The New Sociology of Scotland

The New Sociology of Scotland

... Dundee there is a 'classic' sound for recognising native Dundonians: eh. Billy
Kay, in Scots: The Mither Tongue (2006: 152–3), gives a good example of this
sound in the following sentence: 'Eh hud meh eh on a peh' (I had my eye on a pie

Author: David McCrone

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781473987050

Category: Political Science

Page: 736

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With interdisciplinary coverage of a wide range of core topics – including social inequality, national identity, religion, sport and education – accompanied by comprehensive pedagogical features to encourage engagement, McCrone’s introduction provides students with an exciting new textbook on Scottish society
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... though the English accents of the 'county set' and the incomers can be heard
frequently in Perth. Dundee's unique feature is the 'eh' sound for 'I', as in 'Eh hud
meh eh on a peh' — 'I had my eye on a pie'. Theories such as the common one ...

Author: Billy Kay

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781780574189

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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Scots: The Mither Tongue is a classic of contemporary Scottish culture and essential reading for those who care about their country's identity in the twenty-first century. It is a passionately written history of how the Scots have come to speak the way they do and has acted as a catalyst for radical changes in attitude towards the language. In this completely revised edition, Kay vigorously renews the social, cultural and political debate on Scotland's linguistic future, and argues convincingly for the necessity to retain and extend Scots if the nation is to hold on to its intrinsic values. Kay places Scots in an international context, comparing and contrasting it with other lesser-used European languages, while at home questioning the Scottish Executive's desire to pay anything more than lip service to this crucial part of our national identity. Language is central to people's existence, and this vivid account celebrates the survival of Scots in its various dialects, its literature and song. The mither tongue is a national treasure that thrives in many parts of the country and underpins the speech of everyone who calls themselves a Scot.
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New Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect

New Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect

Author: Robert Crawford

Publisher: Birlinn

ISBN: UCSC:32106019992426

Category: Poetry

Page: 128

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"Twelve leading Scottish poets were asked to supply a selection of new work appropriate to Robert Burns's title 'Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect'"--P. [4] of cover.
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Assisting in Long Term Care

Assisting in Long Term Care

... central nervous system (SEN-tral NUR-vus SIS-tem) cerebellum (ser-eh-BELL-
um) cerebrospinal fluid (ser-eh-broh-SPY-nal ... lens (lenz) magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI) (mag-NET-ick REZ-oh-nans IM-aj-ing) meninges (meh-NIN-jeez)
motor ... (PARK-in-sons dih-ZEEZ) peripheral nervous system (peh-RIF-er-al
NUR-vus SIS-tem) position sense (poh-ZISH-un ... if subsequent rights
restrictions require it. fl SECTION 8 Residents with Specific Disorders Vocabulary
Components of ...

Author: Mary Jo Mirlenbrink Gerlach

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285633008

Category: Medical

Page: 768

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Now in its 6th Edition, ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE is the complete learning solution for Certified Nursing Assistants! The user-friendly book delivers all required content to prepare you for the certification exam while developing career skills for long-term care and sub-acute hospital settings. Topics include professional communication, daily CNA responsibilities, residents' rights, nutrition and hydration, restorative care, resident mobility, and maintaining a safe environment—all according to federal OBRA standards for nursing home care. ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE, 6th Edition also walks you through more than one hundred clinical procedures, detailing your role as a CNA in each. Available in hard copy and e-book formats, ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE, 6th Edition's helpful study features include review questions and self-tests, icons that point out key material, and a robust package of interactive, supplemental learning tools. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Assisting in Long Term Care

Assisting in Long Term Care

... cerebellum ( ser - eh - BELL - um ) cerebrospinal fluid ( ser - eh - broh - SPY -
nal FLEW - id ) cerebrovascular accident ... aj - ing ) meninges ( meh - NIN - jeez
) motor nerve ( MOH - tor nerv ) multiple sclerosis ( MS ) ( MULL - tih - pul skle -
ROH - sis ) ... Parkinson's disease ( PARK - in - sons dih - ZEEZ ) peripheral
nervous system ( peh - RIF - er - al NUR - vus SIS - tem ) ... goh ) Dendrites
Nucleus Axon Neuron ( Nerve Cell ) Neuron Soma 566 Section 8 Residents with
Specific Disorders.

Author: Barbara Hegner

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0766834794

Category: Medical

Page: 678

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This best-selling resource provides the theoretical and skills content nursing assistants require for the successful completion of the certification test. A major goal of the content is to help nursing assistants develop an understanding of the principles on safe and effective care of residents in long-term care. Core values stressed include empathy, caring, communication skills, and respect for residents and their families. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring resident's rights, adequate nutrition and hydration, maintenance of mobility, psychosocial interactions, and a safe environment. Liberal illustrations aid in visual learning.
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The Annotated Paragraph Bible

The Annotated Paragraph Bible

Of the children of Joseph : 10 of Ephraim ; Elishama the son of Ammihud : of
Manasseh ; Gamaliel the son of 11 Pedahzur . ... to go forth to war ; those that
were numbered of them , even of the tribe of Simeon , " were fifty and nine
thousand and three hundred . meh . ... eh . 2 . 18 . 20 Of the children of P Judah ,
by their generations , after their families , by the house peh . 2 3 4 of their fathers ,
according to ...



ISBN: WISC:89094611746


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The Big Bumper Book of Troy

The Big Bumper Book of Troy

... cut a dash Achilles ' helmet ' s shoddy stuff , no worth meh gran ' s pehdish till
some wee teuchter yells , ' Here ' s proof ! Eh saw him swing his cosh richt here .
Whaur ... Noo Dan ran frae thon desperate scrum fur Zeus hud made him feart .

Author: W. N. Herbert

Publisher: Bloodaxe Books Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015056204970

Category: Poetry

Page: 160

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The northern word for hometown, 'toon', flickers in meaning between 'tune' and 'cartoon'. In Bill Herbert's big bumper book, the title toon is Troy: the first lost home. Exiled to a lighthouse on the River Tyne, the wily Scots maestro has written a book in love with lost and difficult things. Sometimes reflective, sometimes subversively mischievous, he registers or rails against displacement and resettlement, lamenting the passing of relatives, cities, furniture, and the odd lemur.Plugged in to the poetry zeitgeist as ever, Herbert has revived a medieval publishing craze: the Troybook. Painstaking excavation of old comics establishes that the original site of Troytoon is Dundee. Or Madrid. Or possibly St Petersburg. The search for traces of Troy leads to Donegal, Crete, and, at the heart of his grand tour, a vivid verse journal set in post-perestroika Moscow. Dust off your highest brow and fasten your seatbelt, we're flying Economy to Byzantium.The Big Bumper Book of Troy is driven by sudden shifts of register - English to Scots, free verse to antique stanza, page to performance, narrative to lyric. Everything has become a dialect, yet - cheekily borrowing the Russian composer Schnittke's term - Herbert aims at a disrespectful polystylist unity. It is his most unorthodox rebellion yet against the dictatorship of the slim volume. A riot of colourful humour, a revolution in poetic taste.
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A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature

A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature

Ainta pheca Kettin bel Bayam Shelifa el Mokhnah Búrjeh pe 1 Son Aok thúzin
Harajeh rashid or ith Haush Ras el Aires o ... Zebiren Lähiteli / Hamsin Hutamono
Nawarân Unkhuld ziny Abdeh Bethena eh Fisk Ardinka Wükkas Vest Benát
Yakib Haba ... Vakaawh Tarzan tumeinehun ray - Asu cho Burmeh A e shikos W.
Haranam Arsurl Saurin Kefe Sacchem Neapold ... Maju , Kulat Bahúa Buntar , W
Tel Kluberah Enkeilche W. Ledhud TA W Sheriah Farweikleh ID Saliheh
Lisan fr .

Author: John Kitto


ISBN: NLI:000203017737

Category: Bible


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Hello Kitty Hello World

Hello Kitty  Hello World

... lait ( lay ) pastries les pâtisseries ( lay pah - tis - er - ' ee ) petit fours petits -
fours ( peh - tee - fur ) boutique Andia Hindi art ... nee ) ruoti ruote ( roo - oh - tay )
salami salame ( sa - ' lah - meh ) shoe scarpa ( ' skar - pah ) spaghetti spaghetti (
spah ... ( him - ' ah - luy puh - ' hud ) India Hindustan ( hin - doo - stan ) peacock
moar ( mo - ar ) poppadoms poppadoms ( pop ... rock garden ganseki teien ( gon
- se - kee tay - en ) salmon roe ikura ( ee - oo - rah ) shrimp sushi ebi ( eh - bee )
sushi ...

Author: Higashi/Glaser Design Inc.

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

ISBN: UOM:39015056220950

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Each double-page spread presents information about a country around the world and includes "Hello" in the language of that country.
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Vollst ndigstes englisch deutsches und deutsch englisches Handw rterbuch

Vollst  ndigstes englisch deutsches und deutsch englisches Handw  rterbuch

Packet (rackets. 1) Paket, Päckcen; FÄ-Prunkstufrie, Puppenspiel n.; v. a. zum
Palatial Ipa-Meh'schal] a. ... Pageantry peh'dschent-ri) s. Gepränge n. Prunk m.
Pagehood (pebdsch'hud] s. Pagenstand m. ... streifen, umpfählen, (-in) er ßen; -
up (Bäme) an Spaltere:c. bü Paleaceons [reh-li-eh'schuß a. sr tig; spreublätterig.

Author: Friedrich Köhler


ISBN: UCAL:$B80914

Category: German language


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Proposed Amendments to Constitution

Proposed Amendments to Constitution

... A4 general sessieh's shall eehorehee at 42 elekoek * en the first Mehday after
the first day ef At the general sessieh; he bill; ether than the £udget 43+H sha} be
heard by any eehomittee ep aeted #peh by either hetise totil 39 eałehdar days
have elapsed £ellewiłłg ... may be +ke thełłłłer's ef the kettser +++ 4*eh Member
ef the £egislature shak, reeeive £of his seriees, the sttha ef five htthdred del+a+s
($599). ... ahākī e£ its members: - - d Thirteenth, That Section 8 of Article:

Author: California



Category: Constitutional amendments

Page: 38

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The New International Encyclopaedia

The New International Encyclopaedia

Author: Daniel Coit Gilman


ISBN: PRNC:32101079830244

Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries


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Hebrew Books from the Harvard College Library

Hebrew Books from the Harvard College Library

Author: Harvard College Library. Judaica Collection

Publisher: München : K.G. Saur

ISBN: UOM:39015043026502

Category: Bible

Page: 219

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Index to microfiche collection of 4,934 titles filmed on 11,453 microfiche. It is divided into three sections: Author/Title, Subject and Imprint.
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Hethitica 16

Hethitica 16

Le present volume se veut avant tout un hommage de la collection louvaniste Hethitica a la memoire du regrette Professeur Erich Neu, eminent hittitologue, lequel occupa une place importante au sein du Comite de Redaction.

Author: René Lebrun

Publisher: Peeters Pub & Booksellers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105133638366

Category: History

Page: 204

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Le present volume se veut avant tout un hommage de la collection louvaniste Hethitica a la memoire du regrette Professeur Erich Neu, eminent hittitologue, lequel occupa une place importante au sein du Comite de Redaction. Le lecteur decouvrira au debut de l'ouvrage l'evocation de l'oeuvre scientifique considerable d'Erich Neu, ainsi que l'importance de celle-ci. Cette rubrique est suivie de la presentation de la bibliographie complete de l'oeuvre de ce grand savant. Pas moins de dix-sept de ses Collegues, specialistes de renommee internationale dans le domaine des etudes concernant l'Anatolie antique, ont tenu a rendre hommage au savant, a l'humaniste disparu trop tot, par une contribution scientifique de haut niveau. L'unite du volume est constituee par la philologie anatolienne antique comprise au sens le plus large. Ainsi, les domaines hittite (nesite), louvite, palaite et ourarteen sont concernes a travers des etudes soit purement linguistiques et lexicographiques, soit epigraphiques, ou encore par le biais d'une approche de problemes directement lies au fonctionnement de la societe hittite tant au plan politico-institutionnel qu'au niveau culturel et religieux. Les periodes concernees remontent non seulement a l'age du Bronze, mais egalement au debut du premier millenaire avant notre ere (monde neo-louvite et monde ourarteen).
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