Awake at Night

Awake at Night

Amy and Jack are on vacation. They are visiting Max. It is dark. They cannot sleep. Suddenly, Amy points. "Look!" she says. "What are they?" Bats, birds, butterflies, moths...? Learn about animals of the night!

Author: Laura Miller

Publisher: Longman

ISBN: 1408288281

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 16

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Amy and Jack visit their cousin, Max, in the countryside. They can't sleep - and meet the animals that come out at night. This reading series features carefully crafted language that fits with English language learners' needs.
Categories: Foreign Language Study

Youth s Companion

Youth s Companion

What sweet memorial echoes they awake! ... The noon lyour camo, and the
clildren took their lunch as usual and went out to eat it, the little girl referred to
alone remaining in the room with her dinner wrapped ... The state of material
civilization is on a level with that which prevailed throughout the Roman world in
the best days of the empire. —4-6-2-— PONTO, THE TRAPPER'S DOG. ... They
wanted me to bring my dog to help in the hunt for a child who had lost his way the
night before.



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