Scenes of Singapore

Scenes of Singapore

See Singapore in a new light! This vibrant volume of watercolors offers readers a tour through the country's iconic buildings, neighborhoods and scenes.

Author: Foo Kwee Horng

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International

ISBN: 9814408360

Category: Art

Page: 95

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See Singapore in a new light! This vibrant volume of watercolors offers readers a tour through the country's iconic buildings, neighborhoods and scenes. With loving detail, local artist Foo Kwee Horng paints a veritable A-to-Z gallery of Singapore, from the ArtScience Museum, Botanic Gardens and Raffles Hotel to traditional shophouses, five-foot-ways, churches, mosques and the Singapore Zoo. Following on the success of Images of Singapore's photographic collection, this new book of watercolors – presented in the same handy format – promises to offer visitors an ideal souvenir of their trip to Singapore or a beautiful gift for those back at home.
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Asianism and the Politics of Regional Consciousness in Singapore

Asianism and the Politics of Regional Consciousness in Singapore

of the pilot episode of a recent Mandarin serial, C.L.I.F., which was screened on
Channel 8, one of Singapore's two ... Immediately after the title sequence,
viewers are shown several scenes of the Marina Bay and Orchard Road
precincts ...

Author: Leong Yew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136752681

Category: Social Science

Page: 246

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Over the last two decades, Singapore has undergone a substantial degree of ‘Asianization’. Apart from participating in the Asian values debate of the 1990s, re-visioning itself as ‘New Asia’ and a global-Asian hub, and establishing Asian identities for the commodities it consumes and produces, Singapore has also repurposed its modernity, cultures, and ethos along similar regionalist precepts. However, even in recent times, Singapore continues to vacillate ambivalently between identifying with and differentiating itself from Asia. Responding to the challenges Singapore faces in coming to terms with its Asian identity, this book examines the complex cultural, social, and political underpinnings that have shaped Singapore’s mainstream discourse on Asia. Indeed, it argues that its legacy as a colonial port city, the exigencies of managing the post-independence nation state, and the larger forces of imperialism and capitalism all contribute to its politics of Asianism. Taking a thoroughly interdisciplinary approach that spans history, cultural studies, postcolonialism, and cultural geography, Leong Yew reveals how Asia has been used to narrate Singapore’s beginnings, revalidate Singaporean ethnic culture and to consolidate its practices of consumption and commodification. This book will be welcomed by students and scholars working across a range of fields, including Asian culture and society, Asian politics, cultural theory and postcolonial studies.
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Singapore Cinema

Singapore Cinema

public displays of affection forms a third of the film, which consequentially
received a M18 (“above 18”) rating by the Board of Film Censors in Singapore.
These scenes of samesex interactions are critically significant not because of
what the ...

Author: Kai Khiun Liew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317407478

Category: Social Science

Page: 194

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This book outlines and discusses the very wide range of cinema which is to be found in Singapore. Although Singapore cinema is a relatively small industry, and relatively new, it has nevertheless made an impact, and continues to develop in interesting ways. The book shows that although Singapore cinema is often seen as part of diasporic Chinese cinema, it is in fact much more than this, with strong connections to Malay cinema and the cinemas of other Southeast Asian nations. Moreover, the themes and subjects covered by Singapore cinema are very wide, ranging from conformity to the regime and Singapore’s national outlook, with undesirable subjects overlooked or erased, to the sympathetic depiction of minorities and an outlook which is at odds with the official outlook. The book will be useful to readers coming new to the subject and wanting a concise overview, while at the same time the book puts forward many new research findings and much new thinking.
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Crime Scene Singapore

Crime Scene  Singapore

The Best of Singapore Crime Fiction Stephen Leather. him the cacophony of love
, stirring him in a totally new way. Since that day, he had made it a point to pass
through the playground and linger around it to take a good look at her on one ...

Author: Stephen Leather

Publisher: Monsoon Books

ISBN: 9789814358590

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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The first ever multi-author anthology of crime fiction set in Singapore. Featuring stories from veteran UK crime writer Stephen Leather, Singapore Literature Prize winner Ng Yi-Sheng, and popular Singapore-based authors Richard Lord, Chris Mooney-Singh, Dawn Farnham, Lee Ee Leen, Pranav Joshi, Zafar Anjum, and Carolyn Camoens.
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Singapore Literature and Culture

Singapore Literature and Culture

... networks such as publishers, scenes of writing, and audiences.” He provides
an historical account of the evolution of the short story in Singapore, noting, for
example, the popularity of national short story competitions in the 1970s and
1980s, ...

Author: Angelia Mui Cheng Poon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315307732

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 302

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Since the nation-state sprang into being in 1965, Singapore literature in English has blossomed energetically, and yet there have been few books focusing on contextualizing and analyzing Singapore literature despite the increasing international attention garnered by Singaporean writers. This volume brings Anglophone Singapore literature to a wider global audience for the first time, embedding it more closely within literary developments worldwide. Drawing upon postcolonial studies, Singapore studies, and critical discussions in transnationalism and globalization, essays unearth and introduce neglected writers, cast new light on established writers, and examine texts in relation to their specific Singaporean local-historical contexts while also engaging with contemporary issues in Singapore society. Singaporean writers are producing work informed by debates and trends in queer studies, feminism, multiculturalism and social justice -- work which urgently calls for scholarly engagement. This groundbreaking collection of essays aims to set new directions for further scholarship in this exciting and various body of writing from a place that, despite being just a small ‘red dot’ on the global map, has much to say to scholars and students worldwide interested in issues of nationalism, diaspora, cosmopolitanism, neoliberalism, immigration, urban space, as well as literary form and content. This book brings Singapore literature and literary criticism into greater global legibility and charts pathways for future developments.
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Queer Singapore

Queer Singapore

The film ends with a symbolic scene where the mother wanders through the
dilapidated void decks of Singapore's government-run apartment complexes to
meet Boy playing his violin. The two stand at opposite ends of the widescreen
frame ...

Author: Audrey Yue

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9789888139330

Category: Social Science

Page: 268

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Singapore remains one of the few countries in Asia that has yet to decriminalize homosexuality. Yet it has also been hailed by many as one of the emerging gay capitals of Asia. This book accounts for the rise of mediated queer cultures in Singapore's current milieu of illiberal citizenship. This collection analyses how contemporary queer Singapore has emerged against a contradictory backdrop of sexual repression and cultural liberalisation. Using the innovative framework of illiberal pragmatism, established and emergent local scholars and activists provide expansive coverage of the impact of homosexuality on Singapore's media cultures and political economy, including law, religion, the military, literature, theatre, photography, cinema, social media and queer commerce. It shows how new LGBT subjectivities have been fashioned through the governance of illiberal pragmatism, how pragmatism is appropriated as a form of social and critical democratic action, and how cultural citizenship is forged through a logic of queer complicity that complicates the flows of oppositional resistance and grassroots appropriation.
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Arts Cultural Media Scenes in Singapore

Arts  Cultural   Media Scenes in Singapore

The NHB now functions everyday life scenes . as a statutory board under MITA .
Its objectives include the promotion of Recognising Singapore's historical links
public awareness of the arts , culture with the rest of Asia , the SHM and heritage
of ...


Publisher: Ministry of Information and Arts

ISBN: UOM:39015022882271

Category: Arts

Page: 122

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American Association of Singapore 50th Anniversary

American Association of Singapore  50th Anniversary

Singapore history rightly recalls that this shrewd trading feature of North
Americans brought with it such wide scale ... the Esplanade , South Bridge Road
over the Alton Bridge will catch industrial and interesting scenes of the Singapore
river ' s ...

Author: American Association of Singapore


ISBN: UOM:39015015487898

Category: Americans

Page: 420

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Chua Ek Kay

Chua Ek Kay

Singapore Street Scenes, Evoking Memories Joanna Lee. number . In an
inspired moment of haste , he brushed six dashes of ink wash on four large
sheets of paper and the Song of Cicada was completed . The image came to him
from a ...

Author: Joanna Lee

Publisher: Editions Didier Millet

ISBN: UOM:39015067727290

Category: Art

Page: 96

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Ideas, advice, and how-to for one of the hottest wedding styles A barn is a magical place for a wedding. Steeped in history and evoking the simplicity of a place that time has forgotten, the classic American barn has been an irresistible subject for artists, poets, and city folk alike. In Barn Weddings, Maggie Lord offers ideas and advice on how to create a barn wedding, including information on the different styles and decor as well as tips from the pros for making the day a special one to remember. Part indoor, part outdoor, but all beauty, history and romance, barn weddings are as practical as they are rife with opportunity for charm and creativity. Maggie Lord, a self-confessed wedding junkie since the age of thirteen, loves the romance and beauty of weddings. Passionate about rustic style and eager to share her discoveries and ideas while planning her own wedding, she started, which serves as a daily muse for brides, couples and wedding enthusiasts, offering an online venue for idea gathering and inspiration. Lord lives in Connecticut with her husband, Jon, and their young son, Jack.
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Guide to the Sources of History in Singapore

Guide to the Sources of History in Singapore

Finding Aids : Card catalogue : B Access VII Photograph collection of old
Singapore and Malaysia 19th & 20th century Photoprints black / white 4 vols The
photographs are filed in folders under the headings Buildings and Scenes of
Singapore ...

Author: National Archives (Singapore)


ISBN: UCBK:C042931791

Category: Singapore


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The Development of Singapore s Modern Media Industry

The Development of Singapore s Modern Media Industry

SBC has pushed its boundaries further by introducing kissing , bed scenes and
rape scenes . It has even experimented with ... scene . New story - lines , plots ,
special effects and 86 The Development of Singapore ' s Modern Media Industry.

Author: Yew Soon Tan

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International

ISBN: UOM:39015032655030

Category: Political Science

Page: 263

View: 711

The Development of Singapore's Modern Media Industry provides a comprehensive account of the major media industries and related institutions in Singapore. The five major component of Singapore's mass media are analysed: the Press, television and radio broadcasting, film and cinema, advertising and public relations. A chronological perspective of each media is given and future directions are considered. The impact of policies and regulations governing Singapore's media and the socio-economic factors which have moulded them into what they are today are also discussed. Written primarily for media students, this book will help readers to understand the complex world of modern media. This book aims to meet the increasing demands for information on the mass media scene as Singapore strives to build up a pool of communication experts for its growing mass media industry. Presented in a straightforward manner, this textbook will serve as a vital reference for both media practitioners and mass communication students.
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A Visit to Java With an Account of the Founding of Singapore

A Visit to Java With an Account of the Founding of Singapore

It is found thatthis lower terrace is decorated with sculptures representing
ordinary mundanescenes, the worldbeing ... Inthe first gallery (Leemans' second),
the basreliefs represent acontinuous selection of scenes fromthe historical life of

Author: William Basil Worsfold

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465555885

Category: JAVA

Page: 283

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Forgotten Armies

Forgotten Armies

In his interrogation he described the people of Singapore as the 'Modern
Pompeiians'. As for the scenes of debauchery of the end, Kabouky reflected: 'he
did not blame them on the military, as on the Singapore tradition.

Author: Christopher Bayly

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141927190

Category: History

Page: 592

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The vast crescent of British-ruled territories from India down to Singapore appeared in the early stages of the Second World War a massive asset in the war with Germany, providing huge quantities of soldiers and raw materials and key part of an impregnable global network denied to the Nazis. Within a few weeks in 1941-2 a Japanese invasion had destroyed all this, almost effortlessly taking the 'impregnable fortress' of Singapore with its 80,000 strong garrison, and sweeping through South and Southeast Asia to the frontier of India itself. This revolutionary, absolutely gripping book brings to life the entire experience of South and Southeast Asia in this extraordinary period, telling the story from an Indian, Burmese, Chinese or Malay perspective as much as from that of the British or Japanese. Effectively it is the story of the birth of modern South and Southeast Asia and the hopes and fears of the dozens of 'forgotten armies' marching through the jungle battlefields, so many dying for causes swept away by the reality that emerged in 1945. Even as the British successfully fought back in the bloodiest battles in South and Southeast Asia's history, there was no going back to colonial rule.
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Singapore Through 19th Century Prints Paintings

Singapore Through 19th Century Prints   Paintings

Scenes of everyday life in the 1860s , published in a German literary magazine
Das Buch für Alle ( The Book for All ) , showing clockwise from the top : " The
Shores and Harbour of Singapore " , " Chinese Street Dweller ” , “ At a Pepper ...

Author: Hong Suen Wong

Publisher: Editions Didier Millet

ISBN: UCBK:C100391355

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 680

Featuring an unmatched collection of topographic prints and glorious full-colour paintings this delightful volume takes readers on an intimate and revealing tour of Singapore through its first century of being. Often published diversely in Europe and America in the accounts of scientific voyages, travel books, and in bound folios, these works portray the experiences of 19th century travellers, reflecting their impressions, prejudices, and insights of life in the new colony. Distinguished by exceptional detail, Singapore Through 19th Century Prints & Paintings is an intriguing and insightful visual record of Singapore¿s past.
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Medical Students During the Japanese Invasion of Singapore 1941 1942

Medical Students During the Japanese Invasion of Singapore  1941 1942

This was the murderous scene in a British Military Hospital taking place about 24
hours before the mass killing of medical students . These were the last scenes of
human disaster in Singapore 48 hours before the surrender ceremony took ...

Author: Abdul Wahab


ISBN: WISC:89015115868

Category: Medical colleges

Page: 251

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Poetry and Pictures

Poetry and Pictures

Author: Florence Veronica Minjoot


ISBN: 9811190836

Category: Singapore

Page: 196

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Singapore Noir

Singapore Noir

For many years, he'd been a geomancer specializing in scenes of crime. He had
masterfully cornered the niche, aided by the fact that no one else wanted it.
Which was not surprising. His competitors had conditioned themselves for years
to ...

Author: Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 9781617752810

Category: Fiction

Page: 242

View: 230

The dark side of The Lion City is explored in a thrilling anthology that gives “plenty of new and unfamiliar voices a chance to shine” (San Francisco Book Review). The island city-state of Singapore harbors unique customs and traditions largely unknown to the West. A booming economy and embrace of conformity overshadow its gambling dens, red-light districts, and a collective passion for ghostly and gory tales. Now, in Singapore Noir, some of its best contemporary authors delve into its seedy side, including three winners of the Singapore Literature Prize: Simon Tay (writing as Donald Tee Quee Ho), Colin Cheong, and Suchen Christine Lim, whose contribution was named a finalist for the Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Award for Best P.I. Short Story. Eleven more tales showcase the talents of Colin Goh, Philip Jeyaretnam, Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, Monica Bhide, S.J. Rozan, Lawrence Osborne, Ovidia Yu, Damon Chua, Johann S. Lee, Dave Chua, and Nury Vittachi. “Singapore, with its great wealth and great poverty existing amid ethnic, linguistic, and cultural tensions, offers fertile ground for bleak fiction . . . Tan has assembled a strong lineup of Singapore natives and knowledgeable visitors for this volume exploring the dark side of a fascinating country.” —Publishers Weekly
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Singapore Travel Guide 2016 edition

Singapore Travel Guide  2016 edition

The Adventure Cove Waterpark features 6 water slides, including a
hydromagnetic coaster. There is also a 620metre river, which has 14 themed
scenes of tropical jungles, grottoes, a surround aquarium and more. It is open
10AM – 6PM daily.

Author: Morris Tan

Publisher: Wizio Publishing


Category: Travel

Page: 225

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Singapore is a young and vibrant city located strategically in the heart of South East Asia. It is a popular tourist destination, attracting a wide variety of visitors from high-powered business executives to budget-conscious backpackers. This book provides a comprehensive guide for travelers to Singapore, regardless of budget. Full of in-depth and up-to-date information on local customs, sightseeing tips, food, accommodation and transportation, it guides you straight to the very best Singapore has to offer. This ebook edition is created and designed specially for Google Play. It provides: - essential information on all the popular attractions, such as opening hours, ticket prices, phone numbers, etc., to help you plan your itinerary - transportation tips showing you the most convenient way to get to your destination - offline colour maps with popular attractions clearly marked, so you don't lost your way - information and reviews of accommodation choices for all budgets, so you can make an informed decision on your hotel bookings - detailed write-up on all the delicious local delicacies and where to find them - expert advice from locals so you don't miss the hidden gems This book is an indispensable guide and perfect companion for visitors from around the globe. Get this book now and have a wonderful trip to Singapore!
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