Erotic Dots

Erotic Dots

Author: Carlton Books,John Mason

Publisher: Carlton Books Limited

ISBN: 9781844426935

Page: 128

View: 9443

No artistic talent? Huge libido? Good sense of humour? This is the book for you. Using the dot to dot technique familiar from your childhood days, you can recreate steamy sex scenes with explicit positions, using just a pencil! If you can count, you can do it. Erotic Dots contains 60 colour photos with sections redrawn as dot to dot artworks for you to complete. You'll be aroused, you'll be intrigued and you'll be amused.
Categories: Humor

Naughty Dots

Naughty Dots

Author: Editors Of Fair Winds Press

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 1592337511

Page: 128

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Challenge yourself to solve 80 provocative, sexually explicit dot-to-dot puzzles. As you connect the dots and view the fascinating clues, the intimate and sexy scenes reveal themselves. With just a few tantalizing clues - a foot, intimate bits of body parts in strange positions and places on the page, rope and handcuffs - youlll be instantly tempted to reveal the seductive photos hidden in each full-color dot-to-dot puzzle. Puzzles range from easy to very challenging, and sexy solutions for all puzzles appear in the back of the book. Find out what seductive surprises await you!

Connect the Erotic Dots

More Than 90 Sexy Puzzles to Enhance Your Romance!

Connect the Erotic Dots

Author: Donald Juan

Publisher: Sellers Publishing

ISBN: 9781416246046

Page: 96

View: 748

Connect The Erotic Dots offers 90+ detailed connect-the-dots puzzles that will add fun and frivolity to any couple's love life. These are definitely not the connect-the-dots puzzles of your parent's generation! Do the puzzles with a special someone, or solve them on your own. Either way they will reveal new and imaginative ways to enhance and invigorate your sex life!

The Birth of the Body: Russian Erotic Prose of the First Half of the Twentieth Century

A Reader

The Birth of the Body: Russian Erotic Prose of the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Author: Alexei Lalo

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004237755

Page: 166

View: 9308

This anthology of Russian erotic writings of 1900 to 1940 consists of texts previously unavailable in English. They all reflect the fascinating, albeit laborious, nature of the "birth of the body" in the Russian literature and culture of the period.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Point, Dot, Period… The Dynamics of Punctuation in Text and Image

Point, Dot, Period… The Dynamics of Punctuation in Text and Image

Author: Laurence Petit,Pascale Tollance

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443892343

Page: 215

View: 6065

Point, Dot, Period… The Dynamics of Punctuation in Text and Image is a collection of twelve previously unpublished essays which explore the fundamental role played by punctuation in the two semiotic fields of text and image. Whilst drawing upon a wide range of material, including painting, engraving, photography, video art, poetry, fiction, and journalism, each essay contributes to the exploration of singular uses of punctuation which highlight the complexity of what remains in all cases a silent, and yet particularly eloquent, mode of expression. By bringing together authors from a variety of fields, such as linguistics, literary studies, and art criticism, at a time when the relation between text and image occupies a prominent place in the critical landscape, this volume offers new insights into the possibility and nature of their encounter, and invites the reader to focus on the material aspect of visual and textual creation. This collection also offers an original approach to the works of some major artists and canonical authors, whilst simultaneously making room for emerging talents.
Categories: English language

Erotic Nightmares

Erotic Nightmares

Author: Richard Blandford

Publisher: Canelo

ISBN: 1911591169

Page: 300

View: 5224

The first short story collection from acclaimed novelist Richard Blandford They say it’s impossible to feel two extreme emotions at the same time. In the world of Erotic Nightmares, however, anything is possible. In ‘Pretty Boy Tigh’, a presenter on a pre-school kids’ TV channel finds himself an unlikely sex symbol, before a blackmail plot forces him into the role of detective. With only a depressed clown and an athletic co-star to help him, he must unmask his nemesis before his sex secrets are splattered across the internet. Two English Literature students shackled together in a house-share of the damned each have a thorny problem to overcome in ‘Rake’. It’s not easy being ‘Big Lug’, an imaginary friend who has grown up, long unseen by the girl who dreamt him up, but has fallen in love with her. Max infilatrates a ghost-hunting group in ‘Aggie and the Hatman’ and stumbles into a world of odd ideas, unusual kinks, and the Hatman, who is either a demon out to steal souls or a harmless shadow. These four stories, and three more, are Erotic Nightmares. Funny, dark, sexy and repulsive, often at the same time, these are truly the short stories the 21st century deserves.
Categories: Fiction