Cogwheels and Other Stories

Cogwheels and Other Stories

From the literary giant of Japan, who is often referred to as the "Godfather of the Japanese short story," and after whom the most coveted literary prize of Japan is named, the Akutagawa Prize, comes this collection of three of his greatest ...

Author: Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Publisher: Mosaic Press

ISBN: 1771610670

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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From the literary giant of Japan, who is often referred to as the "Godfather of the Japanese short story", and after whom the most coveted literary prize of Japan is named, the Akutagawa Prize, comes this collection of three of his greatest short stories. Akutagawa is probably best known for his story "Rashōmon" which was adapted for the screen by legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. While he died at the young age of 35, the author penned well over 150 short stories, including "Cogwheels" which he wrote just before his suicide in 1927. Accompanied by stunning woodcuts by renowned artists Naoko Matsubara, and expertly translated by Howard Norman, the three stories compiled here reflect the haunting, precise and brilliant style of Akutagawa and offer a superb entry point to his work. Haruki Murakami aptly described Akutagawas writing when he remarked, "the flow of his language is the best feature of Akutagawas style. Never stagnant, it moves along like a living thing ... His choice of words is intuitive, natural -- and beautiful."
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A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia and Other Stories

A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia and Other Stories

At this point their view of the singer was obstructed by another corner , and the
music once more became a sticky ... Other living cogwheels , made up of people
holding hands , regulated themselves around the movement of the main group .

Author: Victor Pelevin

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811215431

Category: Fiction

Page: 213

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Satirical stories by a Russian writer. The story, Vera Pavlovna's Ninth Dream, is on the transition from communism to capitalism as experienced by the cleaner of a public toilet, Bulldozer Driver's Day is on a hydrogen bomb assembly line, while The Ontology of Childhood compares childhood to prison. By the author of The Blue Lantern.
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Death in Midsummer and Other Stories

Death in Midsummer  and Other Stories

Something was missing somewhere - a cogwheel - that could have made it
possible for him and myself to love each other forever , for the machine to run
smoothly . I ' ve discovered what the missing cogwheel was . It was my face
turned ...

Author: Yukio Mishima

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811201171

Category: Fiction

Page: 181

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Nine short stories by the Japanese literary genius provide insights into the struggles and problems of his contemporary countrymen
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The Metamorphosis and Other Stories

The Metamorphosis and Other Stories

This series of events made the condemned man completely forget the explorer's
command; the cogwheels delighted him thoroughly; he kept trying to grab hold of
one, at the same time spurring the soldier on to help him, but always drew back ...

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486132631

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

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Excellent new English translations of title story (considered by many critics Kafka's most perfect work), plus "The Judgment," "In the Penal Colony," "A Country Doctor," and "A Report to an Academy." Note.
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Metamorphosis and Other Stories

Metamorphosis and Other Stories

Was the cogwheel playing up after all? But it was something else. Slowly the lid
of the engraver lifted and then opened up completely. The teeth of one cogwheel
emerged into view, before long the entire cog was visible, it was as though some

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141900025

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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This collection of new translations brings together the small proportion of Kafka's works that he himself thought worthy of publication. It includes Metamorphosis, his most famous work, an exploration of horrific transformation and alienation; Meditation, a collection of his earlier studies; The Judgement, written in a single night of frenzied creativity; The Stoker, the first chapter of a novel set in America and a fascinating occasional piece, and The Aeroplanes at Brescia, Kafka's eyewitness account of an air display in 1909. Together, these stories reveal the breadth of Kafka's literary vision and the extraordinary imaginative depth of his thought.
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Personal Development Life Stories

Personal Development   Life Stories

GIVING TO OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT A ... If we use a simple analogy - a
cogwheel with rectangular teeth cannot fit between cogwheels with triangular


Publisher: Ruslan Kozhuharov




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Reference Guide to World Literature Authors

Reference Guide to World Literature  Authors

Hell Screen ( “ Jigokuhen " ) and Other Stories , translated by W . H . H . Norman .
1948 . Rashomon ... Hell Screen , Cogwheels , and A Fool ' s Life , translated by
Takashi Kojima , Cid Corman , Susumu Kamaike , and Will Petersen . 1987 .

Author: Tom Pendergast

Publisher: Saint James Press

ISBN: 1558624910

Category: Literature

Page: 1730

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Online version of the 2-vol. work issued by St. James Press, 2003, in series St. James reference guides.
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Tree Spirit

Tree Spirit

Figure 15 Double Shadows 1982 from Cogwheels and Other Stories black
woodcut print , image 13 . 9 x 23 . 0 cm Collection of Naoko Matsubara Figure 16
Vengeance 1982 from Cogwheels and Other Stories black woodcut print , image
21 .

Author: Naoko Matsubara


ISBN: UOM:39015059258775

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 314

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The first comprehensive overview of Matsubara's work and includes more than 200 prints, from her earliest to her most recent works, covering the development of her work from organic forms based in nature to bold geometric and abstract designs.
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Half a Life and Other Stories

Half a Life  and Other Stories

So we waited for the vacuum cleaner to finish cleaning up . Then , armed with
scrapers and brushes , we would scour the dig for fragments of a vase , a
cogwheel , or other evidence of intelligent life . " They certainly knew how to build
, " said ...

Author: Kirill Bulychev


ISBN: 0020178506

Category: Russian fiction

Page: 143

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Canadian Book Review Annual

Canadian Book Review Annual

Cogwheels and Other Stories . Oakville , Ont . : Mosaic Press ... In “ In The Blood ,
" one of her weaker stories , a young woman is forbidden by her patronizing artist
husband to resume her own artistic career . Slowly and deliberately she plans ...



ISBN: UVA:X030227471

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More Stories in the Modern Manner from Partisan Review

More Stories in the Modern Manner from Partisan Review

This phenomenon made the condemned man completely forget the explorer's
command, the cogwheels fascinated him, he was always trying to catch one and
at the same time urging the soldier to help, but always drew back his hand in
alarm ...

Author: James Agee


ISBN: UCAL:$B287628

Category: Short stories

Page: 252

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The Confrontation and Other Stories

The Confrontation  and Other Stories

... right there in one of those mean frame dwellings on the square , so fine was his
feeling for that particular spot ; day by day from his window he watched the
pleasant scene above at the terraced café and the cogwheel elevator hauling its
load ...

Author: Lenore Marshall


ISBN: UOM:39015005108660

Category: United States

Page: 158

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Modern Japanese Writers

Modern Japanese Writers

“Haguruma” (“Cogwheels,” 1987) was Akutagawa's last short story. It has the
STUDIES Gerow, A. A. “The Self Seen As Other: Akutagawa and Film.” Literature/
Film ...

Author: Jay Rubin

Publisher: Charles Scribners Sons/Reference

ISBN: UOM:49015002913219

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 434

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This is the first encyclopedia in the Scribner Writers Series to focus on Asian writers and genres. It highlights 25 of the most widely translated Japanese authors, such as Yukio Mishima, Kobo Abe, Junichiro Tanizaki and Fumiko Enchi.
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The Judge s Chambers and Other Stories

The Judge s Chambers and Other Stories

When she and Walston left the elevator the man turned the other way . She was
relieved to be out ... The door was made of glass and steel like a mammoth open
sarcophagus , cog wheels and gears exposed behind glass . As they entered the

Author: Lowell B. Komie

Publisher: Academy Chicago Publishers, Limited

ISBN: UCSC:32106007758409

Category: Fiction

Page: 179

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Shares the stories of ambitious students, law office politics, veteran attorneys, dispirited clerks, job interviewers, a student's romances, and an aging judge
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Cogwheels and other stories . — Akutagawa , Ryūnosuke , 1892-1927 . –
Oakville , Ont . : Mosaic Press , 1982 . – ISBN 0-88962-177-2 ( bound ) : $ 12.95 .
ISBN 0-88962-176-4 ( pbk . ) : $ 6.95 C82-94634-6 CIP rev . MRDS Pt . 1 895.6'3'
4 ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105015652659

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Parallel Stories

Parallel Stories

make way for the other or, put another way, so that the stronger may gain as-
cendancy and the weaker humbly relinquish ... by clambering over each other,
making their way forward over and inside each other like a coarse greased
cogwheel, ...

Author: Péter Nádas

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781429963572

Category: Fiction

Page: 1152

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A New York Times Notable Book for 2011 In 1989, the year the Wall came down, a university student in Berlin on his morning run finds a corpse on a park bench and alerts the authorities. This scene opens a novel of extraordinary scope and depth, a masterwork that traces the fate of myriad Europeans—Hungarians, Jews, Germans, Gypsies—across the treacherous years of the mid-twentieth century. Three unusual men are at the heart of Parallel Stories: Hans von Wolkenstein, whose German mother is linked to secrets of fascist-Nazi collaboration during the 1940s; Ágost Lippay Lehr, whose influential father has served Hungary's different political regimes for decades; and András Rott, who has his own dark record of mysterious activities abroad. The web of extended and interconnected dramas reaches from 1989 back to the spring of 1939, when Europe trembled on the edge of war, and extends to the bestial times of 1944–45, when Budapest was besieged, the Final Solution devastated Hungary's Jews, and the war came to an end, and on to the cataclysmic Hungarian Revolution of October 1956. We follow these men from Berlin and Moscow to Switzerland and Holland, from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, and of course, from village to city in Hungary. The social and political circumstances of their lives may vary greatly, their sexual and spiritual longings may seem to each of them entirely unique, yet Péter Nádas's magnificent tapestry unveils uncanny reverberating parallels that link them across time and space.This is Péter Nádas's masterpiece—eighteen years in the writing, a sensation in Hungary even before it was published, and almost four years in the translating. Parallel Stories is the first foreign translation of this daring, demanding, and momentous novel, and it confirms for an even larger audience what Hungary already knows: that it is the author's greatest work.
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Fantastic Night Other Stories

Fantastic Night   Other Stories

... skeletal world , where I was a cogwheel performing its silent function in the
great machine that coldly drives its pistons , circling vainly around itself I have
fallen to depths that I do not know , but I was more alive in that one hour than in
all the ...

Author: Stefan Zweig

Publisher: Pushkin PressLtd

ISBN: UOM:39015059259476

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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FIVE OF STEFAN ZWEIG'S most compelling novellas are presented together in this powerful volume. Fantastic Night is the story of one transforming evening in the life of a rich and bored young man. He spends a day at the races and an evening in the seedy but thrilling company of the dregs of society. His experiences jolt him out of his languor and give him a newfound relish for life, which is then cut short by the Great War. Fantastic Night is joined by The Invisible Collection and Buchmendel, two of Zweig's most powerful works, which explore lives led in the single minded pursuit of art and literature against a backdrop of poverty and corruption. And finally, Letter from an Unknown Woman, Zweig's poignant and heartbreaking tale of the strength and madness of unrequited love and The Fowler Snared, in which it is the man whose passion remains unrequited, complete the collection.
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The Wild Beach Other Stories

The Wild Beach   Other Stories

However , Kosygin was different in some respect . Perhaps it was his gloominess
that made him different . ... By piecing together the most trivial little facts and
vague intuitions , we ignorant little cog - wheels developed a certain sympathy for

Author: Helena Goscilo

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: PSU:000021760075

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Getting Into Death and Other Stories

Getting Into Death and Other Stories

What intelligence had wrought so eloquently in chain and cogwheel, engine and
frame, the manifest aim of all intelligence? What was it going to do? What
weapons would be effective against it? These were the questions we asked

Author: Thomas M. Disch

Publisher: Random House (NY)

ISBN: 0394498038

Category: Science fiction, American

Page: 227

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Categories: Science fiction, American

Fragment from a Lost Diary and Other Stories

Fragment from a Lost Diary and Other Stories

strands were caught in the cogwheel . An instant later her hair was being pulled
into the machine with a fearful swishing sound . Everyone rushed up to her and
someone managed to stop the machine . But it was too late . Just like a piece of ...

Author: Naomi Katz

Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)

ISBN: 0807063851

Category: Short stories, English

Page: 317

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