Primal Wisdom of the Ancients

Primal Wisdom of the Ancients

Examines how the similarities of symbols and wisdom across many cultures point to an ancient civilizing plan and system of ancient instruction • Reveals the shared cosmological knowledge of Dogon and Maori cultures, ancient Egypt, Gobekli ...

Author: Laird Scranton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781644110294

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

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Examines how the similarities of symbols and wisdom across many cultures point to an ancient civilizing plan and system of ancient instruction • Reveals the shared cosmological knowledge of Dogon and Maori cultures, ancient Egypt, Gobekli Tepe, Vedic India, the pre-Indian Sakti civilization, Buddhism, the Tibetan Bon religion, and the kabbalistic tradition of the Hebrews • Explores symbols and techniques used to frame and preserve instructed knowledge as it was transmitted orally from generation to generation • Explains how this shared ancient knowledge relates to the precessional year and the cycles of time known as the yugas Exploring the mystery of why so many ancient cultures, separated by time and distance, share remarkably similar cosmological philosophies and religious symbolism, Laird Scranton reveals how this shared creation tradition upholds the idea that ancient instruction gave birth to the great civilizations, each of which preserves fragments of the original knowledge. Looking at the many manifestations of this shared cosmological knowledge, including in the Dogon and Maori cultures and in ancient Egypt, Gobekli Tepe, Vedic India, Buddhism, the Tibetan Bon religion, and the kabbalistic tradition of the Hebrews, Scranton explores the thought processes that went into formulating the archetype themes and metaphors of the ancient symbolic system. He examines how commonly shared principles of creational science are reflected in key terms of the ancient languages. He discusses how the primal cosmology also transmitted key components of sacred science, such as sacred geometry, knowledge of material creation, and the nature of a nonmaterial universe--evidence for which lies in the orientation of ancient temples, the drama of initiations and rituals, and countless traditional myths. He analyzes how this shared knowledge relates to the precessional year and the cycles of time known as the yugas. He also explores evidence of the concept of a nonmaterial twin universe to our own--the “above” to our “below” in the famous alchemical and hermetic maxim. Through his extensive research into the interconnected wisdom of the ancients, Scranton shows that the forgotten instructional tradition at the source of this knowledge was deliberately encoded to survive for countless generations. By piecing it back together, we can discover the ancient plan for guiding humanity forward toward greater enlightenment.
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Despite not being initiated, the Emperor Constantine was well aware of the
existence of an ancient wisdom, when in ... is associated with the institutions
engendered by this primal wisdom, although we have buried it beneath the social
order of ...


Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 9781855844209

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‘If one is unable to conceive of the Christ mystery as a true reality, one also cannot develop any ideas and concepts relating to the rest of world existence that are imbued with reality, which really penetrate to the truth’. – Rudolf Steiner In a series of 17 lectures, Rudolf Steiner throws new light on the historical background and esoteric meaning of what he refers to as the central event of human and earthly history: the Christ mystery or ‘the Mystery of Golgotha’. Basing his commentaries on personal spiritual research, Steiner emphasizes the key nature of the Mystery of Golgotha, through which ‘...something was accomplished which has to do not with the moral order alone but with the whole world-order in its entirety’. This relates to a transformation of the spiritual environment of the earth and a potentially radical change in human consciousness. Building on the core themes of this course, Steiner presents a variety of fascinating topics, including: original sin and the idea of resurrection; faith and knowledge; the nature of sleep and the riddle of fatigue; the violation of the mysteries by the Roman Emperors; the teachings of Mani and Augustine; our relationship to the dead in spiritualistic séances; and the correspondence between the Platonic year, a day in a person’s life and a human life-time. Although first delivered to audiences a century ago, these lectures have lost none of their resonance; indeed, their essential message is perhaps more relevant than ever. They are published here in a new translation and for the first time in a complete English edition. ‘So let us endeavour to make spiritual science our own not merely as a teaching but as a language, and then wait until we find the questions in this language that we may address to Christ. He will answer, yes He will answer!’
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Communicating Anthroposophy

Communicating Anthroposophy

Fundamentally, it all leads back to ancient, primal wisdom and the customs
associated with it. Just take for example the kind of totally decadent spiritual life
that we have in Europe: Catholicism, on the one hand, and on the other, the
incredibly ...

Author: Rudolf Steiner


ISBN: 9781621480457

Category: Philosophy

Page: 330

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12 lectures and a question-and-answer session, Stuttgart, Jan. 1–2, and Feb. 12–17, 1921 (CW 338) From time to time, reading Rudolf Steiner’s Collected Works, one encounters a previously unknown set of lectures that seems to promise no more than a rather specialized content, of interest primarily to those concerned with its apparent theme—here a preparatory course for those about to embark on a speaking tour to promote the “threefolding” of society. Then one discovers various subthemes that unexpectedly spark new insights, not only into Anthroposophy, but also into Steiner himself, who suddenly appears in a new light. In such cases, we may encounter a passage or lecture that illuminates, challenges, and ultimately transforms what we think we know, and our perspective changes. Our habitual understanding falls away, and we grasp that what we are reading is not information or description; it is a call to act in a new way. Thereby, we are no longer simply readers, but also participants in the adventure of Anthroposophy. Here are two lectures given in Stuttgart, January 1921, at the request of, and to, anthroposophists from Breslau in Upper Silesia, who had written for guidance in a last-ditch attempt to interject threefold ideas into the political discussions surrounding the upcoming referendum to determine whether Upper Silesia would remain part of Germany or revert to Poland. Ten lectures were given about a month later, aimed to prepare speakers to travel around Germany to promote the idea of threefolding. Knowing that their task would not be easy, that it would be risky and even dangerous, Steiner paints the “big picture”—the “deep ground”—from which they were called to make their case. Reading these lectures, we come to realize that everything Steiner enjoins, and the way he does so, applies to a much greater field than what he is explicitly addressing. The participants—who would be going out to speak—were doing so as representatives of Anthroposophy. When they speak of threefolding, it would be as only one manifestation of what living Anthroposophy can be. As such, they must themselves become living manifestations of Anthroposophy. From this point of view, this course could also be called “How to Be an Anthroposophist.” This volume is a translation from German of Wie wirkt man für den Impuls der Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus? (GA 338). Cover image and frontispiece: Rudolf Steiner lecturing in the carpentry workshop, c. 1915 in Dornach, Switzerland. Photo by Max Benzinger; © Verlag am Goetheanum.
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The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom recounts the history of these “Serpents”-where they came from, why they came, the secret wisdom they disseminated, and why they are returning now.

Author: Mark Amaru Pinkham

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9781935487371

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

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According to ancient records, the patriarchs and founders of the early civilizations in Egypt, India, China, Peru, Mesopotamia, Britain, and the Americas were colonized by the Serpents of Wisdom-spiritual masters associated with the serpent-who arrived in these lands after abandoning their beloved homelands and crossing great seas. While bearing names denoting snake or dragon (such as Naga, Lung, Djedhi, Amaru, Quetzalcoatl, Adder, etc.), these Serpents of Wisdom oversaw the construction of magnificent civilizations within which they and their descendants served as the priest kings and as the enlightened heads of mystery school traditions. The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom recounts the history of these “Serpents”-where they came from, why they came, the secret wisdom they disseminated, and why they are returning now.
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A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean

A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean

Indeed, even true Jews were not the faithful and accurate guardians of their
ancient heritage: their literal-minded understanding of the sacred texts
obfuscated the primal wisdom contained within them. Christians alone had
become privy to the ...

Author: Jeremy McInerney

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118834381

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 608

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A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean presents a comprehensive collection of essays contributed by Classical Studies scholars that explore questions relating to ethnicity in the ancient Mediterranean world. Covers topics of ethnicity in civilizations ranging from ancient Egypt and Israel, to Greece and Rome, and into Late Antiquity Features cutting-edge research on ethnicity relating to Philistine, Etruscan, and Phoenician identities Reveals the explicit relationships between ancient and modern ethnicities Introduces an interpretation of ethnicity as an active component of social identity Represents a fundamental questioning of formally accepted and fixed categories in the field
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Adam in Myth and History

Adam in Myth and History

Author: Dexter E. Callender

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004369818

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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The Ancient Wisdom

The Ancient Wisdom

Thus have the sages of the Ancient Wisdom taught us of the beginning of the
manifested worlds. ... all being ; from Him the Second, manifesting the two
aspects of Life and Form, the primal duality, making the two poles of nature
between which ...

Author: Annie Besant

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 9783736807198

Category: Religion

Page: 302

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The source from which a universe proceeds is a manifested Divine Being, to whom in the modern form of the Ancient Wisdom the name LOGOS, or Word has been given. The name is drawn from Greek Philosophy, but perfectly expresses the ancient idea, the Word which emerges from the Silence, the Voice, the Sound, by which the worlds come into being. We must now trace the evolution of spirit-matter, in order that we may understand something of the nature of the materials with which we have to deal on the physical plane, or physical world. For it is in the potentialities wrapped up, involved, in the spirit-matter of the physical world that lies the possibility of evolution. The whole process is an unfolding, self-moved from within and aided by intelligent beings without, who can retard or quicken evolution, but cannot transcend the capacities inherent in the materials. Some idea of these earliest stages of the world's "becoming" is therefore necessary, although any attempt to go into minute details would carry us far beyond the limits of such an elementary treatise as the present. A very cursory sketch must suffice. Coming forth from the depths of the One Existence, from the ONE beyond all thought and all speech, a LOGOS, by imposing on Himself a limit, circumscribing voluntarily the range of His own Being, becomes the manifested God, and tracing the limiting sphere of His activity thus outlines the area of His universe. Within that sphere the universe is born, is evolved, and dies ; it lives, it moves, it has its being in Him ; its matter is His emanation ; its forces and energies are currents of His Life ; He is immanent in every atom, all-pervading, all-sustaining, all-evolving ; He is its source and its end, its cause and its object, its centre and circumference ; it is built on Him as its sure foundation, it breathes in Him as its encircling space ; He is in everything and everything in Him. Thus have the sages of the Ancient Wisdom taught us of the beginning of the manifested worlds.
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Hear the Ancient Wisdom

Hear the Ancient Wisdom

I also have to be restored back to a primal innocence. Here my shame and
brokenness are dealt with. This is indeed a great healing, for it means that I can,
through the grace of God, live in the realm of love and joy without inner
recriminations ...

Author: Charles R. Ringma

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621895787

Category: Religion

Page: 422

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There is a hunger in the modern world for spirituality. One vast resource of spiritual wisdom comes from the pre-Reformation church--from the martyrs of the first centuries of Christianity, through the long tradition of monasticism, to the medieval Christian mystics. These are the deep wells of Christian reflection from persons such as John Chrysostom, Augustine, Benedict, Francis of Assisi, Bonaventure, Bernard of Clairvaux, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, and Julian of Norwich, to mention just a few. The spiritual insights of over seventy men and women of pre-Reformation Christianity are found in these pages. From these figures we can learn more about the practices of prayer and contemplation, a life of following Christ, the relevance of community, the challenge of asceticism, the movement of withdrawal and engagement, the love of God for God's own sake, living the gospel, sacrificing for the kingdom of God, the longing for union with God, the practices of justice, and a life of prophetic witness. For us, so embedded and shaped by the modern world, this ancient wisdom will come as refreshing water and as a breath of fresh air, with the wings of the Spirit and whispers of angels.
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The Primal Runes

The Primal Runes

His current writings are devoted to transmitting the essence of the ancient
wisdom teachings in a form which speaks to the realities of the modern world .
This background certainly shows in his new release , The Primal Runes . This is
a book ...

Author: Roger Calverley

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 0940985837

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 338

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Thousands of years before the Aryan invasion of Europe, the people of Old Europe created sacred signs, the Primal Runes, and gave birth to our most ancient ancestral tradition of divination and magic. Based on the phases of the Moon, these archetypal rune-forms each have a sacred sound; they form a complete system of invocation and empowerment.
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The Seeress of Prevorst

The Seeress of Prevorst

Other ancient legends also make reference to the Primal Language. The
Egyptians believed that one of their gods ... This tradition teaches that God gave
the angels a secret wisdom known as the Primal Wisdom. After the fall of
humankind, this ...

Author: John DeSalvo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594779978

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Prophecies of a 19th-century German mystic who spent seven years suspended between life and death • Focuses on the mysterious “language of the spirits” that the seeress spoke and wrote • Contains a biography of the Seeress of Prevorst’s life and illustrations of all known examples of her spiritual script and diagrams Known as the Seeress of Prevorst, Frederika Hauffe (1801-1829) was a German mystic and clairvoyant who was subject to convulsions and trances that caused her to remain bedridden from 1822 until her death seven years later. While in this state suspended between life and death, she received revelations from the spirit world about the triune doctrine of body, soul, and spirit, and she drew precise geometrical diagrams, often in complete darkness and with astonishing speed. The spirits of the dead were said to be in constant attendance on her and were even occasionally seen by others. Her most remarkable gift, however, was the ability to write and speak in what she called “the language of the spirits,” a unique coded alphabet that incorporated numbers and primitive ideographs. Using his scientific expertise to decode her secret language and diagrams, John DeSalvo examines the life and revelations of the Seeress of Prevorst and her importance in light of spiritual development over the nearly two centuries since her death. Preceding the rise of Spiritualism by two generations, the seeress’s prophecies and teachings threw open the door to the spirit world. With one foot in each world, her life and work offer a portal into mystical realms as fascinating today as in her own time.
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Popol Vuh

Popol Vuh

Like its counterparts the Gilgamesh epic, T Iliad and the Old Testament, the Popol
Vuh is a classic in the oral tra< tion, a gathering together of the primal wisdom of
an ancient culture narrative form. It is also said to have been used like the ...

Author: Ralph Nelson


ISBN: UOM:39015042167737

Category: Maya mythology

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The Wisdom of Fairy Tales

The Wisdom of Fairy Tales

The deeper intuition , the ancient original heritage of spirit , is mocked and
dethroned where its inner nature is no longer ... comprehensive consciousness ,
for the blood in which the ancestral forces still worked on stored - up primal
wisdom .

Author: Rudolf Meyer

Publisher: Floris Books

ISBN: UOM:39015013110146

Category: Anthroposophy

Page: 267

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Fairy tales are remnants of an old, long-forgotten clairvoyance that still lives on here and there. Telling fairy tales to children today gives spiritual nourishment which later in life can be a source of ideals and imaginative, creative thinking. The author rediscovers the lost meaning of these stories and opens the door to their spiritual understanding.
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Through ancient myths and mysteries, there runs something like a great
astrological-alchymical, primal motif of ... Today we find the relationship of Egypt
to the chymical primal wisdom more in the Mysteries of this name `Isis' than in the

Author: Hermann Beckh

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 9781912230358

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 156

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As a practising Christian priest, Hermann Beckh was profoundly aware that the mystery of substance – its transmutation in the cosmos and the human being – was a mystical fact to be approached with the greatest reverence, requiring at once ever-deepening scholarship and meditation. He viewed chemistry as a worthy but materialistic science devoid of spirit, while the fullness of spiritual-physical nature could be approached by what he preferred to call ‘chymistry’ or ‘alchymy’, thereby taking in millennia of spiritual tradition. In consequence, Beckh’s Alchymy, The Mystery of the Material World is not limited to the conventional workings of Western alchemy, nor to what can be found in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – although he does unveil hidden riches there. Neither should Beckh be considered only as a learned Professor with impeccable academic qualifications and European-wide recognition. Beckh writes about such topics as ‘Isis’, ‘the Golden Fleece’, traditional fairy-stories and Wagner’s Parsifal in a way that enables the reader to catch glimpses of the Mystery of Substance; to share the writer’s authentic experience of the divine substantia – the living reality – of Christ in the world. Beckh’s Alchymy set an entirely new standard, and went on to become his most popular publication. This is the first time that it has been translated into English, along with updated footnotes, making his ideas and insights accessible to a wide readership. In addition, this edition features translations of Beckh’s ‘The New Jerusalem’, where theology could best be expressed in verse; his exemplary essay on ‘Snow-white’; observations on ‘Allerleirauh’, and a substantial excerpt from Gundhild Kačer-Bock’s biography of Beckh.
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Reading Goethe at Midlife

Reading Goethe at Midlife

This book explores the history of the idea of the midlife crisis, using the writings of C.G. Jung and Goethe to investigate its relevance for today.

Author: Paul Bishop

Publisher: Chiron Publications

ISBN: 9781630518608

Category: Psychology

Page: 302

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This book explores the history of the idea of the midlife crisis, using the writings of C.G. Jung and Goethe to investigate its relevance for today. Tracing how “the ages of humankind” became “the stages of life” in which the midlife crisis represents a pivotal moment, Paul Bishop offers a detailed analysis of a paper by Jung on this subject. He then shifts the focus to Goethe’s interest in Orphic wisdom, and one of Goethe’s major later poems, “Primal Words. Orphic” (Urworte Orphisch). Using Jungian ideas to explore the psychological implications of this poem, Bishop draws on Goethe’s own commentary, and other background material, to uncover its vital message. Reading Goethe at Midlife reveals the remarkable symmetry between the ideas and Jung and Goethe. Jung’s analysis of the stages of life, and his advice to heed the “call of the self,” are brought into the conjunction with Goethe’s emphasis on the importance of hope, showing an underlying continuity of thought and relevance from ancient wisdom, via German classicism to analytical psychology. At a time when many Jungians are turning to neuroscience to provide an external underpinning for Analytical Psychology, this scholarly book is very welcome: it returns to psychology’s home territory, placing Jung firmly in a long cultural tradition. Impressively well-read in many fields extending from literature and the history of ideas to psychoanalysis and Jungian studies, Paul Bishop allows a text by Jung and a late poem by Goethe to mirror and enhance each other, demonstrating Jung's intellectual proximity to the tradition of German classicism. The wealth of “amplifications” that Bishop brings to the many themes treated allows us to experience a living reality—a continuity of ideas across different times and cultures.
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Tribal Thought and Culture

Tribal Thought and Culture

Saraswati Introduction There is nothing in Indian thought structure , nor in the ...
For a traditional man , it is the wisdom of the ancients that remains all - time new .

Author: Baidyanath Saraswati

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 8170223407

Category: Ethnologie - Inde

Page: 256

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Categories: Ethnologie - Inde

Astronomy and Spiritual Science

Astronomy and Spiritual Science

Ratherwe will considerthe contrast between the wisdom that comes to the
shepherds in the fieldandthat possessed by the ... In ancient times a primal
wisdom was spread over the whole inhabited Earth bound up with a primitive
dreamlike ...

Author: Elizabeth Vreede

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 9780880109604

Category: Religion


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ASTRONOMY AND SPIRITUAL SCIENCE collects writings on astronomy by Dr. Elizabeth Vreede and is a fascinating compendium of scientific and spiritual knowledge. Between September 1927 and August 1930, Dr. Vreede wrote a monthly "letter," available by subscription, about both modern astronomy and classical astrology in the light of spiritual science. These letters include clear explanations of the fundamentals of astronomy and discussions of the role of astrology in the modern world. They also include inspiring presentations of a worldview that sees the stars, planets, and in fact all physical phenomena as manifestations of spiritual beings and spiritual activities. Among the many topics Dr. Vreede considers are the role of nutation, precession, and other movements of the Earth in human evolution and life; the comets; the relations of the heavenly bodies to spiritual beings; horoscopes; solar and lunar eclipses; and the deeper meaning of the Christian holidays such as Easter and Whitsun.
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The Primordial Tradition in Contemporary Experience The psychic roots of ancient wisdom primitive Christian gnosis

The Primordial Tradition in Contemporary Experience  The psychic roots of ancient wisdom   primitive Christian gnosis

Christian wisdom tradition would have had to have come through a kind of
universal Divine revelation picked up in ... in various Iranian and subsequent
Hellenistic Greek and Jewish mythological accounts of the Primal Man , the latter
was the ...

Author: John Rossner


ISBN: NWU:35556015593072

Category: Parapsychology


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Brill s New Pauly

Brill s New Pauly

Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World. ... N . bealso a citizen of → Ptolemais , father
of → Lycarion , lieved in a primal wisdom which the ancient civilized Cleainete (
PP III 5172 , 16615 BC , priestess of Arsinoe peoples , the Brahmans , Jews ...

Author: Hubert Cancik

Publisher: Brill's New Pauly

ISBN: UOM:39015066815013

Category: History

Page: 472

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This is volume 9 of BRILL'S NEW PAULY, the encyclopaedia devoted to Greco-Roman antiquity.
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The Power of Myth

The Power of Myth

As these primal folk turned from hunting to planting, the stories they told to
interpret the mysteries of life changed, too. ... Hindu scriptures from Sanskrit, and
continued to collect more recent stories which he added to the wisdom of the

Author: Joseph Campbell

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307794727

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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The national bestseller, now available in a non-illustrated, standard format paperback edition The Power of Myth launched an extraordinary resurgence of interest in Joseph Campbell and his work. A preeminent scholar, writer, and teacher, he has had a profound influence on millions of people--including Star Wars creator George Lucas. To Campbell, mythology was the “song of the universe, the music of the spheres.” With Bill Moyers, one of America’s most prominent journalists, as his thoughtful and engaging interviewer, The Power of Myth touches on subjects from modern marriage to virgin births, from Jesus to John Lennon, offering a brilliant combination of intelligence and wit. This extraordinary book reveals how the themes and symbols of ancient narratives continue to bring meaning to birth, death, love, and war. From stories of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome to traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, a broad array of themes are considered that together identify the universality of human experience across time and culture. An impeccable match of interviewer and subject, a timeless distillation of Campbell’s work, The Power of Myth continues to exert a profound influence on our culture. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Christ s Three Days in Hell Case of the Missing Messiah

Christ s Three Days in Hell   Case of the Missing Messiah

And these Scriptures also refer to themselves as books expressing the diviner
wisdom of gods , even hinting at their dictation by gods to ... spiritual " bodies , as
the ancient wisdom asserts . ... not at the start developed maturity of either
consciousness or knowledge to enable it to utilize the codes of primal wisdom
given it by ...

Author: Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 078731188X

Category: Religion

Page: 104

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Christian theology from the start found itself impaled on its affirmation of the Biblical declaration that there is no other way to salvation than through the historical Jesus and him crucified. it was on this thesis logically confronted with the obligat.
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