Killing the Serpent of Frustration

Killing the Serpent of Frustration

It is an evil spirit In charge of despair, discouragement or frustration. Many have opted for suicide after concluding that life is no longer worth living. This book will enable you to know how to deal with the serpent of frustration.

Author: Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Publisher: The Battle Cry Christian Ministries

ISBN: 9789784917834

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Frustration is not an ordinary thing. It is the wicked tool used by the devil. There is a serpent of frustration In the spiritual realm. It is an evil spirit In charge of despair, discouragement or frustration. Many have opted for suicide after concluding that life is no longer worth living. This book will enable you to know how to deal with the serpent of frustration. It will surely launch you into freedom.
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The Serpent Kills or the Serpent Gives Life

The Serpent Kills or the Serpent Gives Life

The serpent, Abulafia observes elsewhere, roughly paraphrasing Exodus, both
kills and revives.160 The brazen serpent in the present context preserves its
salutary dimension and is of service in the killing of Satan by the man who
engages in ...

Author: Robert J. Sagerman

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004194472

Category: Religion

Page: 398

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Representing a careful contextual study of the writings of the influential Jewish mystic Abraham Abulafia (1240 – c. 1291), this book demonstrates that an inner dynamic of attraction and revulsion toward Christianity shaped Abulafia’s mystical hermeneutic and meditative practice.
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The Cult of the Serpent

The Cult of the Serpent

"Even with the best of serpents, crush its head" is a Jewish proverb. Jews are
permitted to kill the common viper, "the serpent of Israel," even on their Sabbath.
The Jerusalem Talmud condones defensive killing — consistent with the ...

Author: Balaji Mundkur

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0873956311

Category: Religion

Page: 363

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Publications of the Princeton Expedition to Abyssinia

Publications of the Princeton Expedition to Abyssinia

The man , then , said to the serpent : “ Go down from me ! ” But the serpent
refused . Then the man sought to kill him , but he found no means of killing him .
And while they were in this state , the fox came to them ; and the man said to the
fox ...

Author: Enno Littmann

Publisher: Brill Archive


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The Classical Journal

The Classical Journal

Apollo is also repre_ sented as killing the serpent Python: and the. Titans, (as
may now be seen on coins) were called anguipedes, serpenlz'pedes; and the
ancients believed that a great part of the horrors of Tartarus was caused by
serpents: ...

Author: Abraham John Valpy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108057844

Category: Art

Page: 506

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This forty-volume collection comprises all the issues of an early and influential classical periodical, first published between 1810 and 1829.
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Travels of William Bartram

Travels of William Bartram

I instantly cut off a little sapling, and soon dispatched him: this serpent was about
six feet in length, and as thick as an ordinary man's leg. ... I, however, was sorry
after killing the serpent, when coolly recollecting every circumstance ...

Author: William Bartram

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486138664

Category: Nature

Page: 448

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First inexpensive, illustrated edition of early classic on American geography, plants, Indians, wildlife, early settlers. Influenced Coleridge, Wordsworth, and Chateaubriand. "A book of extraordinary beauty." — The New York Times. 13 illustrations.
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Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible

Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible

A seven- headed serpent (mus-sag-imin) partly overcome by an
anthropomorphic hero or god is attested as early as the ... century BCE) showing
the weather-god killing a serpent, often in front of a goddess, are so numerous
that there can be ...

Author: Karel van der Toorn

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802824919

Category: Religion

Page: 960

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The Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (DDD) is the single major reference work on the gods, angels, demons, spirits, and semidivine heroes whose names occur in the biblical books. Book jacket.
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H Grotius of the Rights of War and Peace

H  Grotius of the Rights of War and Peace

First concerning our Right of killing Beasts , this is his Opinion : xata 5 ww & c . ...
had his Eyes , when he faith , When I command a Malefactor to be put to Death , I
do it with the same Air and Mind , ( g ) that I kill a Serpent ( ff ) Before the Flood .

Author: Hugo Grotius


ISBN: UOM:35112204851218

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Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals

Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals

Serpent energy has nothing to do with evil or the ego. Serpent assisted in
creating your universe, Earth, and a number of beings on Earth. Because in some
cultures snakes are labeled evil, humans respond from a place of fear and kill

Author: Jacquelin Smith

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452052458

Category: Nature

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As an animal communicator and psychic, I'm able to see, feel, hear, and know what an animal is communicating to me. Also, being clairvoyant, I can see an animal's aura and essence. I teach people in my workshops how to look beyond an animal's physical form and how to connect heart to heart with the essence of an animal. The key to hearing our animal companions' essence is to look beyond the body and to connect with the amazing soul of the being. The body happens to be a physical form that the soul has created in order to learn and to fulfill a purpose. Telepathic communication with animals is a natural way of communicating. It is like a telephone conversation between two people. The telephone wires are the available lines of consciousness open between us that make the call possible. Perhaps you remember the films, Men in Black I and II. They are not so far-fetched as you might think. In both films there's a pug named Frank. We could say his soul was wearing a disguise so that he could accomplish his mission on Earth without attracting a lot of attention. In this book, one dog's soul tells about being an inter dimensional traveler while another discusses how difficult it was adjusting to his cat body because he's only lived on Earth twice. You will read about a groundhog who walked up to me and put his paw on my shoe and a hawk who flew to me after I had communicated with her telepathically.
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Classical Mythology More

Classical Mythology   More

A serpent, also Ares' son, guarded this spring and killed most of the men Cadmus
sent. In anger, Cadmus killed the serpent and on Athena's advice, planted its
teeth like seeds. Immediately, armed men sprang up. Cadmus threw rocks at
them, ...

Author: Marianthe Colakis

Publisher: Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers

ISBN: 9781610411400

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 459

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Designed as an introduction to classical mythology for middle and high-school students, presents retellings of favorite myths, sidebar summaries, and review exercises with the answers at the back of the book.
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Of the Rights of War and Peace 2

Of the Rights of War and Peace  2

First concerning our Right of killing Beasts , this is his Opinion : xara ' ö { www & c
. ... his Eyes , when he faith , When I command a Malefactor to be put to Death , I
do it with the same Air and Mind , ( g ) that I kill a Serpent ( ff ) Before the Flood .

Author: Hugo de Groot


ISBN: BNC:1002064650



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Isis Unveiled

Isis Unveiled

Are the Scandinavian Thor, who bruised the head of the Serpent with his
cruciform mace, and Apollo, who killed Python, ... standing on his boat of a
serpentine form, and killing the Serpent with his spear; and with the hidden
meaning of these ...

Author: H. P. Blavatsky

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108052603

Category: History

Page: 708

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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-91), writer, traveller and spiritualist, is well known for her role in nineteenth-century theosophy. Born in the Ukraine, Blavatsky travelled extensively and claimed to have spent seven years studying esoteric mysteries in Tibet. From 1863 she began working as a medium and later counted W. B. Yeats among her followers. In 1875 she founded the Theosophical Society with Henry Steel Olcott. Influenced by Eastern philosophy and the Templars, Freemasons and Rosicrucians, the Society aimed to unravel the occult mysteries of nature. First published in 1877, this book outlines theosophy's precepts. The book is a mishmash of Hermetic philosophy, Christian history and Asian theology, and was allegedly dictated astrally from authorities including Plato, Solomon and Roger Bacon. Volume 2 questions the 'infallibility of religion'. Blavatsky attacks the Church's authority on spirituality and outlines its historic crimes. The book also explores the influence of Eastern philosophy on Christianity.
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Isis Unveiled

Isis Unveiled

Are the Scandinavian Thor, who bruised the head of the Serpent with his
cruciform mace, and Apollo, who killed ... and that he was acquainted with the
story of Horus, standing on his boat of a serpentine form, and killing the Serpent
with his ...

Author: H. P. (Helena Petrovna) Blavatsky


ISBN: 9780557357031


Page: 708

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Isis Unveiled, A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern of Science and Theology by H. P. Blavatsky. Volume 2 of 2: The "Infallibility" of Religion. CONTENTS include: The Church: Where is it?--Christian Crimes and Heathen Virtues--Divisions Amongst the Early Christians--Oriental Cosmogonies and Bible Records--Mysteries of the Kabala--Esoteric Doctrines of Buddhism Parodied in Christianity--Early Christian Heresies and Secret Societies--Jesuitry and Masonry--The Vedas and the Bible--The Devil-Myth--Comparative Results of Buddhism and Christianity--Conclusions and Illustrations. Reproduction of the 1877 Edition.

Universal Historical Dictionary

Universal Historical Dictionary

His killing Diomed and his horses , as in fig . ... His killing the serpent , and Fig . ...
to have performed a prodigy of valour and strength while in his cradle , by
strangling two serpents , sent by Juno to destroy him ; to have afterwards
travelled and ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924061052274

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O o pe ro si

O o pe ro si

Ernst Risch (1973) I have set forth elsewhere the evidence for a common Indo-
European verbal formula expressing the central act of an inherited theme, the
serpent or dragon-slaying myth." The theme or semantic structure may be
presented ...

Author: Ernst Risch

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110105187

Category: Indo-Aryan languages

Page: 771

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Critical Companion to Chaucer

Critical Companion to Chaucer

For having killed the serpent, Cadmus was forced to serve Aries for eight years,
at the end of which time he became ruler of Thebes. Harmonia, the daughter of
Aries and Aphrodite (VENUS), was given to him as a wife. Cadmus is credited
with ...

Author: Rosalyn Rossignol

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438108407

Category: Civilization, Medieval, in literature

Page: 657

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Examines the life and writings of Geoffrey Chaucer, including detailed synopses of his works, explanations of literary terms, character portraits, social and historical influences, and more.
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The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy

The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy

One obvious example of this is the Green Witch from The Silver Chair who
transforms herself into a serpent to kill Prince Rilian's mother and then seduces
the Prince through her enchanting beauty. She distracts him from his quest to
avenge ...

Author: Gregory Bassham

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 9780812698091

Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

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The Chronicles of Narnia series has entertained millions of readers, both children and adults, since the appearance of the first book in 1950. Here, scholars turn the lens of philosophy on these timeless tales. Engagingly written for a lay audience, these essays consider a wealth of topics centered on the ethical, spiritual, mythic, and moral resonances in the adventures of Aslan, the Pevensie children, and the rest of the colorful cast. Do the spectacular events in Narnia give readers a simplistic view of human choice and decision making? Does Aslan offer a solution to the problem of evil? What does the character of Susan tell readers about Lewis’s view of gender? How does Lewis address the Nietzschean “master morality” embraced by most of the villains of the Chronicles? With these and a wide range of other questions, this provocative book takes a fresh view of the world of Narnia and expands readers’ experience of it.
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Tree and Serpent Worship

Tree and Serpent Worship

... tortoise ,“ emblem of Kâśyapa , -monster half lion half fish , lion , lion with bull in
his mouth , woman riding a male centaur , horseman , female centaur , snake ,
canopied female figure mounted on human - headed animal , bird - killing snake

Author: James Fergusson


ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000401486

Category: Amrāvati (India)

Page: 276

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Categories: Amrāvati (India)

The City Trilogy

The City Trilogy

They attacked the Green Snake Brotherhood from all sides with half pikes. Taken
by surprise, several dozen warriors were killed by the Serpent people in a matter
of moments. Yu Kui knew they had fallen into a trap; he hastily blew his snake ...

Author: Hsi-kuo Chang

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231502467

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 464

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Taiwan's most innovative science fiction writer presents three tales of intrigue, espionage, betrayal, political strife, time travel, and Chinese history and mysticism. After thousands of years of civil unrest and countless wars, the weary Huhui people of Sunlon City have once again succumbed to a ruthless and overpowering enemy. In Five Jade Disks, the first book in the trilogy, the imperialistic Shan have enslaved the inhabitants of Sunlon City and imposed a harsh martial order. As the Shan fight to retain control of the restless Huhui natives, an unstable rebel alliance prepares to win back its homeland. Amidst the confusion of revolt, Miss Qi, a determined young girl, emerges as an unlikely leader. With the help of her friends and the loyal Green Snake Brotherhood, Miss Qi discovers that an ancient cult and its insidious and unusually powerful leader may hold the key to the rebels' victory—or may yet be the cause of their undoing. As she rushes to put the pieces together, the rebels, divided by internal factions, strive to band together in a heroic attempt to overthrow the Shan. The story continues in Defenders of the Dragon City. The Shan have been defeated, but the victory celebrations of the Huhui are quickly brought to an end. After deserting Sunlon City, the Shan regroup and return for one final and bitter attempt to destroy the weakened rebel forces. During their exile, the Shan turn their aggressions against the indigenous races of the Huhui planet, a colorful mix of peaceful tribes resembling serpents, eagles, and leopards. Forced into the war to save their remaining territory, the indigenous peoples join the Huhui in their continuing struggle against the Shan. The third novel, Tale of a Feather, opens with images of chaos and devastation. The conflict with the Shan has left the city in flames, and refugees are fleeing in droves through the main gates. Taking advantage of the turmoil, a ruthless dictator assumes control of the weak interim government and begins a treacherous campaign to eliminate his adversaries. In this volatile atmosphere, Miss Qi continues her desperate search to discover the origin of the mysterious Bronze Statue Cult and come to terms with the dark power it wields over her people. The trilogy, first published in Taiwan in the late 1980s and early 1990s and widely considered to be a modern classic, is now presented for the first time in English and in a single volume. In these allegorical tales, Chang confronts some of the most serious and divisive issues of our time, including the burden of history and the ravages of oppression, racism, and ethnic displacement.
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We kill a serpent if we go in danger by it, simply for being such and such a
serpent in such and such a place; but we never say ... Its crime is that of being the
thing which it is: but this is a capital offence, and we are right in killing it out of the
way, ...

Author: Samuel Butler

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486111070

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 873

Erewhon (an anagram for "nowhere") is a faraway land where machinery is forbidden, sickness is a crime, and criminals receive compassionate medical treatment. Butler's brilliant Utopian novel is an entertaining and thought-provoking work.
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