Nordic coastal fisheries and communities

Nordic coastal fisheries and communities

Looking at the operating margin and return on total assets for the coastal vessels
over the past few years, the coastal fleet has been run with low margin and return
on total assets has also been relatively low. The pelagic coastal sector has ...

Author: Jónas R. Viðarsson

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers

ISBN: 9789289353779

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Assessment management and future directions for coastal fisheries in Asian countries

Assessment  management and future directions for coastal fisheries in Asian countries

Indonesia Shore to 3 nm • Small scale: vessels < 5 GT/ 10 HP engine 3 to 7 nm •
Small scale: vessels < 25 GT/50 HP engine 7 to 12 nm • Industrial: vessels < 100
GT/200 HP engine >12 nm • Industrial: vessels > 100 GT/200 HP engine ...

Author: Silvestre, G. et al

Publisher: WorldFish

ISBN: 9789832346227

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In Asia, the fisheries sector is important in terms of food security, livelihoods and foreign exchange earnings. However, as in many parts of the world, there are signs that capture fisheries are fully exploited or overfished. Management of fisheries in the region is often hampered by lack of information on the status of fisheries in terms of biological, social, economic, policy and governance aspects. This regional project documents an alarming decline on coastal fishery resources, based on historic research surveys in South and Southeast Asia. Socio-economic analyses and policy reviews highlight the importance of the fisheries sector but also the challenges facing it. Potential interventions to improve fisheries management in the countries are outlined and defined with environmental, socioeconomic and institutional objectives.
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Vessel Source Pollution and Coastal State Jurisdiction

Vessel Source Pollution and Coastal State Jurisdiction

Conversely , with respect to non - innocent vessels coastal States regain full
jurisdiction pursuant to Article 25 ( 1 ) LOSC , including the right of exclusion from
the territorial sea . Article 17 LOSC provides that “ ships of all States , whether ...

Author: Erik Franckx

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9041116303

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After seven years of work, the Committee on Coastal State Jurisdiction Relating to Marine Pollution of the International Law Association concluded its work by submitting its final report for discussion at the occasion of the London conference, July 25-29, 2000. This book brings together the different official reports submitted by this Committee at the 1996 Helsinki, 1998 Taipei, and 2000 London conferences, as well as some preparatory documents necessary for the correct understanding of these just-mentioned reports. The Committee concentrated its work on vessel-source pollution and made it a central objective of its work to produce results which could facilitate the interpretation of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. During its work, it became moreover apparent that an accurate assessment of state practice proved more than once problematic either because of problems relating to interpretation or simply because the basic information was missing. For that reason, the present book contains a special section where different members of the Committee prepared detailed national reports, written according to a strict outline worked out for this purpose, in order to shed additional light on the specific issues dealt with by the Committee. Together with the conclusions arrived at by the Committee these additional national reports represent a valuable statement of the present-day "status iuris questionis,"
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Vessel source Pollution and Coastal State Jurisdiction in the South eastern Baltic Sea

Vessel source Pollution and Coastal State Jurisdiction in the South eastern Baltic Sea

The act further clarifies these general principles in separate articles describing
different sources of pollution : Pollution from vessels ( articles 8 - 26 ) , dumping
and incineration ( articles 26 - 29 ) , and incidents ( articles 30 - 37 ) . The act is ...

Author: Erik Franckx

Publisher: Maklu

ISBN: 9062157629

Category: Jurisdiction (International law)

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U S Waterborne Foreign Trade Trade Area Coastal District Customs District Port of Lading Or Unlading and Type of Service

U S  Waterborne Foreign Trade  Trade Area  Coastal District  Customs District  Port of Lading Or Unlading  and Type of Service

In the case of vessel general imports this is transit from one foreign country to
another without having not necessarily the same as the customs district in which
been entered as an import is not included in any of the the goods were entered
into ...

Author: United States. Bureau of the Census


ISBN: UOM:39015059528599

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Florida Assessment of Coastal Trends 1997

Florida Assessment of Coastal Trends  1997

Two additional size categories also exist ( 65 ' - 109 ' 11 " and 110 ' + ) , but since
those vessel registrations comprise such a ... The boats located in coastal
counties are likely to be fishing vessels which represent businesses that might be

Author: Gilbert T. Bergquist

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788176560


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The first scheduled update and revision of the original environmental indicator system produced in 1995. It provides a comprehensive perspective of the important environmental, growth management, economic, and social values associated with the coast. It provides a means of evaluating Florida's progress in protecting its coastal areas; a basis for making strategic decisions about programs and financial resources; and information about coastal issues and problems to other decision-makers and the general public. Includes: updating the data in the indicators; deleting indicators with poor or nonexistent data sources; and adding new indicators.

Economic Impact of the Whiting Allocation on Oregon Coastal Communities

Economic Impact of the Whiting Allocation on Oregon Coastal Communities

This causes even more severe cutbacks and shorter seasons for all coastal
vessels. This decision cost the coastal fishermen and processors dearly by
restricting their harvest to only a few months instead of 6 to 7 months. In contrast,
due to ...

Author: United States


ISBN: LOC:00187072256

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Coastal Forces Vessels of the Royal Navy from 1865

Coastal Forces Vessels of the Royal Navy from 1865

Complement is the total number of naval personnel in the ship ' s company . Shaft
means propeller shaft . U - boat means any enemy submarine . Coastal Forces
vessels are or were commissioned into the Royal Navy ; Commonwealth Navies

Author: Maurice Cocker

Publisher: Tempus Pub Limited

ISBN: IND:30000087151795

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From the early wooden-walled steamships to coastal destroyers, the fleets of coastal vessels grew to become a major part of the naval armoury. It was the wholesale introduction of the internal combustion engine in the early part of the 20th century that saw the development of fast patrol craft and torpedo boats. These reached their zenith with the Fairmile MTBs of World War II. The first history and directory to look at all of these vessels, Coastal Forces Vessels will become the definitive history of the Navy's small craft.
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Dredging Coastal Ports

ACCOMMODATE LARGE VESSELS? 29 cargoes. Tankers and bulk carriers tend
to be weight-limited and containerships tend to be volume-limited. Thus, tankers

Author: National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309036283

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Are the nation's ports adequate for our present and future needs? This volume points out that no significant new deep-water construction has occurred for a decade, and provides the information and analysis needed to goad the ports and the federal government into action. The book asks three questions: Is additional port construction and maintenance dredging needed now or over the next 20 years? What would prevent dredging if it is needed? What alternatives could make additional dredging possible? The book identifies several problems in dredging ports, including the long interval between a decision to deepen a port and the time the alterations are complete. The United States needs to speed port construction to meet changing needs, and the committee recommends that we prepare for future needs by dredging now.
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Transport in Britain

Transport in Britain

This meant that passengers , and high - value goods which had to be delivered
reasonably fast , usually went by road , while less urgent , low - value bulk goods
went more slowly and cheaply by coastal ship , canal or navigable river .

Author: Philip Bagwell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1852855908

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Highlighting long term themes in Britain's transport history, this book looks at the dilemmas facing modern society and suggests several possible solutions. It covers all the major forms of transport, from the horse to the aeroplane, setting them in their historical context.
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Economic Performance and Fishing Efficiency of Marine Capture Fisheries

Economic Performance and Fishing Efficiency of Marine Capture Fisheries

In general , the group of small - scale and coastal vessels includes those with a
length of up to 25 metres ; however , those operating various types of fishing
gears in coastal waters are mostly less than 15 metres in length . The group of ...

Author: Uwe Tietze

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9251053243

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In order to safeguard the important role that marine capture fisheries play with regard to employment, income and food security, up-to-date information on the sector is needed to monitor the effect of management measures, regulations and government policies on its economic and financial health. This paper presents the findings of studies on the economic and financial performance of marine capture fisheries carried out in 13 countries during 2002 and 2003, and also contains the findings of two recent empirical studies on fishing efficiency presented at the 2004 session of the FAO/ICES Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour.
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Coastal State Jurisdiction Over Vessel Source Pollution

Coastal State Jurisdiction Over Vessel Source Pollution

These conclusions will play a central role in the assessment of the regulatory
framework for vessel-source pollution in the LOSC and the scope of coastal State
jurisdiction therein, dealt with in Part 2 of this research. Point of departure for the

Author: Erik Molenaar

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9789041111272

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Zsfassung in niederl. Sprache.
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River and Coastal Vessels Trading Out of Hobart 1832 2015

River and Coastal Vessels Trading Out of Hobart 1832 2015

A comprehensive history of the rivercraft and coastal traders operating out of Hobart from the boom years of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, through the slow decline after World War II to the currrent rebirth.

Author: A. J. (Tony) Coen


ISBN: 0995408254


Page: 384

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A comprehensive history of the rivercraft and coastal traders operating out of Hobart from the boom years of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, through the slow decline after World War II to the currrent rebirth. The people and companies that ran the shipping and ferry services are brought to life in this fascinating insight into the working port of Hobart.

Prevention and Compensation of Marine Pollution Damage

Prevention and Compensation of Marine Pollution Damage

circumstances of conflicting views regarding the application of the CLC to oil
pollution damage caused by coastal vessels, the maritime courts applied the
CLC to cases of oil pollution caused by coastal vessels mainly or partly based
upon ...

Author: Michael Faure

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9789041123381

Category: Law

Page: 358

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Marine oil pollution is one of the most damaging environmental liabilities of our time, and is taken very seriously by governments. Although international conventions take the lead in the legal regime underpinning prevention and compensation of marine oil pollution damage, national legal systems differ considerably in how they interpret and apply their monitoring and enforcement responsibilities. This is the first book to present a comparative analysis of the law with respect to marine oil pollution, with expert contributions emphasising particular solutions in Europe, the US, and China. The authors draw on the full range of legal sources, from theory and legislation to procedure and actual case studies. Written by both academics and practitioners?senior academics with a wide experience in the field, and practitioners who have extensively dealt with marine pollution issues?the work is not confined to a mere legal analysis, but offers a more inclusive law and economics perspective, solidly built on a substantial analysis (in English) of the law in the European, US, Chinese, and international contexts. Individual contributors focus on countries with which they have particular expertise or experience. This book will be of interest to corporate counsel, international lawyers, academics, and policy makers, as well as to students of (international) environmental and maritime law. In addition, the book is especially valuable to non-Chinese lawyers for its clear insight into the complex Chinese environmental legal system.
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The Log

The Log

4 tons The C1 - M - AV1 Coastal vessels were designed by George Sharp , naval
architect , of New York . They were built by a number of shipyards all over the
country . It is interesting to note that a large number of these vessels were built on



ISBN: STANFORD:36105015338259

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Exploring Coastal Mississippi

Exploring Coastal Mississippi

Boaters should be knowledgeable of the rules that apply to their type of vessel,
as many of these rules are specific regarding right-of-way issues in various
situations for vessels under power, under sail, or limited in maneuverability. A
number ...

Author: Scott B. Williams

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1578064244

Category: Nature

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TRAVEL ¨ RECREATION--> Mississippi's barrier islands claim some of the most remote and unspoiled sites along the Gulf of Mexico. The distance of East and West Ship Island, Horn Island, Cat Island, and Petit Bois Island from the mainland has sheltered them from extensive development. The inclusion of all in the roster of protected places in the Gulf Islands National Seashore Act has assured that they will remain close to their natural state long into the future. For those who love the seashore, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is an ideal place for adventure. The wilderness islands, the back bays and coastal rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico itself offer pleasure for boaters and nature lovers. This book will guide them to special places in these relatively shallow waters. Filled with detailed descriptions of many alluring settings, along with directions for navigation to secluded coves and coastal bayous, this book gives tips and pointers for a wide range of boaters, whether their preferred craft is a canoe, a sea kayak, or a luxury yacht. What are the best and safest routes? What are the weather patterns? How does one select the perfect craft? Here from an expert who has explored the coastal waters during a period of fifteen years are the answers, rich in anecdotes, along with information on charter boats, excursion boats, and other options for exploring and fishing. Scott B. Williams has been exploring Mississippi's marine waters and islands for more than fifteen years in sea kayaks and a variety of sailboats and has published numerous articles in Sea Kayaker. Williams builds wooden boats and does custom yacht and residential woodwork, dividing his time between Biloxi and Brandon, Mississippi. More information is avialable at his website at
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Game Theory and Fisheries

Game Theory and Fisheries

Russia and third countries use mainly trawl, while Norway employs mainly
coastal vessels and trawl. Hence, the bulk of the ANCS is landed by coastal and
trawler fishing vessels. Coastal vessels target mature cod of age groups 7 and
above, ...

Author: Ussif Rashid Sumaila

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136187285

Category: Business & Economics

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Today, there is a growing sense of urgency among fisheries scientists regarding the management of fish stocks, particularly among those who predict the imminent collapse of the fishing industry due to stock depletion. This book takes a game theoretic approach to discussing potential solutions to the problem of fish stock depletion. Acknowledging the classification of fish stocks as destructible renewable resources, these essays are concerned with the question of how much of the stock should be consumed today and how much should be left in place for the future. The book targets both economists and students of economics who are familiar with the tools of their trade but not necessarily familiar with game theory in the context of fisheries management. Importantly, the goal is not to give a summary evaluation of the current views of the ‘appropriate’ response to immediate policy questions, but rather to describe the ways in which the problems at hand can be productively formulated and approached using game theory and couched on real world fisheries. Game Theory and Fisheries consists of twelve previously published but updated articles in fisheries management, a number of which address a gap in the fisheries literature by modelling and analysing the exploitation of fishery resources in a two-agent fishery, in both cooperative and non-cooperative environments. The author’s work ultimately illustrates that the analysis of strategic interaction between those with access to shared fishery resources will be incomplete without the use of game theory.
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Managing Hull Borne Invasive Species and Coastal Water Quality for California Managing Hull Borne Invasive Species and Coastal Water Quality for California

Managing Hull Borne Invasive Species and Coastal Water Quality for California    Managing Hull Borne Invasive Species and Coastal Water Quality for California

sworn statement saying that the paint or coating will only be used on an
aluminum vessel hull, a vessel hull 82 feet or ... into contact with the aquatic or
marine environment including, but not limited to, vessels, piers and fishing


Publisher: UCANR Publications

ISBN: 9781601076120



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The Management of Marine Regions

The Management of Marine Regions

Efficient and expeditious conduct of maritime commerce requires that vessels
navigating outside inland and territorial waters not be subject to conflicting
requirements ...

Author: Edward L. Miles

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520044584

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 656

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This book and an accompanying atlas complete the first phase of the North Pacific Project. The Project seeks to identify and describe in detail the major marine policy problems of the North Pacific region. Divided into parts:- Living resources in the North Pacific; Marine transportation on the North Pacific; Marine scientific research in the North Pacific; Multiple use conditions and conflicts of the North Pacific.
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