Creating Powerful Radio

Creating Powerful Radio

First Published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Author: Valerie Geller

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136024016

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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First Published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Beyond Powerful Radio

Beyond Powerful Radio

The Instructor Manual is available for download here:

Author: Valerie Geller

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136023934

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Beyond Powerful Radio is a complete guide to becoming a powerful broadcast communicator on radio or internet! This how-to cookbook is for broadcasters who want to learn the craft and improve. This practical and easy-to-read book, filled with bullet lists, offers techniques to learn everything from how to produce and host a show, to news gathering, coverage of investigative and breaking stories, writing and delivering the commercial copy and selling the air time. With contributions from over 100 top experts across all broadcast fields, Beyond Powerful Radio offers techniques, advice and lessons to build original programming, for news, programming, talk shows, producers, citizen journalism, copy writing, sales, commercials, promotions, production, research, fundraising, and more. Plus: Tips to assemble a winning team; to develop, build, and market your brand; get your next job in broadcasting, effectively promote your product; increase sales; write and produce commercials; raise money with your station; deal with creative burnout and manage high ego talent; and to research and grow your audience. Never be boring! Get, keep, and grow audiences through powerful personality, storytelling, and focus across any format. Tried-and-true broadcast techniques apply to the myriad forms of audio broadcast available today, including Web radio and podcasting. While the technology and delivery systems change, the one constant is content! Listeners, viewers, and surfers want to be entertained, informed, inspired, persuaded, and connected with powerful personalities, and storytellers. A full Instructor Manual is available with complete lesson plans for broadcast instructors - course includes Audio Production/Radio Programming/Management/Broadcast Journalism. The Instructor Manual is available for download here:
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Creating Powerful Radio

Creating Powerful Radio

The key to personality radio is having a personality . This means having a ... As I
said earlier , most programmers know powerful radio when they hear it . Every
element of Creating Powerful Radio relates back to these ideas . Think of it as a ...

Author: Valerie Geller


ISBN: IND:30000087122291

Category: Radio broadcasting

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A handbook of sound byte advice on making talk radio a success written by Rush Limbaugh's consultant--a dubious distinction depending on one's point of view. As Geller points out in her preface, this is her "STUFF," and she regales the reader with often repetitive and unoriginal advice on "how to handle the talent," avoid burnout, interviews, news programming, and promotion. The scanty text is beefed up with vignettes on popular radio personalities from the reputable Mervin Block (former CBS news writer) to the more disreputable Danny Bonaduce (of Partridge Family fame). Not surprisingly, lacks a bibliography although there's a recommended reading list which includes Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus for effective communication strategies. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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Radio Production

Radio Production

(2nd edn). Routledge, 2002 Gage, L., Guide to Independent Radio Journalism.
Duckworth, 1990 Gage, L., Douglas, L. and Kinsey, M., Commercial Radio
Journalism. Focal Press, 1999 Geller, V. and Ryder, T., Creating Powerful Radio:
A ...

Author: Robert McLeish

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781136118463

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This classic book is a must-have for anyone involved in radio production, covering everything from operational techniques and producing different programme formats, to conducting interviews and writing for radio. The fifth edition features new and updated information on: * digital production, such as the computer editing process, digital recording and DAB * the internet and internet-only radio stations * automatic playout systems * ethics * storytelling, showing simple ways of creating different acoustics for drama * station management * scheduling * remote reporting This edition is further enhanced by a supporting CD-Rom, packed with examples, exercises and resources.
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Creating Powerful Brands

Creating Powerful Brands

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Fellow of the Market
Research Society and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors.
Leslie's work has resulted in TV programmes and radio broadcasts. He is a
frequent speaker ...

Author: Leslie de Chernatony

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136445187

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 482

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This has long been the one book that students can rely on to get them thinking critically and strategically about branding. This new fourth edition is no exception. THE definitive introductory textbook for this crucial topic, it is highly illustrated and comes packed with over 50 brand-new, real examples of influential marketing campaigns. Bullets: • Summarises the latest thinking and best practice in the domain of branding • All new real marketing campaigns show how branding theories are implemented in practice • Brought right up to date with a clear European and UK focus Undergraduate business and marketing students studying brand management will find this an invaluable resource in their quest to understand how branding really works.
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Theatre of the Mind

Theatre of the Mind

Once fired, the listener's imagination takes over and creates images more vivid
than the most powerful movie. Radio drama, like reading, is a medium of the
mind. This means that with radio drama anything that can be imagined can be
created ...

Author: Don Kisner

Publisher: Balance Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781878298300

Category: Radio plays

Page: 166

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Marketing For Dummies

Marketing For Dummies

Why were these old radio dramas so engaging? Because you could see the
action so clearly as it unfolded. The script and sound effects (SF or SFX in radio
lingo) create a string of powerful visual images in your mind as the story unfolds (
note ...

Author: Alexander Hiam

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118880654

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

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Master the latest marketing tools and trends Marketing strategies are evolving faster than ever before, and mastering the latest and greatest strategies are essential to getting results. This updated edition of the classic marketing bestseller includes new and revised material, with full coverage of the latest marketing trends and how to effectively apply them to your business. Whether it's boosting your baseline marketing skills, figuring out social media, developing a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, or getting expert tips on effective local marketing techniques, Marketing for Dummies, 4th Edition has everything you need in one easy-to-use and accessible guide. Effective marketing is about knowing your customers and giving them what they want, when they want it. The latest marketing research tells us that every customer interaction is an opportunity to grow your business and your bottom line, which is why you need a results-oriented marketing plan. With this updated, practical, and savvy guide to marketing strategies that work, you can apply the skills you already have more efficiently than ever before Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition gives you the structure and practical advice you need to get the most out of every marketing initiative and, ultimately, grow your business. Maximize the lifetime value of your customers Connect web marketing strategies to real world traffic and sales Implement local sourcing to boost local and regional marketing initiatives Focus your online marketing strategy to target only qualified buyers Before you waste any more time with ineffective and potentially costly marketing missteps, let Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition establish viable marketing strategies that will help your business succeed.
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Radio Drama

Radio Drama

However , it created a powerful charge of storytelling despite the overlapping of
plot and subplot and an ensemble of five equal forces in characterisation . The
fault may have been present in the scheduling . Four episodes cannot effectively

Author: Tim Crook

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415216028

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 296

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Using extracts from scripts and analysing radio broadcasts from America, Britain, Canada and Australia, the book explores the practicalities of producing drama for radio."--Jacket.
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Playing Along

Playing Along

But the only direct product placement in the games is the music on the radio, a
design choice that creates a powerful musical connection between the
gameworlds and the real world. Players often comment on the “realism” of this
soundtrack ...

Author: Kiri Miller

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199929917

Category: Music

Page: 272

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Why don't Guitar Hero players just pick up real guitars? What happens when millions of people play the role of a young black gang member in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? How are YouTube-based music lessons changing the nature of amateur musicianship? This book is about play, performance, and participatory culture in the digital age. Miller shows how video games and social media are bridging virtual and visceral experience, creating dispersed communities who forge meaningful connections by "playing along" with popular culture. Playing Along reveals how digital media are brought to bear in the transmission of embodied knowledge: how a Grand Theft Auto player uses a virtual radio to hear with her avatar's ears; how a Guitar Hero player channels the experience of a live rock performer; and how a beginning guitar student translates a two-dimensional, pre-recorded online music lesson into three-dimensional physical practice and an intimate relationship with a distant teacher. Through a series of engaging ethnographic case studies, Miller demonstrates that our everyday experiences with interactive digital media are gradually transforming our understanding of musicality, creativity, play, and participation.
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Creating a National Spirit

Creating a National Spirit

In radio the Centennial Council and the government had a powerful new medium
to publicise and record centennial events . Radio broadcasting , an innovation
from the 1920s , enjoyed popular appeal in the 1930s and was accepted into ...

Author: William Leslie Renwick

Publisher: Victoria University Press

ISBN: 0864734751

Category: History

Page: 294

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By exploring New Zealand's centennial celebration in 1940, this volume paints a vivid picture of New Zealanders and how they perceived themselves and their relationships to the world at that time. Detailing the Centennial Exhibition, Wellington trade fair, and various other public commemorations, special publications of dictionaries and pictorial surveys, and cultural and art exhibits, this text fully examines how the country and citizens commemorated their history and recognized new opportunities in the changing world landscape.
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Diseases of the Heart Chest Breast 2011 2014

Diseases of the Heart  Chest   Breast 2011 2014

Radiofrequency waves excite the area of interest to create tissue magnetization,
which decays (relaxation) and after a ... in spatially orthogonal directions as T1
and T2, which allows tissue characterization, thus creating a powerful clinical tool

Author: Jürg Hodler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8847019389

Category: Medical

Page: 280

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Written by internationally renowned experts, this volume deals with imaging of diseases of heart, chest and breast. The different topics are disease-oriented and cover all the relevant imaging modalities, including standard radiography, CT, nuclear medicine with PET, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as imaging-guided interventions. This book presents a comprehensive review of current knowledge in imaging of the heart and chest , as well as thoracic interventions and a selection of "hot topics" of breast imaging. It will be particularly relevant for residents in radiology, but also very useful for experienced radiologists and clinicians specializing in thoracic disease and wishing to update their knowledge of this rapidly developing field.
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Cincinnati Television

Cincinnati Television

Jim Friedman. Why begin with a man who always has been considered a pioneer
of radio broadcasting rather than of television? ... But most importantly, he spent
24 years creating the most powerful listenerfriendly radio operation in the world.

Author: Jim Friedman

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439619049

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 128

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Cincinnati has a distinguished television history. Beginning before WLW-T signed on the air in February 1948, its experimental station W8XCT broadcast from the 46th floor of the Carew Tower. WKRC-TV and WCPO-TV signed on in 1949, WCET in 1954, and WXIX-TV in 1968. Since then, television has become part of the family. Uncle Al, Skipper Ryle, Batty Hattie from Cincinnati, the Cool Ghoul, Peter Grant, Al Schottelkotte, Nick Clooney, Ruth Lyons, Paul Baby, Bob Braun, and Jerry Springer visited Cincinnati living rooms on television. Remember Midwestern Hayride, TV Dance Party, PM Magazine, Juvenile Court, Young People’s Specials, Lilias, Dotty Mack, Bob Shreve, Mr. Hop, Bean’s Clubhouse, The Last Prom, and Ira Joe? They are part of the collective Cincinnati history, part of the Cincinnati culture, and part of the Cincinnati family.
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The Radio Drama Handbook

The Radio Drama Handbook

radio. drama. Introduction. At its heart, drama is concerned with representation; of
a story or event, a place, a person or an emotional effect. ... but its real strength is
an ability to infiltrate the mind, to unleash the most powerful dramatic weapon of
all: the imagination of the listener. ... Gibson, Norman Corwin, Wyllis Cooper and
Arch Oboler, who cast a magic spell over radio theatre and created radio drama.

Author: Richard J. Hand

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441147431

Category: Social Science

Page: 227

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Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe Texts adopted 8th Session 2930 May 2001 Recommendations 87101 Opinion 15 Resolutions 107122

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe Texts adopted 8th Session  2930 May 2001   Recommendations 87101  Opinion 15  Resolutions 107122

... a . closer ties between European citizens contribute to the development of a
culture of tolerance , to mutual respect and to the continent ' s democratic stability
; b . the media , especially television and radio , are powerful means of creating ...

Author: Council of Europe

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9287146756

Category: Political Science


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In a world of big government and big business, individuals can still make a difference – especially when their fight sparks the media’s interest and the survival instincts of politicians.In this compelling book, eleven stories from ...

Author: Madonna King

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 0702235075

Category: Fiction

Page: 191

View: 226

In a world of big government and big business, individuals can still make a difference – especially when their fight sparks the media’s interest and the survival instincts of politicians.In this compelling book, eleven stories from across Australia show how one person can be a catalyst for change. A Victorian mother overturns a law preventing her family receiving compensation for her asbestos-related disease. A South Australian grandmother campaigns for tougher break-and-enter laws after a spate of home invasions. A Queensland father inspires new legislation for victims of crime. These accounts chronicle individual’s triumphs against outdated state legislation. For this powerful and engaging analysis, radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist Madonna King has interviewed more than 130 people – from state premiers and attorneys-general to Supreme Court judges and lawyers, from journalists and criminals to academics and social workers. But it is the brave and often untold stories of ordinary Australians that have inspired this book.
Categories: Fiction

Europe On Air

Europe   On Air

Chapter 1 Introduction European Broadcasting Visions In 1944 the British,
Belgian and Polish engineers Peter Pendleton Eckersley, Auguste ... In their eyes
, broadcasting had an important and powerful role to play in creating this

Author: Suzanne Lommers

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9789089644350

Category: History

Page: 325

View: 424

During the interwar years, broadcast radio became a popular way for Europeans to consume local, national, and international news. The medium not only began to shape European policy and politics, but also laid the foundation for European unification and global interconnectedness. In Europe On Air, Suzanne Lommers has documented the rich and often underexposed history of broadcast radio through the lens of international European relations. She specifically explores the roles of Radio Moscow, Radio Luxembourg, Vatican Radio, and the International Broadcasting Union as institutions that played an important role in national identities and establishing standards for broadcasting. The radio also offered new opportunities to politicians, who seized upon a vibrant and more direct way to communicate with their constituents. Essential reading for scholars of technology and European history, Europe-On Air reveals broadcast radio to be a technology that revolutionized international relations during the brief respite between the chaos of war in Europe.
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Thus radio could become a powerful means of creating and defining a national
public, sorely needed in those nation-building years between the two world wars.
Second, broadcasting: this word was coined to denote a new form of ...

Author: Michele Hilmes

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520250819

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 362

View: 413

"NBC: America's Network makes a significant contribution to our understanding of American broadcasting. Hilmes makes a convincing case for the appropriateness of an examination of a single firm, NBC, to illuminate the major themes and events of American broadcast history. In addition, she adeptly synthesizes a strong set of individually-authored chapters on specific historical periods, controversies, and program genres into a coherent whole. The writing is concise and lively and the breadth and depth of the material makes this a exceptional work."—William Boddy, author of New Media and Popular Imagination "NBC: America's Network is an outstanding book about one network across US television history. Hilmes is an excellent editor who brings broad insights about the television industry to bear on this volume. The individual essays present different approaches and methods, and together provide an integrated history of NBC with analysis that respects the medium and the people that worked in it."—Mary Beth Haralovich, co-editor of Television, History, and American Culture: Feminist Critical Essays. "Filled with highly readable essays by the top scholars in the field, NBC: America's Network explores key, often watershed moments in the network's history to illuminate the central role broadcasting has played in constituting public discourse about what is-and what is not-in the public interest. A welcome addition to the history of broadcasting, and essential reading for anyone interested in the transformative role of radio and TV in modern life."—Susan J. Douglas, author of Listening In: Radio and the American Imagination
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The Original Amos n Andy

The Original Amos    n    Andy

Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll and the 1928-1943 Radio Serial Elizabeth
McLeod ... with the techniques of the theater and turned radio's greatest limitation
—its lack of a visual element—into its most powerful advantage, creating out of
their ...

Author: Elizabeth McLeod

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476609713

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 223

View: 367

This critical reexamination of Amos ’n’ Andy, the pioneering creation of Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden, presents an unapologetic but balanced view lacking in most treatments. It relies upon an untapped resource—thousands of pages of scripts from the show’s nearly forgotten earliest version, which most clearly reflected the vision of its creators. Consequently, it provides fresh insights and in part refutes the usual blanket condemnations of this groundbreaking show. The text incorporates numerous script excerpts, provides key background information, and also acknowledges the show’s importance to radio broadcasting and modern entertainment.
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Country Music Records

Country Music Records

... church as much as to the entertainer on a powerful radio station; to a band from
a Texas Bohemian community no less ... Records and radio were rapidly creating
a nationwide country music industry, thereby encouraging the development of ...

Author: Tony Russell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199881543

Category: Music

Page: 1200

View: 954

More than twenty years in the making, Country Music Records documents all country music recording sessions from 1921 through 1942. With primary research based on files and session logs from record companies, interviews with surviving musicians, as well as the 200,000 recordings archived at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's Frist Library and Archives, this notable work is the first compendium to accurately report the key details behind all the recording sessions of country music during the pre-World War II era. This discography documents--in alphabetical order by artist--every commercial country music recording, including unreleased sides, and indicates, as completely as possible, the musicians playing at every session, as well as instrumentation. This massive undertaking encompasses 2,500 artists, 5,000 session musicians, and 10,000 songs. Summary histories of each key record company are also provided, along with a bibliography. The discography includes indexes to all song titles and musicians listed.
Categories: Music

Branding TV

Branding TV

De Chernatony, L., McDonald, M. (2003). Creating Powerful Brands. Oxford, UK:
Butterworth Heinemann. Dickey, L. (1994). The Franchise: Building Radio Brands
. Washington, DC: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Eastman, S.E. ...

Author: Walter McDowell

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136034732

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 176

View: 698

In an effort to halt increasing media competition and decreasing audience shares, Branding has become the new mantra among television station and network executives. Branding TV: Principles and Practices second edition goes beyond the jargon of branding to explain the essential principles underlying successful branding and offers many practical strategies to measure, build and manage television brand equity. For instructional purposes, the book pays particular attention to the local commercial TV station and its news franchise. Written by broadcast professionals with years of experience, this book shows how the notions of branding are no more prevalent than in the battle for dominance in local news. The practical suggestions in the book will help the savvy manager understand and take advantage of branding in their efforts to move their property to the forefront in the marketplace.
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