Elegance in Engineering

Elegance in Engineering

The content of this book was always going to be subjective, for my opinion of
what constitutes aesthetic elegance in engineering will differ from that of many
people. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. The simple premise of this
book ...

Author: Colin Alexander

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445686226

Category: Transportation

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Explore a fascinating look at the history of one of the most iconic machines of all time - the British steam locomotive.
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Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering

Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering

Design. Elegance. and. Systems. Engineering. “A designer knows he has
achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is
nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French aviator ...

Author: Azad M. Madni

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319621845

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 212

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This book explores the ways that disciplinary convergence and technological advance are transforming systems engineering to address gaps in complex systems engineering: Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering (TSE). TSE reaches beyond traditional disciplines to find connections—and this book examines a range of new methods from across such disparate areas of scholarship as computer science, social science, human studies, and systems design to reveal patterns, efficiencies, affordances, and pathways to intuitive design. Organized to serve multiple constituencies, the book stands as an ideal textbook supplement for graduate courses in systems engineering, a reference text for program managers and practicing engineers in all industries, and a primary source for researchers engaged in multidisciplinary research in systems engineering and design.
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The Environmental Challenge of the 1990s

The Environmental Challenge of the 1990s

( 2 ) I now end it with the question - - How do we translate the " shoulds " in this
quote into reality in engineering education so that environmental elegance ,
including design for the entire life cycle , does in fact become a part of the culture
of ...



ISBN: UOM:39015063176021

Category: Factory and trade waste

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Creativity in Engineering

Creativity in Engineering

Elegance and genesis sit further up in the hierarchy (Figure 4.1). In engineering
creativity, while it is possible to talk about creativity without novelty and
effectiveness (i.e., creativity that is only domainrelevant, or quasi/pseudo-
creativity), in the ...

Author: David H Cropley

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128003183

Category: Psychology

Page: 348

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Creativity is like an iceberg - the resulting new idea, or novel solution is only 10% of the effort. The other 90% is the complex interplay of thinking skills and strategies, personal and motivational properties that activate these skills and strategies, and the social and organizational factors of the environment that influence the creative process. Creativity in Engineering focuses on the Process, Person, Product, and Place to understand when and why creativity happens in the engineering environment and how it can be further encouraged. Special Features: Applies findings in creativity research to the engineering arena Defines engineering creativity and differentiates it from innovation Discusses personality and motivational factors that impact creativity Clarifies the role of creativity in the design process Details the impact of thinking skills and strategies in creativity Identifies the role the organization and environment plays in encouraging creativity Discusses the 4P's of Creativity: Person, Product, Process, and Place Provides tactics and tools that will help users foster creativity in engineering environments Identifies how creativity results in innovative new solutions to problems Applies creativity research and knowledge to the engineering space
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Systems Engineering Principles and Practice

Systems Engineering Principles and Practice

In addition, on‐demand queries can be created to answer key program or
systems engineering questions and enable stakeholders to gain insights about
the system being modeled. Systems Modeling and Elegance The creation of an ...

Author: Alexander Kossiakoff

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119516675

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 688

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A comprehensive and interdisciplinary guide to systems engineering Systems Engineering: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition is the leading interdisciplinary reference for systems engineers. The up-to-date third edition provides readers with discussions of model-based systems engineering, requirements analysis, engineering design, and software design. Freshly updated governmental and commercial standards, architectures, and processes are covered in-depth. The book includes newly updated topics on: Risk Prototyping Modeling and simulation Software/computer systems engineering Examples and exercises appear throughout the text, allowing the reader to gauge their level of retention and learning. Systems Engineering: Principles and Practice was and remains the standard textbook used worldwide for the study of traditional systems engineering. The material is organized in a manner that allows for quick absorption of industry best practices and methods. Throughout the book, best practices and relevant alternatives are discussed and compared, encouraging the reader to think through various methods like a practicing systems engineer.
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Structural Adhesive Joints in Engineering

Structural Adhesive Joints in Engineering

The loads borne or stress analyses of vital sections of the structure are not given
and the engineer is left with the message ... Engineering elegance in design is
recognized by all engineers but, although it can be analysed in specific cases, it
is ...

Author: R. D. Adams

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400956162

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 309

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The intention of this book is that it should contain everything an engineer needs to know to be able to design and produce adhesively bonded joints which are required to carry significant loads. The advan tages and disadvantages of bonding are given, together with a sufficient understanding of the necessary mechanics and chemistry to enable the designer to make a sound engineering judgement in any particular case. The stresses in joints are discussed extensively so that the engineer can get sufficient philosophy or feel for them, or can delve more deeply into the mathematics to obtain quantitative solutions even with elasto plastic behaviour. A critical description is given of standard methods of testing adhesives, both destructively and non-destructively. The essen tial chemistry of adhesives and the importance of surface preparation are described and guidance is given for adhesive selection by me ans of check lists. For many applications, there will not be a unique adhesive which alone is suitable, and factors such as cost, convenience, produc tion considerations or familiarity may be decisive. A list of applications is given as examples. The authors wish to increase the confidence of engineers using adhesive bonding in load-bearing applications by the information and experience presented. With increasing experience of adhesives en gineering, design will become more elegant as weH as more fitted to its products.
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Everyday Engineering

Everyday Engineering

In the second half of the book, stories unfold. In these stories, pieces of engineering and design are deployed in the world to carry out their useful functions, beyond the protective reach of the people who created them." -foreword.

Author: Andrew Burroughs

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 081186054X

Category: Architecture

Page: 189

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"This book is not as much about answers as it is about questions. It is not intended to be a guide to the built world around us, but a spur to encourage us all simply to be more inquisitive. The first half of the book shows the struggle that goes into making ubiquitous objects do their jobs and the triumph that engineers experience when the objects succeed, and it tries to reveal some of the thought processes behind their work. In the second half of the book, stories unfold. In these stories, pieces of engineering and design are deployed in the world to carry out their useful functions, beyond the protective reach of the people who created them." -foreword.
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Ecological Engineering for Pest Management

Ecological Engineering for Pest Management

Examples from recent and current research, combined with liberal use of figures
and tables, illustrate the elegance and utility of ecological engineering for pest
management, showing that it is much more than so-called 'chocolate-box ecology
', ...

Author: Geoff M Gurr


ISBN: 9780643100077

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 244

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Ecological engineering is about manipulating farm habitats, making them less favourable for pests and more attractive to beneficial insects. Though they have received far less research attention and funding, ecological approaches may be safer and more sustainable than their controversial cousin, genetic engineering. This book brings together contributions from international workers leading the fast moving field of habitat manipulation, reviewing the field and paving the way towards the development and application of new pest management approaches. Chapters explore the frontiers of ecological engineering methods including molecular approaches, high tech marking and remote sensing. They also review the theoretical aspects of this field and how ecological engineering may interact with genetic engineering. The technologies presented offer opportunities to reduce crop losses to insects while reducing the use of pesticides and providing potentially valuable habitat for wildlife conservation. With contributions from the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya and Israel, this book provides comprehensive coverage of international progress towards sustainable pest management.
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Fundamentals of Engineering Programming with C and Fortran

Fundamentals of Engineering Programming with C and Fortran

A basic premise of this book is that the engineer, regardless of discipline, is more
interested in fast program prototyping and accurate data outputs than in program
elegance or structure. The novice engineering programmer is concerned ...

Author: Harley R. Myler

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521629500

Category: Computers

Page: 209

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A 1998 beginner's guide to problem solving with computers - both a text for introductory-level engineering undergraduates and a self-study guide for practising engineers.
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In Pursuit of Elegance

In Pursuit of Elegance

In the bestselling tradition of The Tipping Point, Made to Stick, and The Black Swan, In Pursuit of Elegance will change the way you think about the world.

Author: Matthew E. May

Publisher: Crown Business

ISBN: 9780385530354

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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What made the Sopranos finale one of the most-talked-about events in television history? Why is sudoku so addictive and the iPhone so darn irresistible? What do Jackson Pollock and Lance Armstrong have in common with theoretical physicists and Buddhist monks? Elegance. In this thought-provoking exploration of why certain events, products, and people capture our attention and imaginations, Matthew E. May examines the elusive element behind so many innovative breakthroughs in fields ranging from physics and marketing to design and popular culture. Combining unusual simplicity and surprising power, elegance is characterized by four key elements—seduction, subtraction, symmetry, and sustainability. In a compelling, story-driven narrative that sheds light on the need for elegance in design, engineering, art, urban planning, sports, and work, May offers surprising evidence that what’s “not there” often trumps what is. In the bestselling tradition of The Tipping Point, Made to Stick, and The Black Swan, In Pursuit of Elegance will change the way you think about the world.
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The distribution of the engineering systems will locate a primary plant on each of
the technical floors. In this way the central plant is broken down to enable it to be
sized for improved part- load performance and thereby increase its overall ...

Author: Ali Rahim

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470029688

Category: Architecture

Page: 128

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Elegance represents an important watershed in architectural design. Since the onset of computer-driven technologies, innovative designers have, almost exclusively, been preoccupied with the pursuit of digital techniques. This issue of AD extrapolates current design tendencies and brings them together to present a new type of architecture, one that is seamlessly trying processes, space, structure and material together with beauty. ‘Elegance’ here is cast with a new contemporary meaning as it is applied to work that is effortlessly complex. It is analogous to an elegant algorithm that uses a small amount of initiative code to great effect. In a structure elegance may be expressed by a complex surface that retains its continuity and integrity even when punctured. In many ways, Elegance marks a coming of age for, ‘digital architecture’, as architects become more adept at producing complexity and integrating digital design technologies, production and assembly systems producing elegant solutions. It is the potent finesse that is often associated with the work of Zaha Hadid Architects and other featured architects, such as Mark Goulthorpe of Decoi and Hani Rashid of Asymptote.
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Biomedical Ethics for Engineers

Biomedical Ethics for Engineers

Ethics and Decision Making in Biomedical and Biosystem Engineering Daniel A.
Vallero ... Second, the elegance of the engineering process is ignored or given
little credence in the ethical decision-making analysis. Third, the intricacies of ...

Author: Daniel Vallero

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080476104

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 408

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Biomedical Ethics for Engineers provides biomedical engineers with a new set of tools and an understanding that the application of ethical measures will seldom reach consensus even among fellow engineers and scientists. The solutions are never completely technical, so the engineer must continue to improve the means of incorporating a wide array of societal perspectives, without sacrificing sound science and good design principles. Dan Vallero understands that engineering is a profession that profoundly affects the quality of life from the subcellular and nano to the planetary scale. Protecting and enhancing life is the essence of ethics; thus every engineer and design professional needs a foundation in bioethics. In high-profile emerging fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and green engineering, public concerns and attitudes become especially crucial factors given the inherent uncertainties and high stakes involved. Ethics thus means more than a commitment to abide by professional norms of conduct. This book discusses the full suite of emerging biomedical and environmental issues that must be addressed by engineers and scientists within a global and societal context. In addition it gives technical professionals tools to recognize and address bioethical questions and illustrates that an understanding of the application of these measures will seldom reach consensus even among fellow engineers and scientists. · Working tool for biomedical engineers in the new age of technology · Numerous case studies to illustrate the direct application of ethical techniques and standards · Ancillary materials available online for easy integration into any academic program
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Engineering An Endless Frontier

Engineering   An Endless Frontier

They were looked down on by ladies and gentlemen of letters and leisure who
fancied themselves cultured and superior to those who produced the goods and
services that made possible their elegance and opulence. Elitist slings and
arrows ...

Author: Sunny Y. AUYANG

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674020320

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 352

View: 564

Genetic engineering, nanotechnology, astrophysics, particle physics: We live in an engineered world, one where the distinctions between science and engineering, technology and research, are fast disappearing. This book shows how, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, the goals of natural scientists--to discover what was not known--and that of engineers--to create what did not exist--are undergoing an unprecedented convergence. Sunny Y. Auyang ranges widely in demonstrating that engineering today is not only a collaborator with science but its equal. In concise accounts of the emergence of industrial laboratories and chemical and electrical engineering, and in whirlwind histories of the machine tools and automobile industries and the rise of nuclear energy and information technology, her book presents a broad picture of modern engineering: its history, structure, technological achievements, and social responsibilities; its relation to natural science, business administration, and public policies. Auyang uses case studies such as the development of the F-117A Nighthawk and Boeing 777 aircraft, as well as the experiences of engineer-scientists such as Oliver Heaviside, engineer-entrepreneurs such as Henry Ford and Bill Gates, and engineer-managers such as Alfred Sloan and Jack Welch to give readers a clear sense of engineering's essential role in the future of scientific research. Table of Contents: Preface 1. Introduction 2 . Technology Takes Off 2.1 From Practical Art to Technology 2.2 Construction Becomes Mathematical 2.3 Experimenting with Machines 2.4 Science and Chemical Industries 2.5 Power and Communication 3. Engineering for Information 3.1 From Microelectronics to Nanotechnology 3.2 Computer Hardware and Software 3.3 Wireless, Satellites, and the Internet 4. Engineering in Society 4.1 Social Ascent and Images of Engineers 4.2 Partnership in Research and Development 4.3 Contributions to Sectors of the Economy 5. Innovation by Design 5.1 Inventive Thinking in Negative Feedback 5.2 Design Processes in Systems Engineering 5.3 “Working Together� in Aircraft Development 5.4 From Onboard Computers to Door Hinges 6. Sciences of Useful Systems 6.1 Mathematics in Engineering and Science 6.2 Information and Control Theories 6.3 Wind Tunnels and Internet Simulation 6.4 Integrative Materials Engineering 6.5 Biological Engineering Frontiers 7. Leaders Who Are Engineers 7.1 Business Leaders in the Car Industry 7.2 Public Policies and Nuclear Power 7.3 Managing Technological Risks Appendix A. Statistical Profiles of Engineers Appendix B. U.S. Research and Development Notes Index I am impressed by the scope of Engineering - An Endless Frontier, and fascinated by Sunny Auyang's comprehensive knowledge of the subject. This is just the kind of book the National Academy of Engineering has been encouraging to promote the importance of engineering to the public. It will have a long shelf-life in that it pulls together material that is not readily accessible, and will serve as a reference for anyone interested in engineering as a profession. Engineering needs this book! --John Hutchinson, Harvard University Engineering - An Endless Frontier is extraordinary in scope. Sunny Auyang describes the different kinds of contemporary engineering practices and productions, attempts to provide historical background, explains the scientific basis for engineering innovation in different fields, and addresses the broad, systems level managerial, entrepreneurial, and design activities of professionals. It's rare to find a single author who can grasp and explain the essential features of modern technologies across such an array of industrial sectors and engineering disciplines and explain how they work, why they work they way they do, and what is required for their innovation, development and, yes, even maintenance. --Louis L. Bucciarelli, Professor Emeritus of Engineering and Technology Studies, MIT
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Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering

Too often in today's quest to apply microprocessor technology to everything ,
tradeoffs are made among reliability , cost , and engineering elegance . The most
widely accepted anesthesia machine designs continue to be based upon simple

Author: Yadin David

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849318130

Category: Medical

Page: 432

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A volume in the Principles and Applications in Engineering series, Clinical Engineering focuses on managing the deployment of medical technology and integrating it appropriately with desired clinical practices. It provides a description of the wide range of responsibilities clinical engineers encounter, describes technology management and assessment in detail, and reviews the standards and regulatory agencies of interest. Then the book details various biomedical sensors, considering both biologic and electronic factors in sensor performance. Finally, the book covers bioinstrumentation, addressing traditional topics and recently developed instruments and devices such as pulse oximeters and home-care monitoring devices.
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In Search of Elegance in the Theory and Practice of Computation

In Search of Elegance in the Theory and Practice of Computation

... 3 Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences ...

Author: Val Tannen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642416606

Category: Computers

Page: 569

View: 776

This Festschrift volume, published in honour of Peter Buneman, contains contributions written by some of his colleagues, former students, and friends. In celebration of his distinguished career a colloquium was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, 27-29 October, 2013. The articles presented herein belong to some of the many areas of Peter's research interests.
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Rustic Elegance

Rustic Elegance

131 W. Main St. Missoula, MT 59802 406.721.7315 www.bceweb.com BRIDGER
ENGINEERS, INC 2233 W. Kagy Blvd., Ste. 3 Bozeman ...

Author: Ralph Kylloe

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781423619765

Category: House & Home

Page: 256

View: 111

Focusing on the work of Larry Pearson, AIA, who is recognized as a leader in rustic design, Rustic Elegance exudes both luxury and comfort, history and innovation. Pearson Design Group was the recipient of Mountain Living Magazine's prestigious 2009 Home of the Year Award and has been featured on HGTV'S Spectacular Homes. Features thirteen rustic homes from Montana, Colorado, and Connecticut. Ralph Kylloe, leading authority on rustic furniture, is the author of 20 previous books, including Cabins, Rustic Artistry for the Home, Cabin in the Woods, Cabins and Camp, Rustic Traditions, and The Rustic Home. He lives in Lake George, New York.
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Basic Civil Engineering

Basic Civil Engineering

They possess high degree of elegance , finishing , durability as well as they are
rust - proof also . However , bronze and stainless steel being very costly ,
therefore the windows of these metals are only used in hight class buildings .
Aluminum ...

Author: Rakesh Ranjan Bechar

Publisher: Firewall Media

ISBN: 8170087937

Category: Civil engineering

Page: 338

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Categories: Civil engineering

Polarization Engineering for LCD Projection

Polarization Engineering for LCD Projection

It explains polarization engineering, an extremely complex topic, with elegance
and clarity from basic theory and fundamentals to worked examples of
commercially available systems. All of the bulk optical materials and, in systems
with three ...

Author: Michael D. Robinson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470871065

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 308

View: 186

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projection technology has, in recent years, led the way in large area displays because of its potential to deliver scalable, high-resolution images at a low cost. Since large displayed images demand high brightness and contrast, a full understanding of polarization, and how to manage its effects, is essential for the development of quality systems. Using the example of LCD projection technology, this practical text provides a thorough coverage of polarization engineering problems, with appropriate solutions and mathematical tools for analysis. Key features: A comprehensive introduction to the basics of polarization, LCDs, projection technologies and LCD projection system engineering. A detailed examination of optical system components, including polarizers and retarder stack filters. A full treatment of system contrast and color management issues. In-depth analyses of how to manage polarization in the major LCD projection systems. Display engineers, scientists and technicians active in this field will find this a valuable resource, as will developers of large screen projection displays and microdisplays. Also useful for graduate students and researchers as an accessible introduction to the technology. The Society for Information Display (SID) is an international society, which has the aim of encouraging the development of all aspects of the field of information display. Complementary to the aims of the society, the Wiley-SID series is intended to explain the latest developments in information display technology at a professional level. The broad scope of the series addresses all facets of information displays from technical aspects through systems and prototypes to standards and ergonomics
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Technological Advancement Through Canada U S global Interchange

Technological Advancement Through Canada U S  global Interchange

Design should not merely meet envi . ronmental regulations ; environmental
elegance should be part of the culture of engineering education and practice .
Selection and design of manufacturing processes and products should
incorporate ...

Author: American Society for Engineering Education. Conference


ISBN: PSU:000018110111

Category: Engineering

Page: 2017

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