Sound Art Revisited

Sound Art Revisited

The first edition of Sound Art Revisited (published as Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories) served as a groundbreaking work toward defining this emerging field, and this fully updated volume significantly expands the story to ...

Author: Alan Licht

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501333149

Category: Art

Page: 208

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The first edition of Sound Art Revisited (published as Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories) served as a groundbreaking work toward defining this emerging field, and this fully updated volume significantly expands the story to include current research since the book's initial release. Viewed through a lens of music and art histories rather than philosophical theory, it covers dozens of artists and works not found in any other book on the subject. Locating sound art's roots across the centuries from spatialized church music to the technological developments of radio, sound recording, and the telephone, the book traces the evolution of sound installations and sound sculpture, the rise of sound art exhibitions and galleries, and finally looks at the critical cross-pollination that marks some of the most important and challenging art with and about sound being produced today.
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Vision Sound Revisited

Vision Sound Revisited

Catalog highlights the work by 12 local visual artists of the period, as well as sound installations of WMUH-FM broadcasts from the era, featuring community programmersand local band recordings.

Author: Lisa Baas


ISBN: 0997853514



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An exhibition companion book in conjunction with a celebration of downtown Allentown PA's 1980s arts and culture scene, and synonymous radio airwaves revolution. This publication focuses on a vibrant period 1978-1988. Images and essays on concurrent exhibitions at Martin Art Gallery at Muhlenberg College and the Baum School of art. Catalog highlights the work by 12 local visual artists of the period, as well as sound installations of WMUH-FM broadcasts from the era, featuring community programmersand local band recordings. Essays recall live concerts, art exhibitions and various happenings including varied performance art of the era.

Reiki an Ancient Healing Art Revisited

Reiki  an Ancient Healing Art Revisited

Feel the warmth of the sun, smell the ocean's scent, and hear the sound of the
waves splashing on the shore. Let your mind and your senses immerse you in
this scene. You are safe, you are comfortable, and you are caressed and loved.

Author: Marguerite Antonio

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450284837

Category: Medical

Page: 108

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Do you want to learn more about the marvelous, magical tools our ancestors used to help maintain and heal their bodies? Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is one such tool. The practice dates back to before the time of Christ and unleashes spiritual wisdom and life force energy. It may have begun in Tibet, India, or Egypt, but it has spread throughout the world, and for good reason. Reiki harnesses life-force energy to promote deep relaxation on mental, physical, and emotional levels; assist the body in its own innate healing process; and encourage the release of disease on all levels. Reiki: An Ancient Healing Art Revisited offers information on the history and precepts of Reiki. You can use this background to learn to use spirit-guided life-force energy for healing and maintenance; become a Reiki therapist and share healing energy with friends, family, clients, and pets; and use Reiki to achieve your desires and goals. Put Reiki and its techniques to use as soon as possible. With a longtime practitioner as your guide, you can change your life with Reiki: An Ancient Healing Art Revisited.
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Loading the Silence Australian Sound Art in the Post Digital Age

Loading the Silence  Australian Sound Art in the Post Digital Age

Since the year 2003 many composers have revisited Grainger's Free Music in his
writings, plus via the recordings and actual machines he created, see Chapter 7
of the present volume for more on the events staged at the Museum. 20 Burt ...

Author: Linda Ioanna Kouvaras

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317103837

Category: Music

Page: 288

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The experimentalist phenomenon of 'noise' as constituting 'art' in much twentieth-century music (paradoxically) reached its zenith in Cage’s (’silent’ piece) 4’33 . But much post-1970s musical endeavour with an experimentalist telos, collectively known as 'sound art', has displayed a postmodern need to ’load’ modernism’s ’degree zero’. After contextualizing experimentalism from its inception in the early twentieth century, Dr Linda Kouvaras’s Loading the Silence: Australian Sound Art in the Post-Digital Age explores the ways in which selected sound art works demonstrate creatively how sound is embedded within local, national, gendered and historical environments. Taking Australian music as its primary - but not sole - focus, the book not only covers discussions of technological advancement, but also engages with aesthetic standpoints, through numerous interviews, theoretical developments, analysis and cultural milieux for a contemporary Australian, and wider postmodern, context. Developing new methodologies for synergies between musicology and cultural studies, the book uncovers a new post-postmodern aesthetic trajectory, which Kouvaras locates as developing over the past two decades - the altermodern. Australian sound art is here put firmly on the map of international debates about contemporary music, providing a standard reference and valuable resource for practitioners in the artform, music critics, scholars and educators.
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Understanding the Art of Sound Organization

Understanding the Art of Sound Organization

In this culture of convergence that exists within the realms of the art of organized
sound , some new types of fusion are ... conclusion of this section , the reason for
this subsection ' s peculiar title , sound artsonic art , needs to be revisited .

Author: Leigh Landy

Publisher: Mit Press

ISBN: UOM:39015070767648

Category: Computers

Page: 303

View: 225

This title proposes a general foundation framework for the study of the art of sound organization, defining terms, discussing relevant forms of music, categorizing works and setting sound-based music in interdisciplinary contexts.
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Art in a City Revisited

Art in a City Revisited

Luckily , Liverpool ' s thriving cultural mainstays are feeding us , from the Biennial
to artists ' talks and regeneration of cultural ... The opportunity of creating the first
Sonic Art Headquarters is tempting , a space to invite the world , experiment ...

Author: Bryan Biggs


ISBN: UOM:39015080845590

Category: Art

Page: 255

View: 157

Building on the groundbreaking book Art in a City by John Willet, which first surveyed the history of visual arts in Liverpool, this engaging follow-up explores contemporary Liverpudlian art by looking at it from alternative perspectives. Exploring and challenging the claim that Liverpool is Britain’s second city for art, Art in a City Revisited surveys key institutional players such as the Bluecoat and the Walker Gallery, as well as the Tate Liverpool, FACT, and the Liverpool Biennial. A volume with rich discussion on the nature of artistic patronage, the changing role of public art, and the social and community role of the artist—including contributions from Sean Cubitt and Mary Jane Jacob—this book is a major consideration of the role art plays in city regeneration and the future of Liverpool as a center of creative industry.
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Dramaturgy of Sound in the Avant garde and Postdramatic Theatre

Dramaturgy of Sound in the Avant garde and Postdramatic Theatre

vocal sounds of vowels and consonants in his manifesto suggested an
intensification of colour tone and thickness: I rossi, ... sound art, concrete poetry,
lettrisme, simultaneism, l-a-n-g-u-a-g-e, and verbo-vocovisual art, which together
represent a class of ... Futurist, Dadaist, and Surrealist poets revisited all these
forms in their experiments with sound that broke ground for contemporary poetry

Author: Mladen Ovadija

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773588677

Category: Drama

Page: 224

View: 267

Sound is born and dies with action. In this surprising, resourceful study, Mladen Ovadija makes a case for the centrality of sound as an integral element of contemporary theatre. He argues that sound in theatre inevitably "betrays" the dramatic text, and that sound is performance. Until recently, theatrical sound has largely been regarded as supplemental to the dramatic plot. Now, however, sound is the subject of renewed interest in theatrical discourse. Dramaturgy of sound, Ovadija argues, reads and writes a theatrical idiom based on two inseparable, intertwined strands - the gestural, corporeal power of the performer’s voice and the structural value of stage sound. His extensive research in experimental performance and his examination of the pioneering work by Futurists, Dadaists, and Expressionists enable Ovadija to create a powerful study of autonomous sound as an essential element in the creation of synesthetic theatre. Dramaturgy of Sound in the Avant-garde and Postdramatic Theatre presents a cogent argument about a continuous tradition in experimental theatre running from early modernist to contemporary works.
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Jim Pomeroy

Jim Pomeroy

... February 1985 ( L ) denotes pertormance of Listen to the Rhythm of September
1978 - SOUND / ART , BACA ' s DCC ... Technician , University of Texas
Francisco Art Institute ; September 04 - October 05 , 1991 - Visiting Artists
Revisited ...

Author: Jim Pomeroy


ISBN: STANFORD:36105118564686

Category: Installations (Art)

Page: 69

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Categories: Installations (Art)

Miami Revisited

Miami Revisited

“It sounds good to me as long as we leave early enough to get a spot on the ferry,
” John agreed. “The ferry portis supposed ... It's a working artists' colony and what
a location it has on the Dee estuary where it meets Kirkcudbright Bay. There's ...

Author: Joan Hansen

Publisher: America Star Books

ISBN: 9781634485180

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

View: 994

The exciting sequel to 100 Years in Miami, Betrayal Under the Palms explores the drama of the next decade with the stunning modern-day heiress, Kaitlin Donegon, heading the family hotel dynasty started in the early 1900’s by her great-grandfather, Miami pioneer, Aidin Donegon. Suspicions run high as it becomes clear that someone is trying to take the company away from Kaitlin. From the many suspects, could it be a family member, a lover, a company insider, a stranger or a hostile corporation planning to rob Kaitlin of her heritage and destroy the family business? Evil runs rampant in Miami in the electrifying climax which will leave the reader breathless.
Categories: Fiction

Classical Japanese Cinema Revisited

Classical Japanese Cinema Revisited

The studio environment meant that he worked with the same crew ofwriters,
actors and camera, art direction and sound personnel for film after film. Several of
his most popular films in the 1950s, including Meshi (1951) and Floating Clouds

Author: Catherine Russell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441144614

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

View: 625

Catherine Russell's highly accessible book approaches Japanese cinema as an industry closely modeled on Hollywood, focusing on the classical period - those years in which the studio system dominated all film production in Japan, from roughly 1930 to 1960. Respectful and thoroughly informed about the aesthetics and critical values of the Japanese canon, Russell is also critical of some of its ideological tendencies, and her analyses provide new insights on class and gender dynamics. Russell locates Japanese cinema within a global system of reception, and she highlights the importance of the industrial production context of these films. Including studies of landmark films by Ozu, Kurosawa and other directors, this book provides a perfect introduction to a crucial and often misunderstood area of Japanese cultural output. With a critical approach that highlights the "everydayness" of Japanese studio-era cinema, Catherine Russell demystifies the canon of great Japanese cinema, treating it with fewer auteurist and Orientalist assumptions than many other scholars and critics.
Categories: Performing Arts

Irish Scene and Sound

Irish Scene and Sound

Epilogue : Ethnic and Tourist Art Revisited ' , in Unpacking Culture : Art and
Commodity in Colonial and Postcolonial Worlds , edited by Ruth B . Phillips and
Christopher B . Steiner . Berkeley , CA : University of California Press . Graham ,
Bill .

Author: Virva Basegmez

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell International

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114761898

Category: Music

Page: 347

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Categories: Music

Kazan Revisited

Kazan Revisited

Art. Film”. Baby. Doll. and. After. I. n the thirties it was a common view in the
Group Theatre in New York that “going ... on East of Eden (1955): “Do I sound like
Hollywood has gotten to “Independence” and the “Art Film” Baby Doll and After.

Author: Lisa Dombrowski

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819570857

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 244

View: 794

A groundbreaking filmmaker dogged by controversy in both his personal life and career, Elia Kazan was one of the most important directors of postwar American cinema. In landmark motion pictures such as A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, East of Eden, and Splendor in the Grass, Kazan crafted an emotionally raw form of psychological realism. His reputation has rested on his Academy award-winning work with actors, his provocative portrayal of sexual, moral, and generational conflict, and his unpopular decision to name former colleagues as Communists before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1952. But much of Kazan’s influential cinematic legacy remains unexamined. Arriving in the wake of his centenary, Kazan Revisited engages and moves beyond existing debates regarding Kazan’s contributions to film, tackling the social, political, industrial, and aesthetic significance of his work from a range of critical perspectives. Featuring essays by established film critics and scholars such as Richard Schickel (Time), Victor Navasky (The Nation), Mark Harris (Entertainment Weekly), Kent Jones (Film Comment), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Essential Cinema, 2004), Jeanine Basinger (The Star Machine, 2007), and Leo Braudy (On the Waterfront, 2008), this book is a must for diehard cinephiles and those new to Kazan alike. Contributors include: JEANINE BASINGER, LEO BRAUDY, LISA DOMBROWSKI, HADEN GUEST, MARK HARRIS, KENT JONES, PATRICK KEATING, SAVANNAH LEE, BRENDA MURPHY, VICTOR NAVASKY, BRIAN NEVE, JONATHAN ROSENBAUM, RICHARD SCHICKEL, ANDREW TRACY, and SAM WASSON.
Categories: Performing Arts

Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61 Revisited

Art. of. Bob. Dylan's. Ventriloquism. Michael Cherlin and Sumanth Gopinath That
Bob Dylan has many voices will be an idea familiar to all readers who have ...
enacts shifts in poetic imagery, and highlights sonic associations among words.

Author: Colleen Josephine Sheehy

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816660995

Category: Music

Page: 278

View: 784

The young man from Hibbing released Highway 61 Revisited in 1965, and the rest, as they say, is history. Or is it? From his roots in Hibbing, to his rise as a cultural icon in New York, to his prominence on the worldwide stage, Colleen J. Sheehy and Thomas Swiss bring together the most eminent Dylan scholars at work today--as well as people from such farreaching fields as labor history, African American studies, and Japanese studies--to assess Dylan's career, influences, and his global impact on music and culture.
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Once Upon a Picture

Once Upon a Picture

Looks at the art of Renoir, Klee, Van Gogh, and Rousseau and imagines what the characters want to do in the painting, why they behave in a specific way, or why the landscaping is presented in a particular fashion.

Author: Sally Swain

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1741751063

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Looks at the art of Renoir, Klee, Van Gogh, and Rousseau and imagines what the characters want to do in the painting, why they behave in a specific way, or why the landscaping is presented in a particular fashion.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction



1 King for a day piece . 2 Wear a hat with a silver lining piece , 3 Fools rush in
and make the new art . ... 18 Tucker revisited work , 19 A fresh look at Henry
Moore ( piece ) . ... 22 Face piece ( smiling laughing simultaneously ) sound . 23
Multi ...

Author: Catherine Moseley

Publisher: Norwich Gallery, Norwich School of Art and Design; Article Press

ISBN: PSU:000053607553

Category: Art, British

Page: 168

View: 935

Categories: Art, British



4 Art is a many splendoured thing piece . 5 McLean and ... 18 Tucker revisited
work . 19 A fresh look at Henry Moore ( piece ) . 20 Impression work . 21 Face
piece ( smiling ) . 22 Face piece ( smiling laughing simultaneously ) sound . 23
Multi ...



ISBN: UCAL:$B203589

Category: Art


View: 707

Categories: Art

No Wave

No Wave

The Year in Sound Art By Anne Hilde Neset collective represented by London's
Lisson gallery . ... sound Major institutions revisited the 60s and 70s music vinyl "
for as much as you'd like to pay " , with the sculpture , rock or composition .

Author: Marc Masters

Publisher: Black Dog Pub Limited

ISBN: 190615502X

Category: Music

Page: 205

View: 744

No Wave traces the history of this influential genre from its most famous names down to its many offshoots and sidetracks. From early pioneers like Suicide and Glenn Branca, to forgotten treasures like Red Transistor and Bush Tetras, No Wave charts all the cracks and crevices of a surprisingly diverse movement. Flashing through the New York underground in the late 1970s, No Wave was the ultimate anti-movement. Its bands consisted of artists and poets untrained in music, looking to explode rock and disappear before the smoke cleared. The primary perpetrators - Lydia Lunch's howling Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, James Chance's skeletal Contortions, the dark-noise groups Mars and DNA - all drew on primitivism, performance art, and the avant-garde. They were best known for short songs and even shorter life-spans. The book also delves into No Wave cinema, a vibrant underground scene where figures like Jim Jarmusch, Nick Zedd, and Steve Buscemi first cut their teeth. Illustrated with concert photos, record covers, and other ephemera of the times, and filled with quotes from those who were there, No Wave is the definitive guide to a genre whose sounds and ideas still vibrate through alternative culture today. 220 colour & b/w photographs
Categories: Music

Noise Music

Noise Music

Nauman revisited his video oeuvre for Raw Materials , in London ' s Tate Modern
. The long turbine hall was lined with speakers ... Unfortunately , it illustrates the
limitations sound art often encounters . Nauman took the audio tracks from his ...

Author: Paul Hegarty

Publisher: Continuum

ISBN: 0826417272

Category: Music

Page: 232

View: 479

Noise/Music looks at the phenomenon of noise in music, from experimental music of the early 20th century to the Japanese noise music and glitch electronica of today. It situates different musics in their cultural and historical context, and analyses them in terms of cultural aesthetics. Paul Hegarty argues that noise is a judgement about sound, that what was noise can become acceptable as music, and that in many ways the idea of noise is similar to the idea of the avant-garde. While it provides an excellent historical overview, the book's main concern is in the noise music that has emerged since the mid 1970s, whether through industrial music, punk, free jazz, or the purer noise of someone like Merzbow. The book progresses seamlessly from discussions of John Cage, Erik Satie, and Pauline Oliveros through to bands like Throbbing Gristle and the Boredoms. Sharp and erudite, and underpinned throughout by the ideas of thinkers like Adorno and Deleuze, Noise/Music is the perfect primer for anyone interested in the louder side of experimental music.
Categories: Music

Three Dialogues Revisited

Three Dialogues Revisited

The piece argues that Beckett's comments on art may be understood in terms of
the " temporality of modernism , in its ... To which B. replies : “ No more ingenious
method could be devised for restoring him , safe and sound , to the bosom of ...

Author: Marius Buning

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042008083

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 278

View: 956

Categories: Literary Criticism

Venice Revisited

Venice Revisited

Both informed companions and exquisite mementoes, these are ideal books for the discerning traveler.

Author: Sandra Harris

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 1862055025

Category: Travel

Page: 288

View: 835

Among the contents: Bridges to Sigh Over, Behind the Façades, and Crumbling Magnificence; Savoring the Superlative in Art and Performing Arts; Famous Labels and Secret Ateliers; The Art of Venetian Glass; Of Markets and Manners, Classic Restaurants, Exciting Local Discoveries, and Sweet Temptations; Carnevale and Festival Time; The Legendary Cocktail Hour, The Sound of Music, and The Intimacy of Silence.
Categories: Travel