Beyond the Boys Club

Beyond the Boys  Club

Packed with vital insights and inspirational ideas from senior women in organisations ranging from the University of Cambridge, Microsoft and Barclays among others, the book is written specifically for professional women to enable strategic ...

Author: Suzanne Doyle-Morris

Publisher: Inclusiq Limited

ISBN: PSU:000067093069

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 298

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Beyond the Boys' Club: Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male Dominated Field will show you how to develop your career strategy, break though the glass ceiling and completely raise your game. Packed with vital insights and inspirational ideas from senior women in organisations ranging from the University of Cambridge, Microsoft and Barclays among others, the book is written specifically for professional women to enable strategic advancement ...where ever they are in their career.
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Beyond the Old Boys Club

Beyond the Old Boys Club

Author: Heather Rosenfeld


ISBN: OCLC:1118692851

Category: Feminism and higher education

Page: 33

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Categories: Feminism and higher education

Dead Boys Club

Dead Boys  Club

Out past the cookhouse. Kito and me. We hear them. Get your guns and follow
me. We've got to stop 'em!' He ran outside, cocking his own weapon. He looked
around the compound. There was no one to be seen and no sign of life anywhere

Author: Geoffrey Malone

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444913323

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

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'If they ever come here,' his father had warned, 'drop everything. Just run and hide!' And now they were here. God's Freedom Army or whatever their name was. Bringers of blood and suffering. Rebels! Killers! Every one of them. Hundreds of thousands of children are abducted from their homes and used as boy soldiers. This is the story of one them. 12-year-old Sam is ripped from his village in Uganda and forced to march with rebel soldiers to their training camp in southern Sudan. A weapon is thrust into his innocent young hands and his life becomes that of enemies and battles, violence and death, as he's turned into a soldier. With no escape, danger is around every corner, the threat of death is everywhere. But there are ways to survive. Sam becomes friends with a fellow boy soldier and together their dreams of escape become a strength. Together, they are ready to fight.
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The Wolf Boys Club

The Wolf Boys  Club

Tom stood in the Greenhouse with his hands behind his back. He watched the
snowflakes land on the glass lattice, melt, and then flow down the sides, immune
for just those few seconds to the freezing temperatures outside. Like rain, he ...

Author: JJ Christopher

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781403302168

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

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Hidden in the heights of the Colorado Rocky Mountains outside of Denver stands the Complex, a government facility so secret it doesn’t officially exist. Within, seven boys suffer from a deadly disease, one that causes them to fear the open air more than anything else, more than any nightmare any child has ever had. They were told to resign themselves to their fate. They were told that finding a cure would be a miracle. They were told they were never going to leave this place as long as they were alive, and that’s what they’ve always believed-- -- until now. Oliver Taylor is leaving the Complex for the first time in fifteen years. He’ll breathe unfiltered air. He’ll know the touch of another human being. He’ll see the world that was denied him. Through a freak twist of fate, he’s gone into total remission. The doctors are baffled by his sudden health, but loathe letting him go for other reasons. Oliver knows too much. He simply can’t be allowed to go free. Jake Danziger, government operative for the Agency, a branch of the intelligence network with supreme authority, is assigned to him. His job? Be a father figure to a boy who has never had one-- -- and watch him. Watch him closely. But how is Jake supposed to do that when Oliver keeps disappearing? And people keep dying? And Oliver himself seems unaware of anything other than his incredible intelligence, his strength, his speed-- -- and his memories. Shadowy flashes of doctors in surgical masks, of shiny scalpels and a lifetime of agony. Is there another truth hidden within all the secrets? Will Oliver survive to save his brothers? And what lies waiting inside the Complex that the doctors fear so much?
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A Billionaire Boys Club Autumn

A Billionaire Boys Club Autumn

“But I have no idea what else is out there, in his past. A pretty ex-girlfriend, a
dozen love children, who knows?” “Oh, come on.” “Kelsey, just because you
marry someone, their past doesn't magically get brushed aside. It comes along
with the ...

Author: Cara Miller

Publisher: Cara Miller Books

ISBN: 9781386462910

Category: Fiction


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With Tyler's father on the mend, Kelsey and Tyler return to Seattle and find themselves thrust into the busy life of being Mr. and Mrs. Olsen. In the midst of all of their new obligations, Kelsey makes a bold promise, one that she believes is appropriate for a new wife. But what happens when she fails to keep it?
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His Royal Princess A Billionaire Boys Club Novella

His Royal Princess  A Billionaire Boys Club Novella

He was signing autographs just outside the gates and some fans attacked him.
He hit his head against the barricade and ... Alex hurried out of her room and
down the stairs, Margaret trailing behind her. “Where is he?” “They brought him
into ...

Author: Jessica Clare

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472241207

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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Fans of J.S. Scott, Louise Bay and Melody Anne - prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare's Billionaire Boys Club. The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed success in business - at any cost. But success when it comes to love is a different matter... Their romance led to a royal wedding in Once Upon a Billionaire. Now see how it all began for Princess Alexandra of Bellissime and American actor Luke Houston. As heir to the throne of Bellissime, Princess Alexandra is supposed to be cool and calm...not crushing on a movie star. When she hears that Luke Houston is filming a scene for his next movie in her tiny country, however, she can't resist sneaking onto set to get a glimpse of the Hollywood hunk. When Alex is almost caught on set by the press, she ducks into the first available hiding place - only to find herself in Luke's private trailer, and getting much more than just a glimpse of him. It's an up close and personal encounter that sets her heart aflutter, and sets her mind on some very unladylike plans to get to know him better... Want more irresistible romance? Look for the rest of the Billionaire Boys Club titles, starting with Stranded With A Billionaire, as well as the sizzling spinoff series, Billionaires and Bridesmaids, starting with The Billionaire And The Virgin.
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Certain Effects of Boys Club Work as a Selective Agency for Vocational Courses in Agriculture

Certain Effects of Boys  Club Work as a Selective Agency for Vocational Courses in Agriculture

As to courses taken beyond high school, 23.6 per cent of the club boys had taken
such courses while less than half that percentage or ll. 2 per cent of the 'non-club'
boys had taken such courses. The 'farm club' boys headed the list with a ...

Author: James Drake Pope


ISBN: CORNELL:31924013011527

Category: Agricultural education

Page: 202

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Categories: Agricultural education

Boys Club Round Table

Boys  Club Round Table

the repairs, improvements, clearing out of underbrush, weeding, pruning,
fertilizing, etc., is to be the work of boys, by boys, ... out by the Springfield Boys'
Club are beyond question, but workers with boys will have many questions to ask



ISBN: CORNELL:31924071909117

Category: Boys


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Boys Club Bulletin

Boys  Club Bulletin

Volume 19 MARCH , 1945 MMK 27 1945 Number 1 MORE MEMBER CLUBS
FOR How CAN AMERICA BOYS ... Inc. , Syracuse , N. Y. The American Business
Club Organization of the Boys ' Clubs got behind the idea of a Boys ' of Los ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112087671431

Category: Boys


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Building Character in the American Boy

Building Character in the American Boy

... this meant going beyond boys ' club rescue work and trying to strike a balance
between the inculcation of religious and moral ideals and the provision of
activities to build up strength and keep boys entertained . Reorganization
promised to ...

Author: David I. Macleod

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299094049

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 404

View: 564

Among established American institutions, few have been more successful or paradoxical than the Boy Scouts of America. David Macleod traces the social history of America in this scholarly account of the origins of the Boy Scouts and other character-building agencies, through which adults tried to restructure middle-class boyhood. Back in print; First paperback edition.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Beyond Revenge

Beyond Revenge

Although the YMCA was a boys' club, the indefatigable secretary, Mr. Cedric
Barrow, turned a blind eye. He was heard to say, “All of you refer to her as a
tomboy. That is enough qualification.” However, it was in the boxing ring that she
made ...

Author: Godfrey Wray

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465324955

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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Beyond Revenge is a compelling, complex story of a young woman betrayed by the man she loved. Its a riveting tale with its genesis in a quiet Amerindian village in Guyanas interior. Then it snakes its way to a stunningly dramatic conclusion, in the process embracing several genressuspense, romance, science fiction, and drama. In his fast-paced debut novel, Godfrey Wray captures the essence of storytelling and glues readers to their seats with the intriguing twists and turns that remind one of the more accomplished authors. Its a tale without the obligatory violence and mayhem that many writers in these times use to nauseating effect. A well-trained female officer in the Guyana Defence Force is sent on an international mission to New York. She is forced to abandon mission headquarters after learning of a plot to tamper with her brain cells. However, before she leaves the Big Apple, she is raped in a Brooklyn park by three men. Ruth Elizabeth Ferreira, a super athlete and scholar nurtured by a Catholic priest, exacts revenge on the three miscreants before returning to her South American homeland to deal with her duplicitous lover, who had engineered the conspiracy with his CIA counterparts. In this first book, the author displays a remarkable insight into the fiction world, skillfully embodying moving sequences based on human emotions. His racy style and refreshing narrative power immediately position him above the fray. This gale force is one the Caribbean and the wider world will be sure to welcome.
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Beyond Your Backyard

Beyond Your Backyard

Saul got stuck in the mud of this world and never got out of its muck and mire . ...
They have worked with the local school corporation , Boys Club / Girls Club ,
humanitarian groups , the city ' s parks and recreation department , and more .

Author: Tom Ellsworth

Publisher: Standard Publishing

ISBN: 0784721084

Category: Religion

Page: 139

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This rhythmic and engaging picture book, spun from a popular children's classic, sets in motion an array of activity with neighbors of all ages and sizes coming together to help out the “grandma with silver hair who rocks all day in her rocking chair…at the house in the middle of town.”
Categories: Religion

My Vocabulary Did This to Me

My Vocabulary Did This to Me

On account of the past nothing has happened. Stick to the new. With glue, paste it
there continually what God and man has created. Your fingers catch at the edge
of what you are pasteing. You have left the boy's club where the past matters.

Author: Jack Spicer

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819571091

Category: Poetry

Page: 508

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Winner of the Northern California Independent Booksellers Award for Poetry (2009) Winner of the American Book Award (2009) In 1965, when the poet Jack Spicer died at the age of forty, he left behind a trunkful of papers and manuscripts and a few copies of the seven small books he had seen to press. A West Coast poet, his influence spanned the national literary scene of the 1950s and ’60s, though in many ways Spicer’s innovative writing ran counter to that of his contemporaries in the New York School and the West Coast Beat movement. Now, more than forty years later, Spicer’s voice is more compelling, insistent, and timely than ever. During his short but prolific life, Spicer troubled the concepts of translation, voice, and the act of poetic composition itself. My Vocabulary Did This to Me is a landmark publication of this essential poet’s life work, and includes poems that have become increasingly hard to find and many published here for the first time.
Categories: Poetry

Charity Case

Charity Case

The effects of not responding to or actively preventing such reckless
fingerpointing reach far beyond the Boys & Girls Clubs. These attacks bring down
the image of the sector as a whole, reinforce the widely held public view that
good ...

Author: Dan Pallotta

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118237687

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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A blueprint for a national leadership movement to transform theway the public thinks about giving Virtually everything our society has been taught about charityis backwards. We deny the social sector the ability to grow becauseof our short-sighted demand that it send every short-term dollarinto direct services. Yet if the sector cannot grow, it can nevermatch the scale of our great social problems. In the face of thisdilemma, the sector has remained silent, defenseless, anddisorganized. In Charity Case, Pallotta proposes a visionarysolution: a Charity Defense Council to re-educate the public andgive charities the freedom they need to solve our most pressingsocial issues. Proposes concrete steps for how a national Charity DefenseCouncil will transform the public understanding of the humanitariansector, including: building an anti-defamation league and legaldefense for the sector, creating a massive national ongoing adcampaign to upgrade public literacy about giving, and ultimatelyenacting a National Civil Rights Act for Charity and SocialEnterprise From Dan Pallotta, renowned builder of social movements andinventor of the multi-day charity event industry (including theAIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Days) that has cumulatively raisedover $1.1 billion for critical social causes The hotly-anticipated follow-up to Pallotta’sgroundbreaking book Uncharitable Grounded in Pallotta’s clear vision and deep social sectorexperience, Charity Case is a fascinating wake-up call for fixingthe culture that thwarts our charities’ ability to change theworld.
Categories: Business & Economics

Ontario Boys

Ontario Boys

In the postwar years, the bad boy was associated closely with a poor, working-
class boyhood. ... To assuage their fears of out-of-control poor working-class bad
boys, they instead advocated methods of prevention such as boys clubs, which ...

Author: Christopher J. Greig

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554589029

Category: History

Page: 220

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Ontario Boys explores the preoccupation with boyhood in Ontario during the immediate postwar period, 1945–1960. It argues that a traditional version of boyhood was being rejuvenated in response to a population fraught with uncertainty, and suffering from insecurity, instability, and gender anxiety brought on by depression-era and wartime disruptions in marital, familial, and labour relations, as well as mass migration, rapid postwar economic changes, the emergence of the Cold War, and the looming threat of atomic annihilation. In this sociopolitical and cultural context, concerned adults began to cast the fate of the postwar world onto children, in particular boys. In the decade and a half immediately following World War II, the version of boyhood that became the ideal was one that stressed selflessness, togetherness, honesty, fearlessness, frank determination, and emotional toughness. It was thought that investing boys with this version of masculinity was essential if they were to grow into the kind of citizens capable of governing, protecting, and defending the nation, and, of course, maintaining and regulating the social order. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, Ontario Boys demonstrates that, although girls were expected and encouraged to internalize a “special kind” of citizenship, as caregivers and educators of children and nurturers of men, the gendered content and language employed indicated that active public citizenship and democracy was intended for boys. An “appropriate” boyhood in the postwar period became, if nothing else, a metaphor for the survival of the nation.
Categories: History

Preventing Substance Abuse

Preventing Substance Abuse

SMART LEADERS (MULTISTATE) The Boys and Girls Clubs of America,
although perhaps less well known than the Boy ... During the 1980s, the clubs
expanded beyond their traditional role of providing recreation and cultural
programs by ...

Author: Michael J. Stoil

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306454556

Category: Medical

Page: 200

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Preventing Substance Abuse is an informal guide to successful programs for treating specific substance abuse problems, identifying their origins, implementation, outcomes, and, where possible, contacts for obtaining additional information. The emphasis is on information documented from outcomes of successful interventions rather than on theories of what should work or what works under experimental conditions. Key features include easy-to-follow charts and graphs and an appendix summarizing the National Structured Evaluation (mandated by Congress) of substance abuse prevention.
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Boys Workers Round Table

Boys  Workers Round Table

“No organization can face the future with greater confidence than the Boys' Club
Federation. Founded ... During the past year there were added twenty-two clubs
to the Federation and the boy membership showed an increase of about 20,000.



ISBN: IND:30000047595339

Category: Boys


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Hot War Cold War Beyond Tales from the Trenches of the 20Th Century

Hot War  Cold War   Beyond  Tales from the Trenches of the 20Th Century

These materials were quickly put to use in the construction of a boys-only club
house near, but not too near, the new house construction site. When available,
the new residence was covered with a coat of tar paper and a small entrance ...

Author: Austin Goodrich

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450295796

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 132

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The last three-quarters of the Twentieth Century probably had more life-changing events than all previous history. Austin Goodrich reflects on the role he played in driving this history to a successful conclusion in the interest of all he believed in. From a quiet street in a quiet middle-class midwestern city, Austin was thrown into the cauldron of World War II as an infantry man known in the old days as a gravel-clutcher. After serving in both the European and Pacific Theatres in the 86th Blackhawk Division, Goodrich pursued his WWII promise to serve the cause of world peace by joining the Central Intellegence Agency. The rest is history as told by one who participated in his countrys first line of defense as a CIA case offi er serving for most of his 25 years under non-official (deep) cover.
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Social Service Review

Social Service Review

I deliberately and calmly set down spects wonderful , beyond the scope of Sir The
Third Annual Conference of the as its ... So Older Boys ' Association of the Boys '
Club tion of the value of association as opposed in all probability will our ...



ISBN: PRNC:32101076055498

Category: Christian sociology


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Categories: Christian sociology

A Boy Grows in Brooklyn

A Boy Grows in Brooklyn

... bars for the Boys' Club, a bus ride away on nostrand Avenue near Church
Avenue. we had joined together. on the bus ... Beaches and other public spaces
provided the opportunity for different racial and ethnic groups to interact beyond
the ...

Author: Robert W. Pazmiño

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630872267

Category: Religion

Page: 146

View: 854

A Boy Grows in Brooklyn is an educational and spiritual memoir that recounts stories from life in the Midwood interfaith neighborhood during the fifties and sixties. It shares spiritual lessons for living today that are applicable to readers of all ages who yearn for the joy, humor, and challenge discovered in everyday urban life. Memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers, neighborhood encounters, family roots, public and Sunday school teachers, pastors' modeling, and scouting ventures are woven together in vibrant stories to enlighten the hearts, souls, and minds of readers across every stage of life.
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