Medieval Clothing and Textiles

Medieval Clothing and Textiles

Pan-European research on medieval clothing and textiles, drawing from a range of disciplines.

Author: Robin Netherton

Publisher: Boydell Press

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Pan-European research on medieval clothing and textiles, drawing from a range of disciplines.
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Medieval Clothing and Textiles

Medieval Clothing and Textiles

... satiné , and barré present in medieval and early modern examples . 45
Coarser needleguided thread wrappings are found on a knob anchor in example
no . 8 . Finely needlewrought three - dimensional patterned fabrics are darned in
the ...



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Artifacts from Medieval Europe

Artifacts from Medieval Europe

Houston, mary G. Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th, 14th, and
15th Centuries. New York: dover, 1996. Netherton, robin, and Gale r. owen-
crocker. Medieval Clothing and Textiles 8. Woodbridge, uK: the Boydell press,

Author: James B. Tschen-Emmons

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610696227

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Using artifacts as primary sources, this book enables students to comprehensively assess and analyze historic evidence in the context of the medieval period. • Provides a single-volume resource for using medieval artifacts to better understand the long-ago past • Supplies images of artifacts with detailed descriptions, explanations of significance, and a list of sources for more information, which help students learn how to effectively analyze primary sources • Presents a virtual window into many different aspects of medieval society and life, including particular activities or roles—such as farming, weaving, fashion, or being a mason or a knight • Includes sidebars within selected entries that explain key terms and concepts and supply excerpts from contemporary sources
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Clothing the Sacred Medieval Textiles as Fabric Form and Metaphor

Clothing the Sacred  Medieval Textiles as Fabric  Form  and Metaphor

This collection of essays explores the uses and meanings of these medieval religious textiles.

Author: Mateusz Kapustka

Publisher: Reimer Dietrich

ISBN: 3942810204

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At their most basic level, liturgical vestments and textiles differentiate the sacred and the profane, the clergy and the laity. Not only are they sacred objects in their own right, being consecrated to a holy use, but they point beyond themselves to historical parallels—to events in the life of Christ or to the furnishings of the Jerusalem Temple—or to anagogical symbolism of the heavenly graces. This collection of essays explores the uses and meanings of these medieval religious textiles.
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Clothing in the Middle Ages

Clothing in the Middle Ages

Features fashions from the days of knights and ladies, and discusses such topics as the making of fabrics, peasants' clothing, nobles' clothing, and hygiene.

Author: Lynne Elliott

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 0778713512

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Features fashions from the days of knights and ladies, and discusses such topics as the making of fabrics, peasants' clothing, nobles' clothing, and hygiene.
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The English Historical Review

The English Historical Review

The Parliament Rolls o Medieval England , 1275-1504 A co - publication
between Boydell & Brewer and the National ... 1 CONTACT CXCHANGE IN
LAICE REALLY Medieval Clothing and Textiles 8 Edited by ROBIN NETHERTON



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Medieval Clothing and Costumes

Medieval Clothing and Costumes

Displaying Wealth and Class in Medieval Times Margaret Scott ... Alessandra
Macinghi negli , 41 , 42 Strozzi , Palla , 37 tailors , 6 , 26 , 32 talking clothes , 35
textiles , production of , 5 tight clothing ... 22 John of Reading , 30 , 33 Joinville ,
Jean Sire de , 25 K kermes , 6 , 22 laces , 20 , 45 laws , 8 , 12 , 26 Leonora of
Aragon ...

Author: Margaret Scott

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 082393991X

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Examines the role of clothing in medieval society and discusses trends in clothing styles and the characteristic dress of different classes of people.
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Medieval Textile Dyeing

Medieval Textile Dyeing

"This book is a review and explanationof some of the techniques available to commercial dyers in the Medieval period in Europe, to 1600.

Author: John Edmonds


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Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe

Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe

Pliny himself had called it ' rubens granum ' 16 In the medieval Arabic world ,
however , both the coccid insects and their ... 156 , 171 , 206 , 220 . See also
Lombard , Les textiles ( n . 8 above ) , pp . 119 - 22 ; Born , ' Scarlet ' ( n . 8 above
) , p .

Author: Eleanora Mary Carus-Wilson

Publisher: London : Heinemann Educational Books ; [Edington] : Pasold Research Fund

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International Medieval Bibliography

International Medieval Bibliography



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Lists articles, notes, and similar literature on medieval subjects in journals, Festschriften, conference proceedings, and collected essays. Covers all aspects of medieval studies within the date range of 450 to 1500 for the entire continent of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa for the period before the Muslim conquest and parts of those areas subsequently controlled by Christian powers.
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Medieval Textiles of the British Isles AD 450 1100

Medieval Textiles of the British Isles  AD 450 1100

Author: Elizabeth Coatsworth

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015069036989

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This book, despite its title is much more than just a bibliography. Conceived as part of the Manchester Medieval Textiles Project it aims to make accessible the full range of resources available to those wishing to study early medieval textiles in Britain. (A second volume covering the later Middle Ages will follow).
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Writing Medieval Women s Lives

Writing Medieval Women   s Lives

FABRICATORS IN THE CAROLINGIAN EMPIRE Valerie L. ... to tell the stories of
medieval women, even more so Carolingian women.2 This chapter will trace a
picture of two women, Girlindis and ... Even when such objects were also
practical necessities, textiles and clothing served tomark gender, social status,
and religious ...

Author: C. Goldy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137074706

Category: History

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A collection of essays representing the growing variety of approaches used to write the history of medieval women. They reflect the European medieval world socially, geographically and across religious boundaries, engaging directly with how the medieval women's experience wa reconstructed, as well as what the experience was.
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The Tudor Tailor

The Tudor Tailor

... Ye Shall Have It Cleane " : Textile Cleaning Techniques in Renaissance
Europe ' in Medieval Clothing and Textiles II ... C & P ( 1970 ) Handbook of
English Costume in the 16th century , Boston : Plays Inc , 84 8 ) Maynard , J (
1998 ) ...

Author: Ninya Mikhaila

Publisher: Costume & Fashion Press

ISBN: UCSC:32106018525235

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Essential source book for reconstructing clothing 1509 to 1603.
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Textiles and Clothing C 1150 c 1450

Textiles and Clothing  C 1150 c 1450

Not all medieval textiles were made solely from one type of fibre . Various
combinations ... at court , and this development can be traced through the Great
Wardrobe accounts ( Monnas 1986 , 65 ; Monnas 1989 , 287 – 8 ) . Despite the
output of ...

Author: Elisabeth Crowfoot

Publisher: Boydell Press

ISBN: 1843832399

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Scraps of clothing and other textiles are among the most evocative items to be discovered by archaeologists, signalling as they do their owner's status and concerns.
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Thirteenth Century England VII

Thirteenth Century England VII

The ' Industrial Crisis ' of the English Textile Towns , c.1290 - c.13301 John H.
Munro The debate about England's ' urban industrial crisis ' in the later thirteenth
century Most ... R. Van Uytven , ' Cloth in Medieval Literature of Western Europe '
, in Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe : Essays ... 8 ( 1983 ) , 151–83 . 3 of
the ...

Author: Michael Prestwich

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 085115719X

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"An indispensable series for anyone who wishes to keep abreast of recent work in the field". WELSH HISTORY REVIEW
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voices into a coherent piece of music resembles the weaving of fabric of the
highest structural complexity . ... See Monica L. Wright , “ * De fil d'Or et de Soie ' :
Making Textiles in Twelfth - Century French Romance , ” Medieval Clothing and
Textiles 2 , ed . ... see Roger Bragard , “ Le Speculum musicae du compilateur
Jacques de Liège II , " Musica disciplina 8 ( 1954 ) 1-17 at 2--3 ; Frederick
Hammond ...



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Costumes and Textiles of Royal India

Costumes and Textiles of Royal India

Dr Moti Chandra has done pioneering work on the history of textiles and clothing
patterns . He produced four volumes based on the study of ancient and medieval
Indian literature which , together with the works of Dr Kalyan Krishna and B . N ...
7 Bernier 8 Bernier The Twentieth Century 1 The photographs of these rulers
were reproduced from Indian Princes and The Croun , Bennett Coleman and Co .

Author: Ritu Kumar

Publisher: Christies Wine Publications

ISBN: UOM:39015050181695

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Written by one of India's foremost designers, this book features stunning photographs of members of royalty in historic robes from museums and the private collections of India's royal families.
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Medieval Costume Armour and Weapons

Medieval Costume  Armour and Weapons

The various classes were differentiated by their clothing, above all by the
richness and costliness of the work and material ... The oldest textiles produced
in Bohemia included linen and cloth, both of which provided the basic elements
of Bohemian costume. ... 1] Fr. Graus, Chudina méstská v dobé predhusitské (
The VIII,. I I.

Author: Eduard Wagner

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486320250

Category: Design

Page: 456

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Over 400 illustrations in this superb pictorial archive trace the evolution of clothing styles, armor, and weapons during the medieval period in Central Europe. Unsurpassed in its comprehensiveness and variety, the volume draws upon a wealth of authentic primary sources, including written accounts, contemporary paintings and sculpture, and the remains of textiles and other relics. A profusion of apparel and weaponry are depicted, ranging from the simple tunics and robes of peasants, blacksmiths, gardeners, shoemakers, fishermen, and other common laborers to the fur-lined cloaks and brocaded garments of the aristocracy. Tools and utensils used by peasants as well as the battle equipment and armor of warriors are also pictured and described, with special emphasis on how these weapons were handled, carried, and used in combat. Accompanied by a scrupulously researched and well-documented text, these royalty-free illustrations not only offer general readers an intriguing and authentic insight into a past age but also provide artists, historians, students of weaponry, and theater and film professionals with a highly accurate source of reference material.
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The Archaeology of York

The Archaeology of York

Introduction No large collections of textiles from medieval York have as yet been
published , but the small groups ... Wool clothing fabrics There are seven textiles
from the Foundry , Bedern and Fishergate which are typical of wool clothing
fabrics in the medieval and post - medieval periods . ... 1314 , 8 ; YAT 1976 – 7 .

Author: York Archaeological Trust


ISBN: UOM:39015060027797

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Weaving Veiling and Dressing

Weaving  Veiling  and Dressing

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Author: Kathryn M. Rudy

Publisher: Brepols Pub

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