Carved by Experience

Carved by Experience

This neural pathway then becomes a default option, a tendency or habit on
whose basis future experiences tend to be integrated. In both descriptions (the
one in which mental actions carve their path in the rock and the one in which
neural ...

Author: Michal Barnea-Astrog

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429911712

Category: Psychology

Page: 232

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How does the tendency to crave pleasure and reject pain shape our lives? How does it affect the way we perceive reality, and how is it related to the emergence of suffering and the way it is experienced and transmitted? Can we live free of this tendency, beyond the pleasure principle? This book approaches these questions through an examination of the psychoanalytic concepts of projection and projective identification in the light of early Buddhist thought. It looks at the personal and the interpersonal, at theory, meta-theory, and everyday life. It observes how the mind's habits mould the human condition, and investigates its ability to free itself from their domination. It examines the potential of this liberation: to be in touch with reality as it is and live a less reactive, more ethical life.
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Carved Histories

Carved Histories

In New Zealand , the economic power of the buying public , motivated by their
naive experience of Maori carving , was sufficient to initiate and sustain an
industry of tourist carving designed to satisfy that experience . Through their
naive ...

Author: Roger Neich

Publisher: Auckland University Press

ISBN: 186940257X

Category: Art

Page: 424

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In this book Roger Neich follows his earlier study, Painted Histories, with an account and analysis of the major tradition of Maori woodcarving. The Ngati Tarawhai woodcarvers of the Rotorua district have maintained a continuous distinctive style of carving from pre-European times to the present day. As the most prolific and one of the most influential schools of Maori carvers in New Zealand, they have played a critical role in the whole modern history of the development and survival of Maori carving. With the establishment of the government-sponsored Rotorua School of Maori Art in 1928, it was a Ngati Tarawhai carver, Eramiha Kapua, who became the main tutor and helped his traditional tribal art to make the transition into a modern 'national' art.
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Barcelona 2004 Edges of Experience

Barcelona 2004  Edges of Experience

186) Philemon became the patron image of Bollingen the place and Jung's
personal experience of the Self, the curative ... According to von Franz, at the
lake's edge, Jung carved a small monument with an ivy wreath dedicated “to the
most ...

Author: Lyn Cowan

Publisher: Daimon

ISBN: 9783856307004

Category: Psychology

Page: 235

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The stimulating program featured clinical, artistic, historical and other interests and concerns of Jungian Psychology today, with wide-ranging presentations and events. From the Contents: Cultural Complexes in the Group and the Individual Psyche by Thomas Singer, Sam Kimbles Descent and Emergence Symbolized in Four Alchemical Paintings by Dyane Sherwood An Archetypal Approach to Drugs and AIDS: A Brazilian Perspective by Dartiu Xavier da Silveira Frida Kahlo by Mathy Hemsari Cassab Images from ARAS: Healing our Sense of Exile from Nature by Ami Ronnberg Trauma and Individuation by Ursula Wirtz Human Being Human: Subjectivity and the Individuation of Culture by Christopher Hauke Studies of Analytical Long-Term Therapy by Wolfram Keller, Rainer Dilg & Seth Isaiah Rubin Analysis in the Shadow of Terror by Henry Abramovitch Ethics in the IAAP – A New Resource by Luigi Zoja, Liliana Wahba & Hester Solomon Hope Abandoned and Recovered in the Psychoanalytic Situation by Donald Kalsched In the Footsteps of Eranos by P. Kugler, H. Kawai, D. Miller, G. Quispel & R. Hinshaw The Self, the Symbolic and Synchronicity by George Hogenson Memory and Emergence by John Dourley Bild, Metapher & Symbol: An der Grenze der kommunizierbaren Erfahrung by M. Krapp Broken Vessels – Living in two Worlds: Some Aspects of Working with Clients with a Physical Disability by Kathrin Asper & Elizabeth Martigny
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Memory Landscapes of the Inka Carved Outcrops

Memory Landscapes of the Inka Carved Outcrops

Although phenomenologists emphasize that human experience is never entirely
physical or exclusively derived from bodily processes but always simultaneously
culturally conditioned, this latter dimension is not their primary focus. In order to ...

Author: Jessica Joyce Christie

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739194898

Category: Social Science

Page: 318

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Memory Landscapes of the Inka Carved Outcrops: From Past to Present presents a comprehensive analysis of the carved rocks the Inka created in the Andean highlands during the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. It provides an overview of Inka history, a detailed analysis of the techniques and styles of carving, and five comprehensive case studies. It opens in the Inka capital, Cusco, one of the two locations where the geometric style of Inka carving was authored by the ninth ruler Pachakuti Inka Yupanki. The following chapters move to the origin places on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca and at Pumaurqu, southwest of Cusco, where the Inka constructed the emergence of the first members of their dynasty from sacred rock outcrops. The final case studies focus upon the royal estates of Machu Picchu and Chinchero. Machu Picchu is the second site where Pachakuti appears to have authored the geometric style. Chinchero was built by his son, Thupa Inka Yupanki, who adopted his father’s strategy of rock carving and associated political messages. The methodology used in this book reconstructs relational networks between the sculpted outcrops, the land and people and examines how such networks have changed over time. The primary focus documents the specific political context of Inka carved rocks expanded into the performance of a stone ideology, which set Inka stone cults decidedly apart from earlier and later agricultural as well as ritual uses of empowered stones. When the Inka state formed in the mid-fifteenth century, carved rocks were used to mark local territories in and around Cusco. In the process of imperial expansion, selected outcrops were sculpted in peripheral regions to map Inka presence and showcase the cultivated and ordered geography of the state.
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Great American Artists for Kids

Great American Artists for Kids

Hands-On Art Experiences in the Styles of Great American Masters MaryAnn F.
Kohl, Kim Solga. With a homemade wire-loop carving tool, carve a small-scale
sculpture in a block of soft clay. Grandma Moses Portray a scene, real or
imaginary, ...

Author: MaryAnn F. Kohl

Publisher: Bright Ring Publishing

ISBN: 9780935607260

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

View: 312

75 great American masters are introduced through open-ended quality art activities allowing kids to explore great art styles from colonial times to the present. Each child-tested art activity presents a biography, full color artwork, and techniques covering painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, and more. Special art options for very young children are included. Many great artists will be familiar names, like Cassatt, Warhol, and O'Keeffe. Other names will be new to some, like Asawa, Smithson, and Magee. Each featured artist has a style that is interesting to children, with a life history that will entertain and inspire them. Sample of some of the artists and companion activities: Andy Warhol - Package Design Bev Doolittle - Camouflage Draw Dale Chihuly - Pool Spheres Maya Lin - Memorial Plaque Jasper Johns - Encaustic Flag Joseph Raffael - Shiny Diptych Roy Lichtenstein - Comic Sounds Thomas Jefferson - Clay Keystone Edward Hopper - Wash Over Grant Wood - Gothic Paste-Up Wolf Kahn - Layered Pastel Jackson Pollock - Great Action Art Mary Cassatt - Back-Draw Monoprint Louis Comfort Tiffany - Bright Windows Hans Hofmann - Energetic Color Blocks Rube Goldberg - Contraption Georgia O'Keeffe - Paint with Distance 2009 Moonbeam Children's Bronze Award 2009 Benjamin Franklin Award
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Sculpture in Wood

Sculpture in Wood

THE CARVING OF WOOD Wood carving is a difficult branch of sculpture ,
requiring both experience in sculpture and a knowledge of woods , since each
variety of wood and each block or piece presents its individual carving problems .

Author: Jack C. Rich

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486271099

Category: House & Home

Page: 155

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Down-to-earth, practical book by noted sculptor covers everything you need to know — woods, tools, equipment, carving techniques, finishing, preservation, etc. Especially valuable "dictionary of woods" covers geographical distribution, physical properties, carving characteristics, more. Over 70 photos and drawings illustrate methods and techniques, works by Brancusi, Henry Moore, Leonard Baskin, other artists.
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Kingdoms of Experience

Kingdoms of Experience

... and put this experience into some useful context later, and that any new
creases that have formed round our eyes and along our foreheads are ... We find
three exquisite Buddhas carved on slate, each deliberately broken across the

Author: Andrew Greig

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781847677402

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 256

View: 936

This biography offers a “vivid portrayal” of the eighteenth-century English entertainer who “invented the figure of the classic clown that we know today” (The Guardian). The son of a deranged Italian immigrant, Joseph Grimaldi (1778–1837) was the most celebrated of English clowns. The first to use white-face makeup and wear outrageous colored clothes, he completely transformed the role of the Clown in the pantomime with a look as iconic as Chaplin’s Tramp. One of the first celebrity comedians, his friends included Lord Byron and the actor Edmund Kean—and his memoirs were edited by a young Charles Dickens. But underneath the stage paint, Grimaldi struggled with depression, and his life was blighted with tragedy. His first wife died in childbirth, and his son would go on to drink himself to death. The outward joy and tomfoolery of his performances masked a dark and depressing personal life, and instituted the modern figure of the glum, brooding comedian. In this “exuberant, impassioned portrait,” biographer Andrew McConnell Stott presents a man who left an indelible mark on the English theatre and the performing arts, but whose legacy is one of human struggle, battling demons and giving it his all in the face of adversity (The Guardian).
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Carving Devotion in the Jain Caves at Ellora

Carving Devotion in the Jain Caves at Ellora

CHAPTER FIVE CARVING SACRED SPACE Much of one's experience oftemple
architecture is shaped through the movement in front of, around, and ultimately
inside the sacred monument. This progression, from a brightly lit, earthly realm, ...

Author: Lisa Owen

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004206298

Category: Art

Page: 224

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Drawing on art historical, epigraphical, and textual evidence, this book is the first full-scale reconstruction of medieval Jain activities at Ellora. It not only highlights the understudied Jain caves, but examines them in concert with Ellora's Hindu and Buddhist monuments.
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Galveston s Tree Carvings

Galveston s Tree Carvings

Chainsaw carving is incredibly different than hand carving; however, Dayle's
experience as a hand carver proved an advantage in becoming ... Although he
has carved just about every wood imaginable, Dayle's favorite to work with is

Author: Joseph R. Pellerin

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781467133050

Category: Art

Page: 95

View: 340

On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston with a 12-foot storm surge that flooded most of the island. The salt water then killed between 40,000 and 50,000 trees in Galveston. After they died, the trees were cut down. A local citizen made the suggestion to carve the stumps into sculptures. Three different professional artists and one amateur artist carved all of the carvings on the island. The first carving was completed in 2009, and the stumps continue to be carved as of 2014. They have become a must-see tourist attraction in Galveston.
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Italian American Experience in New Haven The

Italian American Experience in New Haven  The

At the Capitol, the sculptor Giuseppe Ceracchi carved marble busts of
Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and
Alexander Hamilton. Constatino Brumidi painted the entire ceiling of the Capitol
in a stunning ...


Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791481707



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As Far As the Heart Can See

As Far As the Heart Can See

The sage continued, “Each being on earth is such a flute, and each of us
releases our song when Spirit passes through the holes carved by our
experience.” The beautiful wounded woman dropped her shoulders, “I'm tired of

Author: Mark Nepo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780757391798

Category: Self-Help

Page: 264

View: 141

Stories carry the seeds of our humanness. They help us, teach us, heal us, and connect us to what matters. As Far As the Heart Can See is an invitation to be in relationship with deep and life-giving material. Many spiritual gurus present dense metaphysical theses with an intellectual approach for "working" a spiritual path; poet and philosopher Mark Nepo reaches people through their hearts, bringing something fresh and new to the field by stimulating change through reflection of thoughts and feelings. The stories he shares in As Far As the Heart Can See come from many places—from Nepo's personal history to dreams to the myths of our ancestors. Each one is an invitation to awaken an aspect of living in relationship with the sacred. Following each of the forty-five stories are three forms of an invitation to further the conversation: journal questions, table questions, and meditations. The questions, whether reflected upon in a journal or discussed in deeper conversation with friends or family, are meant to lead the seeker down unimagined paths and back into life; the meditations are meant to ground the learning. These stories and parables about universal concepts and themes offer a poet's sensuality and a philosopher's sensibility to personalizing the journey of the human experience in the world.
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Picturing Experience in the Early Printed Book

Picturing Experience in the Early Printed Book

Reuwich has retained the function of the stylized carved gold tracery of Northern
painted panels—its ornamental performance, organic architecture, and
threedimensional presence—while recasting it as a pergola of living vines. The
coloring ...

Author: Elizabeth Ross

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271064949

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 545

Bernhard von Breydenbach’s Peregrinatio in terram sanctam (Journey to the Holy Land), first published in 1486, is one of the seminal books of early printing and is especially renowned for the originality of its woodcuts. In Picturing Experience in the Early Printed Book, Elizabeth Ross considers the Peregrinatio from a variety of perspectives to explain its value for the cultural history of the period. Breydenbach, a high-ranking cleric in Mainz, recruited the painter Erhard Reuwich of Utrecht for a religious and artistic adventure in a political hot spot—a pilgrimage to research the peoples, places, plants, and animals of the Levant. The book they published after their return ambitiously engaged with the potential of the new print medium to give an account of their experience. The Peregrinatio also aspired to rouse readers to a new crusade against Islam by depicting a contest in the Mediterranean between the Christian bastion of the city of Venice and the region’s Muslim empires. This crusading rhetoric fit neatly with the state of the printing industry in Mainz, which largely subsisted as a tool for bishops’ consolidation of authority, including selling the pope’s plans to combat the Ottoman Empire. Taking an artist on such an enterprise was unprecedented. Reuwich set a new benchmark for technical achievement with his woodcuts, notably a panorama of Venice that folds out to 1.62 meters in length and a foldout map that stretches from Damascus to Sudan around the first topographically accurate view of Jerusalem. The conception and execution of the Peregrinatio show how and why early printed books constructed new means of visual representation from existing ones—and how the form of a printed book emerged out of the interaction of eyewitness experience and medieval scholarship, real travel and spiritual pilgrimage, curiosity and fixed belief, texts and images.
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Visionary Experience in the Golden Age of Spanish Art

Visionary Experience in the Golden Age of Spanish Art

What does the painted or carved image, or for that matter the written text, do to
trigger the ecstatic experience, to initiate the 'union': Our Lord, not content with
the delights he had given me to savour, saw fit to elevate me to the prayer of quiet

Author: Victor I. Stoichita

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861895448

Category: Art

Page: 224

View: 630

In this original and lucid account of how Spanish painters of the 16th and 17th centuries dealt with mystic visions in their art, and of how they attempted to "represent the unrepresentable", Victor Stoichita aims to establish a theory of visionary imagery in Western art in general, and one for the Spanish Counter-Reformation in particular. He reveals how the spirituality of the Counter-Reformation was characterized by a rediscovery of the role of the imagination in the exercise of faith. This had important consequences for painters such as Velazquez, Zurbaran and El Greco, leading to the development of ingenious solutions for visual depictions of mystical experience. This was to crystallize into an overtly meditative and didactic pictorial language. That Spanish painting is both cerebral and passionate is due to the particular historical forces which shaped it. Stoichita's account will be of crucial interest not just to scholars of Spanish art but to anyone interested in how art responds to ideological pressures.
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Complete Book of Gourd Carving

Complete Book of Gourd Carving

... CARVING Judy Arrigotti “ I choose large gourds that have thick shells because
my carved designs often have intricate shapes and cutouts , " Judy Arrigotti says .
“ As a former art teacher , I have had lots of experience drawing and sketching ...

Author: Jim Widess

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402704429

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 192

View: 799

Jim Widess and Ginger Summit, the best-selling authors of The Complete Book of Gourd Craft and Making Gourd Instruments, have done it again: they’ve produced another winner to delight the many crafters who work with gourds. Large, lavish, and astonishingly comprehensive, this breathtaking volume introduces every tool and every technique associated with gourd carving, offers fabulous projects that advance in difficulty, and presents a gallery of works designed to inspire. See how to choose and prepare a gourd, impress the surface with a design, and work with green gourds. The magnificent methods of decorative carving covered include fretwork, engraving, chip carving, carving with gouges, relief carving, inlay, and deep relief or sculptural carving. Throughout, color photographs of exquisite carved gourds present crafts styles from countries around the world. A Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club.
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Learning and Teaching Community Based Research

Learning and Teaching Community Based Research

Each of the projects documented the process of carving the pole, in a different
format – website, education, ceremony, print, and film. This enabled the
participants to transfer what they had learned from their carving experience and
Indigenous ...

Author: Catherine Etmanski

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442699403

Category: Education

Page: 416

View: 330

Community-Based Research, or CBR, is a mix of innovative, participatory approaches that put the community at the heart of the research process. Learning and Teaching Community-Based Research shows that CBR can also operate as an innovative pedagogical practice, engaging community members, research experts, and students. This collection is an unmatched source of information on the theory and practice of using CBR in a variety of university- and community-based educational settings. Developed at and around the University of Victoria, and with numerous examples of Indigenous-led and Indigenous-focused approaches to CBR, Learning and Teaching Community Based-Research will be of interest to those involved in community outreach, experiential learning, and research in non-university settings, as well as all those interested in the study of teaching and learning.
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Carving Out a Future

Carving Out a Future

1. Livelihoods,. Carving. and. Conservation. Brian. Belcher,. Anthony.
Cunningham. and. Bruce. Campbell. INTRODUCTION ... This book draws on a
wide range of experience from Chapter 1 Livelihoods, Carving and Conservation

Author: A. B. Cunningham

Publisher: Earthscan

ISBN: 9781844070459

Category: Nature

Page: 293

View: 707

A critical analysis of the "post-Rio consensus" on environment and development which questions the role of particular forms of internationalized elite scientific expertise. It asks why certain understandings of enviromental change "stick" with such tenaci
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The arrow tips were sharpened and a notch carved in the butt ends. The lilac
stems had good flex for bending the bows. Little grooves were cut in each end for
holding the string. All was set and the game began. For a while, we were good at

Author: Ron Briggs

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479708406

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 91

View: 622

In Experience, Ron Briggs gives the reader a glimpse of the life he lived in rural upstate New York as a child growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. In Part One of the book, he shares some of the games and other activities in which he, his family, and contemporaries participated, in those rough and tumble times before modern sophistication changed the lives of everyday Americans. Experience illustrates some of the ways children of the time occupied themselves on a very meager budget, yet had rewarding outcomes and learned skills necessary to move into a bigger world. Part Two follows Ron through some of his harrowing life experiences that may easily have resulted in tragedy, but rather, the reader is treated to the lighter side of those events. He captures the gravity of each situation and celebrates the eventual outcome.
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Practical Woodcarving

Practical Woodcarving

An opening is made with a tool in the middle of one of the ground spaces of the
panel to be carved, and the router is then ... that he undertakes, what tools he
requires, therefore it is better to buy only a few at first, and add to them as
experience ...

Author: Eleanor Rowe

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486154190

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 240

View: 169

DIVExpert tips on everything from what woods and tools to use to successfully completing projects in low and high relief. 137 halftones; 85 line illustrations. /div
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The Blade Runner Experience

The Blade Runner Experience

Mund confirms the notion that the Blade Runner pilgrimage experience has de
Runner de Runner to be carved out for oneself, 'poached' (following Jenkins
1992) from a range of other possible meanings and constructed by the individual

Author: Will Brooker

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231501798

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

View: 126

Since its release in 1982, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, based on Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, has remained a cult classic through its depiction of a futuristic Los Angeles; its complex, enigmatic plot; and its underlying questions about the nature of human identity. The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic examines the film in a broad context, examining its relationship to the original novel, the PC game, the series of sequels, and the many films influenced by its style and themes. It investigates Blade Runner online fandom and asks how the film's future city compares to the present-day Los Angeles, and it revisits the film to pose surprising new questions about its characters and their world.
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Artists from Latin American Cultures

Artists from Latin American Cultures

That experience fueled his passion , and he cautiously began to carve : " I started
easy . I make a little Santa Rita ... with one pocketknife and one single chisel .
And that's the way I started " ( Barela 2 ) . He was enthralled with the santo
carving ...

Author: Kristin G. Congdon

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313315442

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 314

View: 984

Profiles seventy-five artists from the United States, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, offering biographical information and commentary on the work of each artist.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography