Folk Art and Modern Culture in Republican China

Folk Art and Modern Culture in Republican China

During the war against Japan, from 1937 to 1945, educated artists deployed imagery and styles drawn from folk art in morale-boosting propaganda images, but worried that this work fell short of true artistic accomplishment and pandering to ...

Author: Felicity Lufkin

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498526296

Category: History

Page: 292

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Folk art is now widely recognized as an integral part of the modern Chinese cultural heritage, but in the early twentieth century, awareness of folk art as a distinct category in the visual arts was new. Internationally, intellectuals in different countries used folk arts to affirm national identity and cultural continuity in the midst of the changes of the modern era. In China, artists, critics and educators likewise saw folk art as a potentially valuable resource: perhaps it could be a fresh source of cultural inspiration and energy, representing the authentic voice of the people in contrast to what could be seen as the limited and elitist classical tradition. At the same time, many Chinese intellectuals also saw folk art as a problem: they believed that folk art, as it was, promoted superstitious and backward ideas that were incompatible with modernization and progress. In either case, folk art was too important to be left in the hands of the folk: educated artists and researchers felt a responsibility intervene, to reform folk art and create new popular art forms that would better serve the needs of the modern nation. In the early 1930s, folk art began to figure in the debates on social role of art and artists that were waged in the pages of the Chinese press, the first major exhibition of folk art was held in Hangzhou, and the new print movement claimed the print as a popular artistic medium while, for the most part, declaring its distance from contemporary folk printmaking practices. During the war against Japan, from 1937 to 1945, educated artists deployed imagery and styles drawn from folk art in morale-boosting propaganda images, but worried that this work fell short of true artistic accomplishment and pandering to outmoded tastes. The questions raised in interaction with folk art during this pivotal period, questions about heritage, about the social position of art, and the exercise of cultural authority continue to resonate into the present day.
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China Art Modernity

China   Art   Modernity

On attitudes towards folk art in modern China, and on high art practices which
adopt folk idioms, see Felicity Lufkin, Folk Art and Modern Culture in Republican
China (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2016). On the Soviet influence on
Chinese ...

Author: David Clarke

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9789888455911

Category: Art

Page: 256

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China—Art—Modernity provides a critical introduction to modern and contemporary Chinese art as a whole. It illuminates what is distinctive and significant about the rich range of art created during the tumultuous period of Chinese history from the end of Imperial rule to the present day. The story of Chinese art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is shown to be deeply intertwined with that of the country’s broader socio-political development, with art serving both as a tool for the creation of a new national culture and as a means for critiquing the forms that culture has taken. The book’s approach is inclusive. In addition to treating art within the Chinese Mainland itself during the Republican and Communist eras, for instance, it also looks at the art of colonial Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese diaspora. Similarly, it gives equal prominence to artists employing tools and idioms of indigenous Chinese origin and those who engage with international styles and contemporary media. In this way it writes China into the global story of modern art as a whole at a moment in intellectual history when Western-centred stories of modern and contemporary culture are finally being recognized as parochial and inadequate. Assuming no previous background knowledge of Chinese history and culture, this concise yet comprehensive and richly-illustrated book will appeal to those who already have an established interest in modern Chinese art and those for whom this is a novel topic. It will be of particular value to students of Chinese art or modern art in general, but it is also for those in the wider reading public with a curiosity about modern China. At a time when that country has become a major actor on the world stage in all sorts of ways, accessible sources of information concerning its modern visual culture are nevertheless surprisingly scarce. As a consequence, a fully nuanced picture of China’s place in the modern world remains elusive. China—Art—Modernity is a timely remedy for that situation. ‘Here is a book that offers a comprehensive account of the dizzying transformations of Chinese art and society in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Breaking free of conventional dichotomies between traditional and modern, Chinese and Western that have hobbled earlier studies, Clarke’s highly original book is exactly what I would assign my own students. Anyone eager to understand developments in China within the global history of modern art should read this book.’ —Robert E. Harrist Jr., Columbia University ‘Clarke’s book presents a critically astute mapping of the arts of modern and contemporary China. It highlights the significance of urban and industrial contexts, migration, diasporas and the margins of the mainland, while imaginatively seeking to inscribe its subject into the broader story of modern art. A timely and reliable intervention—and indispensable for the student and non-specialist reader.’ —Shane McCausland, SOAS University of London
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Contemporary Anthropologies of the Arts in China

Contemporary Anthropologies of the Arts in China

Modern China 17 (3): 299Y341. Little, S., S. Eichman, P. Ebrey, K. Schipper, N. S.
Steinhardt and H. Wu 2000. Taoism and the arts of China. Chicago: The Art
Institute of Chicago. LufNin, F. 2016. Folk art and modern culture in Republican ...

Author: Robert Layton

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527527065

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

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The anthropology of art in China includes studies of popular arts among the Han in both rural and urban settings, and of folk arts among minority peoples. The country is currently experiencing rapid social change and aesthetic values are being transformed. Chinese scholars have both an exciting range of dramatic case studies to present and their own distinctive theories to offer on these processes. This volume is the first to present an overview of the anthropology of art in China to researchers in the English-speaking world. The essays are written by leading Chinese professors in the fields of visual art, dance, music and art theory.
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The Language of Color in China

The Language of Color in China

Since the earliest times of Chinese colors, folk color culture was significant in the
formation of the color system. For example, red is a respected traditional ... Folk
Art and Modern Culture in Republican China. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016.

Author: Jun Zhou

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527526167

Category: History

Page: 339

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This is the first book to explore color history in Asia. Color is a natural phenomenon and a fundamental element of the universe, and offers a medium to communicate with others globally. It is a language of signals, such as traffic lights, signs or symbols, and an essential part of society. Color attracts people’s attention and transmits important information. As such, color language denotes all of the activities of human history, and has been associated with changes in society, economic development, and dynasties replacing the old with the new. The book brings together many elements of Chinese history with reference to the topic of ‘color’ and has evolved from the authors’ respective interests in art and design, teaching and research, consultancy and publishing. The topic will be of increasing importance in the future as a consequence of China’s increasing influence in the sphere of global culture. For practitioners of art and design, the book will be a valuable resource; for the general public, interested in the development of Chinese aesthetics over the centuries, it will provide a new perspective complimentary to existing studies about art, design and the history of the region.
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Drawing from Life Sketching and Socialist Realism in the People s Republic of China

Drawing from Life   Sketching and Socialist Realism in the People   s Republic of China

36. 37. 38. 39. David Der-wei Wang, “In the Name of the Real,” in Chinese Art:
Modern Expressions, ed. ... 2 (2004): 123–59; Felicity Lufkin, Folk Art and Modern
Culture in Republican China (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2016), 143–87. 34.

Author: Christine I. Ho


ISBN: 9780520309623

Category: Art

Page: 320

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Drawing from Life explores revolutionary drawing and sketching in the early People's Republic of China (1949-1965) in order to discover how artists created a national form of socialist realism. Tracing the development of seminal works by the major painters Xu Beihong, Wang Shikuo, Li Keran, Li Xiongcai, Dong Xiwen, and Fu Baoshi, author Christine I. Ho reconstructs how artists grappled with the representational politics of a nascent socialist art. The divergent approaches, styles, and genres presented in this study reveal an art world that is both heterogeneous and cosmopolitan. Through a history of artistic practices in pursuit of Maoist cultural ambitions--to forge new registers of experience, new structures of feeling, and new aesthetic communities--this original book argues that socialist Chinese art presents a critical, alternative vision for global modernism.
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Folk Art in Modern China 1930 1945

Folk Art in Modern China  1930 1945

Republican China , each with its own specific methods and aims . 244 Urban
adult ... Many people involved with the mass education movement saw the study
of folk arts as a key to understanding rural culture and peasant mentality .
Educators ...

Author: Felicity Anne Lufkin


ISBN: UCAL:C3479425

Category: Art objects, Chinese

Page: 503

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Categories: Art objects, Chinese

Semiotic Warfare

Semiotic Warfare

modes of artistic expression a kind of “ modern aestheticist style trimmed with
Chinese folk art ” ( xiandaipai jia minjian ... Yuan Yunsheng The end of the
Cultural Revolution brought about an ideological and cultural vacuum . ... As
during the Republican period from the early 20th century and the first decade of
the People ' s Republic , the development of a new national style was considered
necessary .

Author: Martina Köppel-Yang

Publisher: Timezone 8 Limited

ISBN: 9889726297

Category: Art

Page: 245

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A Century in Crisis

A Century in Crisis

San Francisco : Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco ; 1984 , Chuang ,
Shen . “ Art and Politics : Study of a Special Relationship in Contemporary
Chinese Painting . ” In Twentieth - Century Chinese ... Berliner , Nancy Zeng .
Chinese Folk Art : The Small Skills of Carving Insects . ... of Contemporary China .
” In The Limits of Change : Essays on Conservative Alternatives in Republican
China , ed .

Author: Julia Frances Andrews

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: UOM:39015043760464

Category: Art, Chinese

Page: 329

View: 343

Between 1850 and today, China has undergone an unprecedented series of shocks and transformations. Published to accompany an exhibition at the Guggenheum Museum, this book systematically explores 150 years of artistic production in China.
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Modern China Studies

Modern China Studies

Art and ideology in the Yenan period 19371945 An analysis of the problems
involved in the use of popular performing genres and folk art in the areas under
Communist Party control . ... Ph.D. thesis ; edc : 1981 ISHIHARA , MICHIHIRO
Artistic and cultural exchanges between Japan and Ch'ing dynasty China see
Foreign Relations BIBLIOGRAPHY IWASAKI , FUKUO ... using biographical
profiles of Ch'en and Liu as ground for cross - analysis of the Republican and
People's Republic ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106019847471

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If this is true for folk art, is the same thing true for the "higher" arts? Cannot China
be ... Chinese scroll paintings are a magnificent repository of culture. ... But in
China, in the Republican period artists had grown so self-absorbed and
infatuated with themselves that they deceived themselves as well as others. In
such a ... The greatest developments in modern Chinese art have been one-
sided or extreme.

Author: Valerie C. Doran

Publisher: Hanart T Z Gallery

ISBN: STANFORD:36105005164509

Category: Art

Page: 232

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About the Authors Nancy Berliner is Curator of Chinese Art at the Peabody Essex
Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, where ... and Asian Art and American Craft
magazines, and is the author of Chinese Folk Art; Beyond the Screen: Chinese
Furniture ... Furniture from China's Towns and Villages; Inspired by China:
Contemporary Furnituremakers Explore Chinese ... the Origins of Chinese
Communism and The Alienated Academy: Culture and Politics in Republican
China, 1919–1937.

Author: Michael Knight

Publisher: Asian Art Museum of San

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131253846

Category: Architecture

Page: 284

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The growth of Shanghai viewed through its dynamic visual culture
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Writing and Materiality in China

Writing and Materiality in China

To this day , the New Culture movement has not really succeeded , and their
outcry has long since died out . ... of those intellectuals who were genuinely
concerned with the wellbeing of national culture , the vernacular language , and
folk arts . ... On the contrary , the " folk ” resided very much at the heart of the mass
urban culture of Republican China that would later become the ... modern
intellectuals .

Author: Patrick Hanan

Publisher: Harvard Univ Council on East Asian

ISBN: UVA:X004634485

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 639

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The goal of this volume is to consider the relationship of writing to materiality in China's literary history and to ponder the physical aspects of the production and circulation of writing.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Republic of China Yearbook

Republic of China Yearbook

The East Rift Valley te tien in xotic culture , breathtaking scenery , priceless art ,
the entire range of Chinese cuisine , and hospitable ... Northern Taiwan : Where
Ancient and Modern Coexist The ROC ' s “ economic miracle ” has put a modern
face on Taipei , but the city is still Chinese at heart . ... Chinese opera and
demonstrations of crafts and folk arts are presented on Sundays and holidays . ...
The Lin Family Garden HERIB is Taiwan ' s best example of Pre - Republican
Chinese ...



ISBN: UCAL:B4509584

Category: Taiwan

Page: 800

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The Republic of China Yearbook 1999

The Republic of China Yearbook 1999

Services for tourists E xotic culture , breathtaking scenery , priceless art , the
entire range of Chinese cuisine , and hospitable ... Chinese opera and
demonstrations of crafts and folk arts are presented on Sundays and holidays . ...
The Lin Family Garden 林本源園邸 is Taiwan's best example of Pre - Republican
Chinese architecture and gardens . ... the magnificent sandstone promontory that
Northern Taiwan : Where Ancient and Modern Coexist The ROC's " economic
miracle ” has put ...

Author: Republic of China. Goverment Information Office

Publisher: International Publication Service

ISBN: 9570234458

Category: Reference

Page: 804

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Current Contents Arts Humanities

Current Contents  Arts   Humanities

M. Hanson The puzzle of spermatorrhea in Republican China . H. Shapiro ... 1 .5
..13 ..18 POPULAR CULTURE AND FOLK ART - A ... C. Andre , C. McAllister
Graffitti Northwest - The suburban landscape ( Contemporary American folk art ) .

Author: Institute for scientific information (Philadelphie, Pa).


ISBN: 01633155



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Inventing Nanjing Road

Inventing Nanjing Road

6 This movement in China had a double impetus : not only was it a logical
extension of the “ art for life ” movement to promote the practical and applied arts
for national glory , it also promoted national economic rejuvenation through
consumer culture . ... movement in Republican China had several sources , a
major one being the contemporaneous European modern ... European Romantic
tradition in the arts , including interests in folk arts , “ Oriental ” trends , and
nationalistic revivals .

Author: Sherman Cochran

Publisher: Cornell East Asia Series

ISBN: UOM:39076002094782

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 252

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The contributors to this collection of seven essays (plus an editor's introduction and a comparative afterword) have framed debates about the construction of commercial culture in China. They all have agreed that during the early twentieth century China's commercial culture was centered in the private sector of Shanghai's economy and especially in the "concession" areas under Western or Japanese rule, but they have differed over the issue of whether foreign influence was decisive in the creation of Shanghai's commercial culture. Between 1900 and 1937, was Shanghai's commercial culture imported from the West or invented locally? And between 1937 and 1945, was the history of this commercial culture cut short by Japanese military invasions and occupations of the city or was it sustained throughout the war? The contributors have proposed various and even conflicting answers to these questions, and their interpretations bear upon wider debates in historical, cultural, and comparative studies.
Categories: Business & Economics

Literary Culture in Taiwan

Literary Culture in Taiwan

Traditional Literati and Modern Chinese Popular Literature in the Urban Setting
Finally, a 1995 essay by the PRC scholar ... is the second section of Chen's
article “Minjian he xiandai dushi wenhua” [The “folk” and modern urban culture] (
280–285), which ... However, under a succession of reactionary Republican
governments, this group came to assume control of various means of modern
urban cultural ...

Author: Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231507127

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

View: 433

With monumental changes in the last two decades, Taiwan is making itself anew. The process requires remapping not only the country's recent political past, but also its literary past. Taiwanese literature is now compelled to negotiate a path between residual high culture aspirations and the emergent reality of market domination in a relatively autonomous, increasingly professionalized field. This book argues that the concept of a field of cultural production is essential to accounting for the ways in which writers and editors respond to political and economic forces. It traces the formation of dominant concepts of literature, competing literary trends, and how these ideas have met political and market challenges. Contemporary Taiwanese literature has often been neglected and misrepresented by literary historians both inside and outside of Taiwan. Chang provides a comprehensive and fluent history of late twentieth-century Taiwanese literature by placing this vibrant tradition within the contexts of a modernizing local economy, a globalizing world economy, and a postcolonial and post-Cold War world order.
Categories: Literary Criticism

China Review 1994

China Review 1994

modernism and those who advocated a beaux - arts style based on realism as
taught in French academies had ... The Republican government favoured the
latter , believing realism could better serve the cause of revolution and mass ... a
tradition of Western style realism modified by elements of peasant folk painting
thereby prevailed into the Communist era . ... In any case , the lack of qualified
teachers knowledgeable in contemporary culture makes it difficult for things to
start up .

Author: Maurice Brosseau

Publisher: Chinese University Press

ISBN: 9622016162

Category: China

Page: 540

View: 266

Categories: China

The New York Times Book Review

The New York Times Book Review

Although under attack from broader historians of American culture , this
assumption of two warring styles has long been gospel for folk cultists . ... Here ,
for specialist and non - specialist alike , is the whole incomparable drama of the
emergence of modern China from the last days of the old ... Cloth $ 6.95 ; Vintage
Book paperback $ 1.95 N. REPUBLICAN CHINA . ... Sometimes it seems that
whether a painter is considered a folk artist or an academic depends on who
found him first .



ISBN: UOM:39015034639511

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Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

The new literature of Republican China , as a 1917 manifesto of Hu Shi ( 1891 -
1962 ) and Chen Duxiu ( 1879 – 1942 ) put it ... One result was the cultivation of
folk art and of folk - derived art forms ( e . g . , ballads and woodblock prints ) , but
... Superfluous Things : Material Culture and Social Status in Early Modern China

Author: Michael Kelly

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015045636514

Category: Philosophy

Page: 2224

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"Are things ugly or are they just not beautiful? The answer to this and many other questions can be found in this encyclopedia, the first large-scale comprehensive English-language reference on aesthetics and destined to be a classic in the field. Drawing from experts in the areas of philosophy, art, history, psychology, feminist theory, legal theory, and many more, the encyclopedia presents 600 signed essays alphabetically arranged. Most entries include a headnote clarifying the topic. Entries rangefrom the philosophical essay on ugliness, to the more reality-based article on the impact of AIDS on the arts. Comprehensive coverage includes key figures, concepts, periods, theories, and movements in the history of aesthetics."--"Outstanding ReferenceSources: the 1999 Selection of New Titles", American Libraries, May 1999. Comp. by the Reference Sources Committee, RUSA, ALA.
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