Meridian Metaphors

Meridian Metaphors

MM is related to Messages From the Body, by Michael Lincoln. This is the meridians part of that topic.

Author: Bruce Dickson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1449953255


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Did you ever wonder how our habit body tracks and manages our mental-emotional activity? Ever think Chinese Medicine had some good yet incomplete ideas about how psychology and the body connect? Ever wonder what else has been learned about meridian-muscle-organ-psychology since Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health became public 40 years ago? Did you ever wish for a simple reference manual to look up, to gain insight into, and see more deeply and clearly into wellness concerns? Here's an 100 page (in 8x10" format) handbook-manual with all this organized for easy reference. After significant material pertaining to all meridians, each of 14 sections provides comprehensive psychological language for - Which meridian-organ absorbs which emotions, - HEALTHY expressions of each meridian and associated organ, - Disturbed expressions of each meridian and associated organ, - UNDERcharged disturbed expressions of each meridian - OVERcharged disturbed expressions of each meridian. Earlier literature is rectified. - An Axis of Dysfunction is proposed for each meridian-organ between the dysfunctional OVERcharged condition and dysfunction UNDERcharged condition. Finally it's possible to move easily from meridian dysfunction and organ to psyche dysfunction; and, move easily from psychic dysfunction to meridian and organ dysfunction. Written for counselors and practitioners of all kinds, this is a reference MANUAL for wellness coaches, intuitive counselors and holistic practitioners. It condenses and better organizes the brilliant insights of William F. Whisenant's monumental Psychological Kinesiology (1994) adding to it many observations from other sources and the clinical practices of the author and other practitioners. MM is related to Messages From the Body, by Michael Lincoln. This is the meridians part of that topic. Especially pertinent for muscle-testers and "energy detectives" of all kinds, to gain insight into, and see more deeply and clearly into wellness concerns. It will appeal to self-healers, self-testers, and practitioners, such as: - Applied Kinesiology, - NET, - Touch for Health, - Energy Medicine, - The Emotion Code, - Immunics, - EFT, - Psych-K, - Theta Healing, - Peace Theological Seminary Masters & Doctorate Programs. The manual begins and ends with language for the HEALTHY FUNCTION of each meridian-vessel. Correction protocols are mostly not addressed. Access to the Slow-Motion Forgiveness (SM) free eBook is given. Additional material addresses: -How and why organs absorb emotions, - Relevant myths and therapeutic metaphors for both OVER- and UNDER- conditions, -Some clarifications on language for the five element metaphors, -Case studies of how to use the manual, -How to use the Light to clear meridian imbalances.

Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women s Literature

Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women s Literature

In Meridian, Walker realizes her classic signature of creating the metaphor of the
phallic maternal for women largely through her appropriation of symbols. That is,
in dress and behavior, Walker's heroine, Meridian, changes radically from an ...

Author: Geneva Cobb Moore

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 9781611177497

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 376

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Geneva Cobb Moore deftly combines literature, history, criticism, and theory in Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women’s Literature by offering insight into the historical black experience from slavery to freedom as depicted in the literature of nine female writers across several centuries. Moore traces black women writers’ creation of feminine and maternal metaphors of power in literature from the colonial era work of Phillis Wheatley to the postmodern work of Paule Marshall, Alice Walker, and Toni Morrison. Through their characters Moore shows how these writers re-create the identity of black women and challenge existing rules shaping their subordinate status and behavior. Drawing on feminist, psychoanalytic, and other social science theory, Moore examines the maternal iconography and counter-hegemonic narratives by which these writers responded to oppressive conventions of race, gender, and authority. Moore grounds her account in studies of Phillis Wheatley, Harriet Jacobs, Charlotte Forten Grimké, Jessie Fauset, Nella Larsen, and Zora Neale Hurston. All these authors, she contends, wrote against invisibility and powerlessness by developing and cultivating a personal voice and an individual story of vulnerability, nurturing capacity, and agency that confounded prevailing notions of race and gender and called into question moral reform. In these nine writers’ construction of feminine images—real and symbolic—Moore finds a shared sense of the historically significant role of black women in the liberation struggle during slavery, the Jim Crow period, and beyond.
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Touch for Health The Complete Edition

Touch for Health  The Complete Edition

Ideally, test at least 14 muscles- one for each Meridian. 3. ... 75) Metaphor
Balancing: 66;67; 215-223 Muscle Metaphors: 321-322 Meridian Metaphors: 319
-321 5-Element Metaphors: 317-319 Water Fire Earth Metal Wood Five Senses ...

Author: John Thie D.C.

Publisher: DeVorss & Company


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 380

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With over ½ million copies in print since 1973, John Thie’s “Touch for Health” started a phenomenon that has flourished worldwide to help more than 10 million people in over 40 countries restore their natural healing energies and enjoy vibrant health through his unique treatment of posture and muscle balancing that combines simple aspects of acupressure touch and massage. From this book, you will learn the techniques that chiropractors, alternative health specialists, athletic trainers, and massage therapists have found invaluable in preventive health-care treatment. October 2005 Edition Revised in 2012
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Cormac McCarthy s Borders and Landscapes

Cormac McCarthy   s Borders and Landscapes

46 As Hans Jonas explains, the “metaphor of sleep” serves “to discount the
sensations of 'life here' as mere illusions and dreams, though nightmarish ones,
which we are powerless to control.”47 In Blood Meridian, metaphors of
nightmarish ...

Author: Louise Jillett

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501319143

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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Cormac McCarthy's work is attracting an increasing number of scholars and critics from a range of disciplines within the humanities and beyond, from political philosophy to linguistics and from musicology to various branches of the sciences. Cormac McCarthy's Borders and Landscapes contributes to this developing field of research, investigating the way McCarthy's writings speak to other works within the broader fields of American literature, international literature, border literature, and other forms of comparative literature. It also explores McCarthy's literary antecedents and the movements out of which his work has emerged, such as modernism, romanticism, naturalism, eco-criticism, genre-based literature (western, southern gothic), folkloric traditions and mythology.
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... for what was present a moment ago is now past and already we have begun
making histories of it . 10 According to Dening , then , we live in the present by
making metaphors of the past ; by creating one , we give expression to the other .



ISBN: IND:30000070254523

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The History of Cartography Volume 4

The History of Cartography  Volume 4

Zero Degrees: Geographies of the Prime Meridian. Cambridge: Harvard
University Press. Metaphor, Map as. What is a map if not a metaphor? As
Christian Jacob put it, “Seeing the world from above is a timeless fantasy that
geographical ...

Author: Matthew H. Edney

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226339221

Category: Science

Page: 1920

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Since its launch in 1987, the History of Cartography series has garnered critical acclaim and sparked a new generation of interdisciplinary scholarship. Cartography in the European Enlightenment, the highly anticipated fourth volume, offers a comprehensive overview of the cartographic practices of Europeans, Russians, and the Ottomans, both at home and in overseas territories, from 1650 to 1800. The social and intellectual changes that swept Enlightenment Europe also transformed many of its mapmaking practices. A new emphasis on geometric principles gave rise to improved tools for measuring and mapping the world, even as large-scale cartographic projects became possible under the aegis of powerful states. Yet older mapping practices persisted: Enlightenment cartography encompassed a wide variety of processes for making, circulating, and using maps of different types. The volume’s more than four hundred encyclopedic articles explore the era’s mapping, covering topics both detailed—such as geodetic surveying, thematic mapping, and map collecting—and broad, such as women and cartography, cartography and the economy, and the art and design of maps. Copious bibliographical references and nearly one thousand full-color illustrations complement the detailed entries.
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Muscles and Meridians E Book

Muscles and Meridians E Book

By rhyme I mean the use of analogy and metaphor that so richly infuses the
biological sciences. Analogy is the correspondence or adaptation of one thing (
the source) to another (the target), for example a New Scientist magazine article
was ...

Author: Phillip Beach

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780702048692

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 220

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Muscles and Meridians is a unique book that breaks new conceptual ground in the realm of human movement. Exploring the connection between evolutionary biology and Chinese meridians, the volume offers a novel and effective system of diagnosis and treatment of common musculoskeletal disorders. Describes a new model of human movement - the Contractile Field model Offers a rare and serious attempt to look at whole person movement patterns – akin to ‘Anatomy Trains’ but with a stronger link to vertebrate evolution and development Suggests that much of our endemic back and leg pain is due to a loss of ease in postures that are ‘archetypal’ to mankind Offers a profound new understanding of the world’s oldest medical map, the Chinese meridian map
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Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany

Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany

I find something—like language—immaterial, yet terrestrial, something circular
that returns to itself across both poles while— cheerfully—even crossing the
tropics: I find . . . a meridian” (ME, 12). The significance of the meridian metaphor
goes ...

Author: Sonja Boos

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801471940

Category: History

Page: 248

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Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany is an interdisciplinary study of a diverse set of public speeches given by major literary and cultural figures in the 1950s and 1960s. Through close readings of canonical speeches by Hannah Arendt, Theodor W. Adorno, Ingeborg Bachmann, Martin Buber, Paul Celan, Uwe Johnson, Peter Szondi, and Peter Weiss, Sonja Boos demonstrates that these speakers both facilitated and subverted the construction of a public discourse about the Holocaust in postwar West Germany. The author’s analysis of original audio recordings of the speech events (several of which will be available on a companion website) improves our understanding of the spoken, performative dimension of public speeches. Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany emphasizes the social constructedness of discourse, experience, and identity, but does not neglect the pragmatic conditions of aesthetic and intellectual production—most notably, the felt need to respond to the breach in tradition caused by the Holocaust. The book thereby illuminates the process by which a set of writers and intellectuals, instead of trying to mend what they perceived as a radical break in historical continuity or corroborating the myth of a "new beginning," searched for ways to make this historical rupture rhetorically and semantically discernible and literally audible.
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Crossing the Next Meridian

Crossing the Next Meridian

I send out my lasting thanks to the great many people who have taken the time to
make Crossing the Next Meridian possible. ... Because the book draws heavily
on the facts of local controversies that I believe stand as metaphors for westwide

Author: Charles F. Wilkinson

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781597269148

Category: Nature

Page: 400

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In Crossing the Next Meridian, Charles F. Wilkinson, an expert on federal public lands, Native American issues, and the West's arcane water laws explains some of the core problems facing the American West now and in the years to come. He examines the outmoded ideas that pervade land use and resource allocation and argues that significant reform of Western law is needed to combat desertification and environmental decline, and to heal splintered communities. Interweaving legal history with examples of present-day consequences of the laws, both intended and unintended, Wilkinson traces the origins and development of the laws and regulations that govern mining, ranching, forestry, and water use. He relates stories of Westerners who face these issues on a day-to-day basis, and discusses what can and should be done to bring government policies in line with the reality of twentieth-century American life.
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The nonsuch professor in his meridian splendor

The nonsuch professor in his meridian splendor

John ) Scripture Metaphors , 12m ) , 3s boards , or bound 3s 6d and is . . 29
Bunyan ' s Doctrine of the Law and Grace un . folded , 12mo , 2s bound . 30
Bunyan ' s Grace abounding , with his Life and Death , the 50th edition , large
print and ...

Author: William Secker


ISBN: UCAL:$B689462

Category: Christian life

Page: 219

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Einstein s Relativity in Metaphor and Mathematics

Einstein s Relativity in Metaphor and Mathematics

The meridians are semicircles , running north - south from one pole to the other .
Two opposite ... There is no obvious central meridian , but an arbitrary choice of
the prime meridian has been made , the Meridian of Greenwich . Each meridian ...

Author: Enders A. Robinson

Publisher: Prentice Hall Direct

ISBN: UOM:39015015177747

Category: Science

Page: 400

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Robinson brilliantly uses examples from the arts, history, and folklore to elucidate Einstein's monumental theory. The author's triumphs of analysis include clarifying the abstract concepts of time and space, linking relativity concepts to mapmaking and exploration, and relating the metaphors of Shakespeare, Milton and Dante to relativity theory. 161 line drawings. 60 half-tones.
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Journey to Awareness and Beyond

Journey to Awareness and Beyond

Specialized Techniques Used in Brainwave biofeedback Metaphors, heart rate
resonance, hemodynamic response and ... rhythms (Heart Rate Resonance) in
the context of ancient wisdom metaphors with brainwave biofeedback at meridian

Author: Liana Mattulich MD

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469102122

Category: Self-Help

Page: 214

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An enriched view of personal reality drawing from medical and theoretical sciences as well as the esoteric, combining modern experimental science with ancient wisdom which provide keys to the physiology of happiness: Anatomy and Physiology of Mind-Body concepts and the Body Energy Spectrum, Consciousness and the Mind, Dimensional reality, personal reality and time, Spiritual evolution and the soul, Happiness as a self-regulated mind and physiology. A reading experience with an open perspective from human life and mind -- to matter and energies. The book describes for a layman or a professional the weaving of metaphors, exercises and scientific procedures which promote joy in life and the realization of inner freedom. Comprehensive references of both scientific research and empirical experience are provided. Experience proven approaches to joy of well-being of body and mind: subtle energies and Energy Psychology, Meridian physiology in Eastern & Western health practices; Understanding the self, personal direction, goals, and change; Psychology of success, intention, High Will, imagery, inspiration and motivation. Learn leadership qualities, communication skills, assertiveness, and Responsible Open Self-Expression used in managing personal relationships. This is the only book that amalgamates scientific technology with ancient wisdom practices in an integrated system of self-transformation going beyond intellectual and philosophical information alone. More information: -OR-
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Black Women Novelists and the Nationalist Aesthetic

Black Women Novelists and the Nationalist Aesthetic

The quilting metaphor secures the functional intent of Meridian , but as a “ crazy ”
quilt , the novel exhibits a formal irregularity and an ideological multivalence that
resist any reduction to the “ easy rightnesses ” of the Black Aesthetic . ? While ...

Author: Madhu Dubey

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253318416

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 195

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Focus on the works of Toni Morrison, Gaye Jones, and Alice Walker.
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Fuldst ndigt dansk og engelsk Haand Lexicon

Fuldst  ndigt dansk og engelsk Haand Lexicon

Sag er intet bedre hiddel end Metaphor Metaphor , ' a Fi dette at ) in that Affair
there is gure in Specch . no other ... at Noon , Cipise til Middag ) Indifferency . to
dine , Middelplads , che middle Middags , meridian , meridio Place , nal ,
southern .

Author: Christian Frederik Bay


ISBN: BL:A0017131039


Page: 1031

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Auto biography Studies

Auto biography Studies

The metaphor of race exists not as a literary device sequestered in an ivory tower
, but as a way of defining and controlling ... Walker uses metaphors in this scene
which imply an opening of the walls of the master's house : Meridian " rap ( s ) ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105016129707

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Across Meridians

Across Meridians

Geertz points out that although Tristes Tropiques was based on Lévi-Strauss's
experience in Brazil during the 1930s, its published prose in the mid-1950s had
already shown some Barthesian qualities, “dripping with steamy metaphors, ...

Author: Jinqi Ling

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804782043

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 248

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Over the course of the last two decades, novelist Karen Tei Yamashita has reshaped the Asian American literary imagination in profound ways. In Across Meridians, Jinqi Ling offers readers the most critically engaged examination to date of Yamashita's literary corpus. Crafted at the intersection of intellectual history, ethnic studies, literary analysis, and critical theory, Ling's study goes beyond textual investigation to intervene in larger debates over postmodern representation, spatial materialism, historical form, and social and academic activism. Arguing that Yamashita's most important contribution is her incorporation of a North-South vector into the East-West conceptual paradigm, Ling highlights the novelist's re-prioritization, through such a geographical realignment, of socio-economic concerns for Asian American literary criticism. In assessing Yamashita's works as such, Ling designates her novelistic art as a form of new Asian American literary avant-garde that operates from the peripheries of received histories, aesthetics, and disciplines. Seeking not only to demonstrate the importance of Yamashita's transnational art, Ling sets new terms for ongoing dialogues in Asian American literary and cultural criticism. At the same time, he argues for the continuing relevance of Asian American literature as a self-reflexive and self-renewable critical practice.
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Metaphors of Conciousness

Metaphors of Conciousness

... may be described by the chemistry of enkephalin, endorphin, and
prostaglandin molecules instead of the traditional terminology involving “
circulation of vital energy through meridians associated with each organ system”
(Flanagan, 1979).

Author: Ronald S. Valle

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461338024

Category: Psychology

Page: 544

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As we move into the 1980s, there is an increasing awareness that our civilization is going through a profound cultural transformation. At the heart of this transformation lies what is often called a "paradigm shift"-a dramatic change in the thoughts, perceptions, and values which form a particular vision of reality. The paradigm that is now shifting comprises a large number of ideas and values that have dominated our society for several hundred years; values that have been associated with various streams of Western culture, among them the Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century, The Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution. They include the belief in the scientific method as the only valid approach to knowledge, the split between mind and matter, the view of nature as a mechanical system, the view of life in society as a competitive struggle for survival, and the belief in unlimited material progress to be achieved through economic and technological growth. All these ideas and values are now found to be severely limited and in need of radical revision.
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Acupuncture Imaging

Acupuncture Imaging

As soon as such a metaphor fits , I shift into the client's metaphors and language .
... Source / Luo ; Mu / Shu ( and often the second line of the Bladder meridian , for
the Shen aspect of the Organ - function involved ) ; Triple Heater regulatory ...

Author: Mark D. Seem

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 0892811870

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 128

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This guide for bodyworkers and their patients clearly explains the energetic systems of the body, and serves as an excellent teaching tool, enabling patients to better understand their own treatment.
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