassador and Special Envoy on Afghanistan from 1989 to 1992, Peter Tomsen has had close relationships with Afghan leaders and has dealt with senior Taliban, warlords, and religious leaders involved in the region's conflicts over the last two decades. Now Tomsen draws on a rich trove of never-before-published material to shed new light on the American involvement in the long and continuing Afghan war. This book offers a deeply informed perspective on how Afghanistan's history as a “shatter zone” for foreign invaders and its tribal society have shaped the modern Afghan narrative. It brings to life the appallingly misinformed secret operations by foreign intelligence agencies, including the Soviet NKVD and KGB, the Pakistani ISI, and the CIA. American policy makers, Tomsen argues, still do not understand Afghanistan; nor do they appreciate how the CIA's covert operations and the Pentagon's military strategy have strengthened extremism in the country. At this critical time, he shows how the U.S. and the coalition it leads can assist the region back to peace and stability.
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Ours are the Streets

Ours are the Streets

Sunjeev Sahota's Ours are the Streets is a poignant and powerful story of political radicalization.

Author: Sunjeev Sahota

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330545778

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Sunjeev Sahota's Ours are the Streets is a poignant and powerful story of political radicalization. When Imtiaz Raina leaves England for the first time, to bury his father on his family’s land near Lahore, he exchanges his uncertain life in Sheffield for a road that leads to the mountains of Kashmir and Afghanistan. Once back in Yorkshire, he writes through the night to his young wife Becka and baby daughter Noor, and tries to explain, in a story full of affection and yearning, what has happened to him – and why he has a devastating new sense of home.
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Winter Soldier Iraq and Afghanistan

Winter Soldier  Iraq and Afghanistan

Some people who didn't even have licenses back in the States or know how to
drive stick were now driving these vans through the crowded downtown streets of
Kabul, Afghanistan at extremely high speeds, as fast as the ve- hicles would go.

Author: Iraq Veterans Against the War

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 9781608460601

Category: History

Page: 240

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“The only way this war is going to end is if the American people truly understand what we have done in their name.”—Kelly Dougherty, executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War In spring 2008, inspired by the Vietnam-era Winter Soldier hearings, Iraq Veterans Against the War gathered veterans to expose war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here are the powerful words, images, and documents of this historic gathering, which show the reality of life in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iraq Veterans Against the War argues that well-publicized incidents of American brutality like the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and the massacre of an entire family of Iraqis in the town of Haditha are not the isolated incidents perpetrated by “a few bad apples,” as many politicians and military leaders have claimed. They are part of a pattern, the group says, of “an increasingly bloody occupation.” "Here is the war as it should be reported, seeing the pain, refusing to sanitize an unprovoked attack that has killed over one million people. All over America are victims who have returned from this conflict with hideous wounds -- wounds that turn the lives of the entire family upside down. And the American people are not seeing this. Until now. "Winter Soldier, an enormously important project of Iraq Veterans Against the War, cuts this debacle to the bone, exposing details hard to come by and even harder to believe. This is must reading for patriots who have already begun the effort to insure that this never happens again." --Phil Donahue "Winter Soldier makes us feel the pain and despair endured by those who serve in a military stretched to the breaking point by stop-loss policies, multiple combat tours, and a war where the goals and the enemies keep shifting ... [and] also make[s] us admire the unbreakable idealism and hope of those men and women who still believe that by speaking out they can make things better both for themselves and for those who come after them."--San Francisco Chronicle Formed in the aftermath of the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) was founded in 2004 to give those who have served in the military since September 11, 2001, a way to come together and speak out against an unjust, illegal, and unwinnable war. Today, IVAW has over seven hundred members in forty-nine states, Washington, DC, Canada, and on military bases overseas. Aaron Glantz is an independent journalist who has covered the Iraq War from the front lines. He is the author of How America Lost Iraq (Tarcher) and a forthcoming book on the Iraq War from the University of California Press. Anthony Swofford is the author of Jarhead: A Marine’s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles.
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Years LIEUTENANT COMMANDER ... major left Egypt to report on Usama Bin
Laden's jihad challenges to American military against the Soviets in Afghanistan .



ISBN: OSU:32435077765170

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Afghanistan Remembers

Afghanistan Remembers

... this theme to highlight an additional point: the intricate ways in which
Afghanistan (there) and Canada (here) are interconnected. By way of illustration,
I focus on three sites from my ethnographic research in Valley View (Burnaby):
the street, ...

Author: Parin Dossa

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442615373

Category: Social Science

Page: 178

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In Afghanistan Remembers, Parin Dossa examines how violence is remembered by Afghan women through memories and food practices in their homeland and its diaspora.
Categories: Social Science

The War in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan

The Soviets got involved to help their fellow party members and soon there were
Soviet soldiers marching in the streets and mountaintops of Afghanistan as part
of the war also. The United States thought that the Soviets were trying to spread ...

Author: KidCaps

Publisher: BookCaps Study Guides

ISBN: 9781621075325

Category: History


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In this book, we will learn a lot about the War in Afghanistan. The first section will tell us more about what led up to it. We will look a little at the history of Afghanistan to find out how such bad guys like the Taliban could ever become the ruling party in the country. We will also see a little of what life was like when the Taliban was in charge. Find out more in this kids book. KidCaps is an imprint of BookCaps Study Guides; with dozens of books published every month, there's sure to be something just for you! Visit our website to find out more.
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Most people in Afghanistan do not own cars or trucks . Many Afghans ride
colorfully decorated buses . People also walk or ride bicycles . People use carts
pulled by horses to move goods and people on city streets . In rural areas ,
people often ...

Author: Gillia M. Olson

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 0736826858

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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A simple question-and-answer format offers a brief introduction to Afghanistan, discussing land features, government, housing, transportation, industries, sports, holidays, food, and family life.
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The Dutch military has been in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province since 2006, at a
cost of fourteen Dutch soldiers and a divisive political debate that has, at times,
spilled over onto Afghan streets. After postponing a parliamentary debate in the
fall ...

Author: Geoffrey Hayes

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554586981

Category: Political Science

Page: 348

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Many have questioned the wisdom of the international intervention in Afghanistan in light of the escalation of violence and instability in the country in the past few years. Particularly uncertain are Canadians, who have been inundated with media coverage of an increasingly dirty war in southern Afghanistan, one in which Canadians are at the frontline and suffering heavy casualties. However, the conflict is only one aspect of Afghanistan’s complicated, and incomplete, political, economic, and security transition. In Afghanistan: Transition under Threat, leading Afghanistan scholars and practitioners paint a full picture of the situation in Afghanistan and the impact of international and particularly Canadian assistance. They review the achievements of the reconstruction process and outline future challenges, focusing on key issues like the narcotics trade, the Pakistan—Afghanistan bilateral relationship, the Taliban-led insurgency, and continuing endemic poverty. This collection provides new insight into the nature and state of Afghanistan’s post-conflict transition and illustrates the consequences of failure. Co-published with the Centre for International Governance Innovation
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Hoping for Peace in Afghanistan

Hoping for Peace in Afghanistan

I hope this doesn't mean that war will return to our streets. Almost everyone in
Afghanistan follows the Islamic religion. Islamic prayer and rituals are an
essential part of daily life, both in the city and countryside. Religion is one of the
few ...

Author: Nick Hunter

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP

ISBN: 9781433977268

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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Our impressions of the War in Afghanistan usually consist of images we see on TV of soldiers, tanks, and debris. We hear numbers: of people dying, damaged buildings, and dates promising an end to the violence. However, in every war-torn country, there are ordinary people trying to live as normally as possible and survive amidst the danger, sadness, and chaos. Readers closely examine the war that has raged in Afghanistan since 2001—learning about the people on each side and the causes and consequences of the conflict. This account stands apart from other social studies texts with its inclusion of a fictional correspondence between two girls, one in Afghanistan and one in the United States. The captivating letters weaved throughout the nonfiction narrative bring to light the many commonalities between two young people who at first seem worlds apart.
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction

A Journey Through Afghanistan

A Journey Through Afghanistan

Above the flat-roofed view of the streets peeked Chinese mulberry trees and
cypresses. There was no shade in the streets. Behind the town, to the East,
sloped sandstone mountains which cut short the greenery with a dull haze. The
town's ...

Author: David Chaffetz

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226100642

Category: History

Page: 258

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Shortly before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, David Chaffetz slipped from the protection of Western culture and immersed himself in the customs, fears, and hopes of the Afghan people, setting out by car and on horseback for a long journey through the northwestern quarter of the country. A Journey through Afghanistan is the story, told in vivid, descriptive prose, of his experience—an account that reveals more about the Afghan people themselves than most books written either before or since.
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Afghanistan The Massacre in Mazar I Sharif

Afghanistan  The Massacre in Mazar I Sharif

Many merchants in the bazaar were reportedly killed as the Taliban moved
through the streets shooting at random. In some cases the Taliban used machine
guns mounted on jeeps to fire continuously into the streets. A witness who
watched ...


Publisher: Human Rights Watch




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