American Gangster

American Gangster

Author: N.A

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 9781429969512

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The novelization of the major motion picture from Universal Pictures about Frank Lucas, drug czar of Harlem. The film stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, and is directed by Ridley Scott. For decades the Mafia controlled the flow of heroin onto the streets of Harlem. Frank Lucas changed all that. Born in rural North Carolina, he came to New York and rose to power under notorious mobster Bumpy Johnson. When Bumpy died, Frank moved to take over the drug business. Caught in a squeeze play between the Mafia and the street dealers, Frank got creative. Instead of being a tool of the mob, he went straight to the source—Cambodia—and set up his own unique distribution system. Using his brothers as his lieutenants and selling "quality" heroin in trademark blue plastic bags, Frank Lucas and his "Country Boys" became the kings of One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Street. Frank had it made. He was rich, successful, and untouchable. . . . . . . until Richie Roberts came along. Roberts, the Eliot Ness of drug enforcement, became a pariah among other detectives in the NYPD when he turned in the million dollars in cash he found in the trunk of a dealer's car. His personal life was a mess—his wife left him, and his son hardly knew him anymore—but on the job, Roberts was all business, and his business, heading up a Federal Narcotics Squad, was busting big-time dealers. His next target? Frank Lucas. This violent, action-filled chronicle of a uniquely American based on Ridley Scott's film, itself based on a New York magazine profile, "The Return of Superfly" by Mark Jacobson. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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American Gangster

And Other Tales of New York

American Gangster

Author: Mark Jacobson

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 1848872658

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The untold story of Frank Lucas, New York's most notorious drugs lord during the 1970s. Now a blockbuster movie, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. In 1970s New York, the ruthless Frank Lucas was the king of the Harlem drug trade, bringing in more than a million dollars a day. At the height of his power there were so many heroin addicts buying from him on 116th Street that he claimed the Transit Authority had to change the bus routes. Lucas lived a glamorous life, hobnobbing with sport stars, musicians, and politicians, but he was also a ruthless gangster. He was notorious for using the coffins of dead GIs to smuggle heroin into the United States and before his fall, when he was sentenced to 70 years in prison, he played a major role in the near death of New York City. In American Gangster, Marc Jacobson's captivating account of the life of Frank Lucas (the basis for the forthcoming major motion picture) joins other tales of New York City from the past thirty years. It is a vibrant, intoxicating, many-layered portrait of one of the most fascinating cities in the world from one of America's most acclaimed journalists.
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Dreams & Dead Ends

The American Gangster Film

Dreams & Dead Ends

Author: Jack Shadoian

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195142921

Page: 376

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This work provides a history of the 20th-century American gangster film. Moving chronologically through nearly seven decades, this volume offers illuminating readings of a select group of the classic films that best define and exemplify each period in the development of the American crime film.
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American Gangster Cinema

From "Little Caesar" to "Pulp Fiction"

American Gangster Cinema

Author: F. Mason

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230596398

Page: 184

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Much analysis of gangster movies has been based upon a study of the gangster as a malign figuration of the American Dream, originally set in the era of the Depression. This text extends previous analysis of the genre by examining the evolution of gangster movies from the 1930s to the contemporary period and by placing them in the context of cultural and cinematic issues such as masculinity, consumerism and technology. With a close examination of many films from Scarface and Public Enemy to Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction , this book provides a fascinating insight into a topical and popular subject.
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Mob Culture

Hidden Histories of the American Gangster Film

Mob Culture

Author: Lee Grieveson,Esther Sonnet,Peter Stanfield

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813535579

Page: 311

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Sinister, swaggering, yet often sympathetic, the figure of the gangster has stolen and murdered its way into the hearts of American cinema audiences. Despite the enduring popularity of the gangster film, however, traditional criticism has focused almost entirely on a few canonical movies such as Little Caesar, Public Enemy, and The Godfather trilogy, resulting in a limited and distorted understanding of this diverse and changing genre. Mob Culture offers a long-awaited, fresh look at the American gangster film, exposing its hidden histories from the Black Hand gangs of the early twentieth century to The Sopranos. Departing from traditional approaches that have typically focused on the "nature" of the gangster, the editors have collected essays that engage the larger question of how the meaning of criminality has changed over time. Grouped into three thematic sections, the essays examine gangster films through the lens of social, gender, and racial/ethnic issues. Destined to become a classroom favorite, Mob Culture is an indispensable reference for future work in the genre.
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Tokyo Underworld

The fast times and hard life of an American Gangster in Japan

Tokyo Underworld

Author: Robert Whiting

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780335172

Page: 160

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In 1945, as part of the Occupation forces sent to postwar Japan Nick Zappetti, a native of Italian East Harlem, entered a world as strange as any he had ever know, In postwar Tokyo, however, he realised there were certain opportunities. He had a failed stint as a professional wrestler, and participated in a fumbled (but famous) diamond heist. He was deported but managed to return with the assistance of the Mafia. Then Nick opened a pizza joint in what would be the centre of Tokyo's nightlife and became "the king of Roppongi and Mafia boss of Tokyo," and the intimate of some of Japan's most notorious underworld figures as well as many of its political and business leaders. Following Zappetti's rising and falling fortunes, and his love-hate relationship with his adopted country, Robert Whiting show us the sinister (and sometimes ridiculous) goings-on among Tokyo's traditional criminal gangs as they developed from local racketeers and gamblers into lynchpins of international finance, politics and corruption. Here is a fresh perspective on postwar Japan and how it went from being a defeated nation to an economic player, with a little help from some less than diplomatic friends.
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American Gangster Revisited

The True Story of Frank Lucas

American Gangster Revisited

Author: Ron Chepesiuk

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781939521132

Page: 200

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How does the real life of Frank Lucas compare to the Hollywood creation "American Gangster" starring Danzel Washington and Russell Crowe? Ron Chepesiuk investigates the life and times of Frank Lucas and answers many questions: How big a drug trafficker was he? What was his relationship to the La Cosa Nostra? To legendary gangster Bumpy Johnson? Was Lucas really the man, the pioneer and criminal entrepreneur, who opened up the Asian heroin connection? Was he an informant? Did he move heroin from Asia to the U.S. using the infamous cadaver connection? What was his relationship with drug kingpin Ike Atkinson AKA Sergeant Smack? Anyone wanting to learn the real story behind Hollywood's making of a gangster legend will want to read this insightful book. It also provides interesting information on the colourful era and times in which Frank Lucas operated.
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Al Capone

American Gangster Stories

Al Capone

Author: Roger Harrington

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781521796986

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AL CAPONE: American Gangster StoriesDespite Capone's violent career and the brutality of his past, there is an on-going fascination with his life. Many fictitious characters have been modelled on him and the term 'mobster' or 'gangster' invariably conjures up an image of Al Capone.There have been plenty of books and articles covering his life and some of these have been made into films. In real life, Capone's influence was enough to change the law in order to deal with him. The 1927 Supreme Court ruling that income tax was due on criminal earnings was intended to help the authorities trap criminals and was instrumental in Capone's eventual downfall. This is the true story of the life and criminal career of Al Capone, the original American gangster, and one of the most feared criminals ever to have lived.