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I — so dark , so low , “ How should he think of me ? " I said . so foolish ! Then he
turned suddenly round . He - day , 18 _ Is not this wrong ? seemed to see me for
the first time . Have I allowed myself to think of him He looked so surprised , so ...



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Peter Singer Under Fire

Peter Singer Under Fire

Many people who accept abortion see it as permissible regardless of whether the
fetus is defective. With a defective fetus, on their view, ... both are permissible or
both are wrong. Singer thinks both are permissible; I think both are wrong.18 ...

Author: Jeffrey A. Schaler

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 9780812697698

Category: Philosophy

Page: 640

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One of the leading ethical thinkers of the modern age, Peter Singer has repeatedly been embroiled in controversy. Protesters in Germany closed down his lectures, mistakenly thinking he was advocating Nazi views on eugenics. Conservative publisher Steve Forbes withdrew generous donations to Princeton after Singer was appointed professor of bioethics. His belief that infanticide is sometimes morally justified has appalled people from all walks of life. Peter Singer Under Fire gives a platform to his critics on many contentious issues. Leaders of the disability rights group Not Dead Yet attack Singer’s views on disability and euthanasia. Economists criticize the effectiveness of his ideas for solving global poverty. Philosophers expose problems in Singer’s theory of utilitarianism and ethicists refute his position on abortion. Singer’s engaging “Intellectual Autobiography” explains how he came by his controversial views, while detailed replies to each critic reveal further surprising aspects of his unique outlook.
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Creation Evolution

Creation   Evolution

Instead of being able to get excited, thinking that maybe, just maybe, they are
willing to rethink things and admit that ... he didn't think so, stating, “That's part of
getting science out to the public to get at- tention. I don't think that's so wrong.”18

Author: Jay Seegert

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781614584216

Category: Religion

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This is a controversy that goes beyond mere facts discover what makes the difference! Is there real evidence for either side in this controversy? Why does the past or the issue of origins matter if you are a Christian? Creation, evolution, intelligent design, theistic evolution — are these views compatible? Do the questions of creation, evolution, and the Bible seem to be too complicated and confusing? Do you want to know more about why the issue remains one for the Church today, yet don’t want to end up reading mind-numbing details? Whatever your stance on this issue, you will find Creation & Evolution to be both interesting and easy to understand. Presenting the best information on both sides of the debate, the book takes you on a fascinating discovery of the issues and their relevance to your faith. With an engaging style, diverse points, and numerous quotes of interest, the book is a fast-track guide to understanding why God is found in the details of this critical debate.
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The Works of Samuel Hopkins D D

The Works of Samuel Hopkins  D D

I presume what is meant, is what President Edwards meant, by loving that
happiness which consists in such gratifications ... Dr. Hopkins seems to mean by
self-love, a supreme regard to them. No doubt the lowest degree of this is wrong.
" 18.

Author: Samuel Hopkins


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Category: Congregational churches


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Categories: Congregational churches

Memoir of the Life and Character of Samuel Hopkins D D

Memoir of the Life and Character of Samuel Hopkins  D  D

I presume what is meant , is what President Edwards meant , by loving that
happiness which consists in such ... No doubt the lowest degree of this is wrong .
18 . Dr . Hopkins seems to represent , that faith not only implies love to God ...

Author: Edwards Amasa Park


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Category: Clergy

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Emanuel Multistate Review

Emanuel Multistate Review

(B) is wrong because FRE 803(18), the learned treatise exception, allows
statements from a treatise to be read into evidence where the treatise is “called to
the attention of an expert witness” and is found to be reliable by the court. The
rule ...


Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 9780735577459

Category: Bar examinations


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Categories: Bar examinations

Law and Religion

Law and Religion

The other is that the government's authority is so extensive that even if people did
consent, it is hard to see how their ... I mean that he has preemptive authority—I
let him decide even in cases where I think he is wrong.18 Raz calls this the ...

Author: Stephen M. Feldman

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 081472678X

Category: Law

Page: 483

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Following landmark trade agreements between Japan and the United States in the 1850s, Tokyo began importing a unique American commodity: Western social activism. As Japan sought to secure its future as a commercial power and American women pursued avenues of political expression, Protestant church-women and, later, members of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) traveled to the Asian coast to promote Christian teachings and women's social activism. Rumi Yasutake reveals in Transnational Women's Activism that the resulting American, Japanese, and first generation Japanese-American women's movements came to affect more than alcohol or even religion. While the WCTU employed the language of evangelism and Victorian family values, its members were tactfully expedient in accommodating their traditional causes to suffrage and other feminist goals, in addition to the various political currents flowing through Japan and the United States at the turn of the nineteenth century. Exploring such issues as gender struggles in the American Protestant church and bourgeois Japanese women's attitudes towards the "pleasure class" of geishas and prostitutes, Yasutake illuminates the motivations and experiences of American missionaries, U.S. WCTU workers, and their Japanese protégés. The diverse machinations of WCTU activism offer a compelling lesson in the complexities of cultural imperialism.
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Utah BLM Statewide Wilderness Environmental Impact Statement Final pts A C Public comments

Utah BLM Statewide Wilderness Environmental Impact Statement   Final  pts  A C  Public comments

2 ) 18 . 3 Additional analysis of the effects of wilderness on grazing of in - held
State lands is needed . ( p . 3 ) c . ... 18 . 7 The location of sheep grazing reported
in the EIS is wrong . ( p . 4 ) 18 . 8 There are editorial errors in the livestock
grazing ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Land Management. Utah State Office


ISBN: UOM:39015019867335

Category: Conservation of natural resources


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Categories: Conservation of natural resources

HC 629 Police the Media and High Profile Criminal Investigations

HC 629   Police  the Media  and High Profile Criminal Investigations

... is put to a force) when there is no operational need to do so is wrong. 18. The
conversations between Dan Johnson and South Yorkshire Police led eventually
to high-profile television coverage of allegations against a well-known public ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Home Affairs Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780215078445

Category: Criminal investigation

Page: 18

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This report considers the events surrounding the police raid on 14 August of the home of Sir Cliff Richard OBE in Berkshire, and the circumstances under which the BBC came to have advance information about the raid. It concludes that South Yorkshire Police's handling of this situation was inept. The naming of suspects (or the confirming of a name when it is put to a force) when there is no operational need to do so is wrong. South Yorkshire Police should not have tried to cut a deal with the journalist, but rather approached senior BBC executives to explain the damage that such premature disclosure could do to the investigation. The BBC's Director General, Lord Hall, confirmed to the Committee that the BBC would act on such requests from Chief Constables. In the absence of any such approach from South Yorkshire, the BBC was well within its rights to run the story, although as a result Sir Cliff himself has suffered enormous, irreparable damage to his reputation. It appears that the BBC reporter clearly identified the source of his leak as Operation Yewtree. It is unfortunate therefore that South Yorkshire Police did not notify the Metropolitan Police so that the source of the Yewtree leak could be investigated.
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