America s Snake

America s Snake

Levin takes us from labs where the secrets of the snake's evolutionary history are being unlocked to far-flung habitats to explore the painful struggles involved in protecting and preserving its natural world.

Author: Ted Levin

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226040646

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The ominous rattle of the timber rattlesnake is a chilling shorthand for imminent danger, and a reminder of the countless ways that nature can suddenly snuff us out. Though they're found in thirty-one states, and near many major cities, in contemporary America timber rattlesnakes are creatures mostly of imagination and innate fear. Levin takes us from labs where the secrets of the snake's evolutionary history are being unlocked to far-flung habitats to explore the painful struggles involved in protecting and preserving its natural world.
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Snakes of North America

Snakes of North America

A dark suhocular blotch on the pale cheeks makes the eye appear quite large,
while larger dark temporal and nuchal spots are the midland brown snake's most
distinctive marking. The dorsal scales lack apical pits and are arranged in 1'?

Author: Alan Tennant

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

ISBN: 9781461662198

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Providing thorough descriptions of almost 200 species, this guide presents thousands of facts and figures that will help you identify, understand, and appreciate these important and remarkable animals. Each species and subspecies account includes the latest findings on abundance, size, reproductive habits, prey, habitat, behavior and venomous/nonvenomous status.
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Fossil Snakes of North America

Fossil Snakes of North America

The discovery of Coniophis from the Late Cretaceous of Bolivia and perhaps
even Peru ( DeMuizon et al . 1983 ; Rage , 1981 ) indicated that an exchange of
these snakes occurred between North and South America ( Estes and Baez ,
1985 ...

Author: J. Alan Holman

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253337216

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"This volume includes detailed accounts of the morphology and distribution of the fossil snakes of North America and also remarks on their evolutionary, zoogeographic, and paleoecological patterns. The heart of the book consists of detailed systematic accounts of the known fossil snakes of North America and their localities. Extinct fossil taxa are discussed and illustrated, and many are re-described on the basis of new information. The book provides illustrations of diagnostic vertebrae and criteria for the identification of presently living fossil snake taxa as well as descriptions of the modern characteristics and ranges of these species." "Color photographs in the 16-page insert present a catalog of representative living snake species." --Book Jacket.
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Serpent and Siva Worship and Mythology in Central America Africa and Asia And The Origin of Serpent Worship

Serpent and Siva Worship and Mythology in Central America  Africa  and Asia   And  The Origin of Serpent Worship

earthworks of North America is the great serpent - mound of Adams county , Ohio
, the convolutions of which extend to a length of 1000 feet . At the Edinburgh
meeting of the British Association , in 1871 , Mr . Phené gave an account of his ...

Author: Hyde Clarke


ISBN: HARVARD:32044043454214

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American Old and Middle Tertiary Larger Foraminifera and Corals

American Old and Middle Tertiary Larger Foraminifera and Corals

It seems to have comparatively rigid jaws, a small zygosphene, and ribs not
completely adapted for the mode of progression characterizing the typical snakes
. In North America the oldest ophidian specimen known at present is Coniophis ...

Author: Thomas Wayland Vaughan

Publisher: Geological Society of America

ISBN: 9780813720098

Category: Corals, Fossil

Page: 175

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A Field Guide to Eastern Forests North America

A Field Guide to Eastern Forests  North America

Fortunately, Coral Snakes tend to be secretive, crepuscular (active at dawn and
dusk), and rarely encountered. ... The Coral Snake color pattern appears to
represent an example of warning coloration, such as was described for the
milkweed ...

Author: John C. Kricher

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0395928958

Category: Nature

Page: 488

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Identifies birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, trees, and flowers
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Coral Snakes of the Americas

Coral Snakes of the Americas

This monographic treatment offers all the basic knowledge about New World venomous coral snakes.

Author: Janis A. Roze

Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company

ISBN: 0894648470

Category: Nature

Page: 328

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This monographic treatment offers all the basic knowledge about New World venomous coral snakes. It gives full description and keys for identification of all the species and subspecies, with maps of distribution and variation, including morphology, anatomy and colour patterns, as well as folklore. Natural history includes ecology, food and feeding, reproduction, enemies and defense, biogeography and evolution, with special reference to mimicry and cannibalism. Chapters on venoms and snakebite survey characteristics and effects of venom, snakebite accidents, first aid and remedies.
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The World of Animals

The World of Animals

Pythons are mainly large snakes The false coral snake is a type of the tropics in
Africa , Asia , of pipe snake . It grows to about 32 ... Boas are similar snakes of the
Americas , although they stay more on the ground . Pythons and boas have two ...

Author: Martin Walters

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 0890516170

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Presents thorough information on different types of animals from simple single living cells to the most complex kinds of mammals.
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America s Founding Fathers

America s Founding Fathers

Having gained this intelligence, and recollecting that countries are sometimes
represented by animals peculiar to them, it occurred to me that the Rattle-Snake
is found in no other quarter of the world besides America, and may therefore
have ...

Author: Bill Adler

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

ISBN: 9781461625216

Category: History

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Arguably, no other revolution in history has enjoyed such a brilliant gallery of thinkers as the one that led to the founding of the United States. America’s Founding Fathers is centered on the personal philosophies, opinions, thoughts, witticisms, and feelings of the exemplary men who founded our nation. This book gathers together the founding fathers' best quotations on a variety of subjects including life, love, marriage, family, children, religion, patriotism, sacrifice, law, professionalism, medicine, public health, education, money, “modern” society, the Revolutionary War, humor, and death. Colleagues and rivals, friends and enemies, the eight founding fathers—Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Benjamin Rush, and Thomas Paine—here provide their views on subjects as relevant now as ever.
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The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom

According to ancient Native American records , when the ... Two of the principal
Serpent Clans they founded are known as the Snake and Thunderbird Clans .

Author: Mark Amaru Pinkham

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN: 0932813518

Category: Social Science

Page: 100

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'The return of the serpents of wisdom' is an unprecedented work on ancient secret societies and lost civilizations. According to ancient records, the patriarchs and founders of the early civilizations in Egypt, India, China, Peru, Mesopotamia, Britain, and the Americas were colonized by the Serpents of Wisdom - spiritual masters associated with the original serpent - who arrived in these lands after abandoning their beloved homelands and crossing great seas. While bearing names denoting 'snake' or 'dragon' (such as Naga, Lung, Djedhi, Amaru, Quetzalcoatl, Adder, etc.), these Serpents of Wisdom directed the construction of dazzling civilizations where they and their descendants served as priest-kings and enlightened healers of mystery school traditions.
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Sacred Places North America

Sacred Places  North America

The timber rattlers are the largest at 6.5 feet (2 m), and the most dangerous snake
of northeastern America. Despite the encroach- ment of civilization, rattlesnakes
are still fairly common in state forests within close proximity to the Serpent ...

Author: Brad Olsen

Publisher: CCC Publishing

ISBN: 9781888729191

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 409

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This revised and updated comprehensive travel guide examines North America's most sacred sites for spiritually attuned explorers. Important archaeological, geological, and historical destinations from coast to coast are exhaustively examined, from the weathered pueblos of the American Southwest and the medicine wheels of western Canada to Graceland and the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. Histories and cultural contexts are objectively surveyed, along with the latest academic theories and insightful metaphysical ruminations. Detailed maps, drawings, and travel directions are also included.
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The National Gazetteer of the United States of America

The National Gazetteer of the United States of America

... School Snake Bench Snake Butte 440545N1033217W 430 905N0972249W
441633N0995525W 440604010331 24W 425644N0971421W
440633N0964345W 442942N1033228W 445857N1031236W 1671 Silver City
Gayville Flandreau ...

Author: Geological Survey (U.S.)


ISBN: MINN:31951D002938888

Category: South Dakota

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Runaway America

Runaway America

The follow-up essay (which Franklin signed “Americanus,” the first time he
invoked an American identity in print) developed the symbol of the snake as a
figure for this unnatural sin of empire. Franklin insisted that America's native
rattlesnakes, ...

Author: David Waldstreicher

Publisher: Hill and Wang

ISBN: 9781466821521

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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Scientist, abolitionist, revolutionary: that is the Benjamin Franklin we know and celebrate. To this description, the talented young historian David Waldstreicher shows we must add runaway, slave master, and empire builder. But Runaway America does much more than revise our image of a beloved founding father. Finding slavery at the center of Franklin's life, Waldstreicher proves it was likewise central to the Revolution, America's founding, and the very notion of freedom we associate with both. Franklin was the sole Founding Father who was once owned by someone else and was among the few to derive his fortune from slavery. As an indentured servant, Franklin fled his master before his term was complete; as a struggling printer, he built a financial empire selling newspapers that not only advertised the goods of a slave economy (not to mention slaves) but also ran the notices that led to the recapture of runaway servants. Perhaps Waldstreicher's greatest achievement is in showing that this was not an ironic outcome but a calculated one. America's freedom, no less than Franklin's, demanded that others forgo liberty. Through the life of Franklin, Runaway America provides an original explanation to the paradox of American slavery and freedom.
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The Truth About Marijuana

The Truth About Marijuana

America'S Snake Oil Ray Martinez. There was a point and time where our society
used to believe that cigarettes were safe and harmless, and some of the tobacco
industry led us to believe it was healthy for us to smoke. Sounds familiar with ...

Author: Ray Martinez

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477105344

Category: Education

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Lets be honestpeople are misled about the genuine use of marijuana for medicinal use. There was a point and time where our society used to believe that cigarettes were safe and harmless, and some of the tobacco industry led us to believe it was healthy for us to smoke. Sounds familiar with marijuana today? Many years ago, people would sell bottles of drinks that were supposed to cure everything, better known as snake oil. Today we are faced with the twenty-first century snake oil that proponents want you to believe that marijuana cures everything from minor pains to cancer. Snake oil never lives up to the sellers hype. The great news is that most of our youth do not use marijuana; that in itself is refreshing
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The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

following counties in Idaho : Blaine , the Columbia River , upstream to Hells
Custer , Idaho , Lemhi , Lewis , Nez Canyon Dam ; the Palouse River from Perce .
its confluence with the Snake River ( b ) Snake River Spring / Summer Chinook ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105063625433

Category: Administrative law


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The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.
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Trout and Salmon of North America

Trout and Salmon of North America

Fork from the Henrys Lake outlet downstream to its confluence with the Snake
River, including Island Park Reservoir, the native cutthroat trout have been
completely replaced by rainbow trout and brown trout. In the Yellowstone River,
the ...

Author: Robert Behnke

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 145160355X

Category: Nature

Page: 384

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This beautiful and definitive guide brings together the world's lead leading expert on North American trout and salmon, Robert Behnke, and the foremost illustrator in the field, Joseph Tomelleri. North America is graced with the greatest diversity of trout and salmon on earth. From tiny brook trout in mountain streams of the Northeast, to cutthroat trout in the rivers of the Rockies, to Chinook salmon of the Pacific, the continent is home to more than 70 types of trout and salmon. How this came to be, how they are related, and what makes them unique -- and so breathtaking -- is the story of Trout and Salmon of North America. The more than 100 illustrations of trout and salmon by Joseph Tomelleri showcased here exhibit a genius for detail, coloration, and proportion. Each portrait is made from field notes, streamside observations, photographs, and specimens collected by the artist. The result is a set of the most accurate and stunning illustrations of fish ever created. Robert Behnke has distilled 50 years of his research and writing about trout and salmon in completing this book. No one understands better than Behnke the diversity and conservation issues concerning these fishes or communicates so lucidly the biological wonders and complexities of their particular beauty. Also included are more than 40 richly detailed maps that clearly show the ranges of populations of trout and salmon throughout North America. An irresistible delight for anyone who appreciates natural history, Trout and Salmon of North America is a master guide to the natural elegance of our native fishes.
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Jesuit Accounts of the Colonial Americas

Jesuit Accounts of the Colonial Americas

In “De las culebras venenosas de aquellos países” (“On the Poisonous Snakes of
Those Lands”) the Jesuit details the ... A guío snake, as thick as a trunk, had
emerged yawning in order to trap me” (“[P]artiendo una rama, me incliné para ...

Author: Marc André Bernier

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442663497

Category: History

Page: 480

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In recent years scholars have turned their attention to the rich experience of the Jesuits in France and Spain’s American colonies. That attention has brought a flow of new editions and translations of Jesuit accounts of the Americas; it is now time for a study that examines the full range of that work in a comparative perspective. Jesuit Accounts of the Colonial Americas offers the first comprehensive examination of such writings and the role they played in solidifying images of the Americas. The collection also provides a much-needed re-examination of the work of the Jesuits in relation to Enlightenment ideals and the modern social sciences and humanities – two systems of thought that have in the past appeared radically opposed, but which are brought together here under the rubric of modern ethnographic knowledge. Linking Jesuit texts, the rhetorical tradition, and the newly emerging anthropology of the Enlightenment, this collection traverses the vast expanses of Old and New World France and Spain in fascinating new ways.
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Three Years Travels Throughout the Interior Parts of North America

Three Years Travels Throughout the Interior Parts of North America

The Rattle Snake , the Long Black Snake , the Wall or House Adder , the Striped
or Garter Snake , the Water Snake , the Hifling Snake , the Green Snake , the
Thorntail Snake , the Speckled Snake , the Ring Snake , the Two - headed Snake

Author: Jonathan Carver



Category: Dakota language

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Across Unknown South America

Across Unknown South America

light was not good for photographic purposes, as it was late in the afternoon and
the snake, which after all was only 18 ft. ... I have seen it stated, in some books
which have been published about South America, that snakes of incredible
length ...

Author: Arnold Henry Savage Landor

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465504098



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